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I have been practicing LOA for more than 7 years since discovering The Secret. From The Secret book, I practiced all different types of methods, meditations, vision boards, gratitude, journaling you name it, I practiced it.

I was able to manifest loads of things such as European trip for free, job that pays 10k dollars a month with excellent colleagues, build my own house and bought a new car. I am grateful for all of this, and I also list all the things I am grateful for everyday.

However, I am still waiting to manifest my partner. I focused on building my career, studying and perfecting my craft, since I have read that you have to focus on other stuff while waiting for your big desire.

Whenever people tell me to be more patient, I always thought, is 10 years not enough waiting? No one has asked me out on a date for 10 years?

Whenever I hear people telling me to focus on other stuff, I did every single course out there related to my job and even not related to my job, I learned 3 foreign languages, learned yoga, gained and lost weight and lost more weight, ran a marathon, travelled the whole world, learned how to paint, joined an online dating, joined every invitation for brunch, night out, learned how to open chakras, silencing the mind etc! And still, I have no prospect!!!I just don't understand it.

I am a very happy, lovable, and beautiful person inside and out. All the people around me are also wondering the same thing. I love myself, I take good care of myself and I always look at the bright side of things. People even call me Polyanna because of my positivity.

I have a request, does anyone else waited this long for them to manifest the one that they truly wanted? Say a job, a child, for me a boyfriend/husband.

I have never felt frustrated in my life whenever I think about it. I keep on reading every success story here and in every LOAD forum and I am quite jealous of people manifesting a romantic relationship easily, and here I am, still waiting. Some motivation needed, please.

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Yes :)))


L'immagine può contenere: sMS

Do you listen to Abraham videos on youtube?

Yes, I waited 7 years and the man I loved in my 20's married me.

Your success story gave me so much hope and motivation!

Yes, I listen to Abraham videos and I love that talk regarding a certain Fred.

Even if i wish you to find your twinflame 4  Christmas here's a very good article that can give you some relief/strength/clarity:


big hugssssss

Yes I agree Graysen that 10 years isn’t really that long, actually just realised it after reading so much about LOA, self love, chakras etc that time is relative and I did lived a full life for that decade. I feel more complete because I was able to do the things I would like to do so when the time comes that I will settle down, I won’t demand things from my partner because I am complete and I learned to fully love myself.

Lots of love Stefania! Thank you such a great article you shared

Love to you!!

When there’s any kind of chronic delay like this (and yes, 10 years is more than enough) I always think that it’s an inner blockage rather than anything the Universe is up to. If you get any desire for anything (love included) it comes from the Higher Intelligence and from your Inner Being, and it doesn’t mislead you. It means that NOW is the right time.  

However, you may have blocks, so it also means that now is the right time to deal with those.  If you’re struggling to manifest love, look at your beliefs and make a list of the beliefs you have about love and about yourself. Then read them through a couple of times.  You will start to see glimmers of a theme emerging.  That THEME is what is blocking your from finding love. Often, it’s a mistaken negative belief which has become a fear or fearful expectation.  You can either heal it by using a different power belief (the positive opposite) affirmed many times a day.  Or you can heal it by asking the Universe to transmute it. 

Give it your permission to come into your life and heal your blockage. Then affirm many times a day: I AM WILLING TO CHANGE.  Or even I AM WILLING TO RELEASE MY FEAR.

You don’t need to know how to do so, that’s the look out of your higher power.  You just need to be willing to clear it, and the higher power will do all of the rest. 

Basically when you focus on other things and decide you are just fine at this particular time then the university gets free reign in how and when to rendezvous with the partner you have imagined.

What do you do though when your biggest limiting belief in this area of life is that 

you are too old for love (ESPECIALLY with the kind of person you want) but there IS

some truth to it because you ARE getting older? And you’ve been single for several years.  

and when you don’t have an amazing life like this person my job is better than last year’s one a LOT better 

and I do have some friends but I hardly have a high flying career or a lot of the things like my own place I can’t even 

afford to travel anymore so I mean it’s all very well being single when EVERYTHING else is in place (still sux to be I agree)

but people who say they are happily single usually seem to have the life of their dreams in my other ways.  If ANYTHING my 

life was better married maybe I should have put up with a marriage that was no longer working if I knew my life would be like this I WOULD have stayed.  
Still I really hope the original poster DID find love.

not everyone wants and needs that.  And lol stupid covid19 has made it WAY harder to meet people!

im glad it hasn’t been 10 years you guys but it’s not THAT far off.

at what point should I say maybe I’m not meant to have love? 

Hi Queenie,

What to do - well change that belief.  Start affirming the opposite.  Look for examples where that isn't true.  For some people, age is no barrier and there are millions of people older than you finding love.  You just have to start becoming aware of them doing so and opening yourself up to that possibility.  

Now whilst we may be getting "older" you are also getting "wiser" too.  That is cause to celebrate.  For me, I am really aware that aging as a whole is portrayed as a "bad" thing but it actually has many beautiful qualities that are so amazing.  However, just because we choose to view aging as bad, doesn't necessarily make it so.  There are positives to every single situation in life and age is no different.

So a "high flying" career sounds glamourous, but if your heart isn't in it, it may not be such a good thing.  So I'd really encouarge you to start looking at what is working in your life right now.  There are bound to be some things that you can be grateful for and celebrate!  

Now as to other single people, dont compare yourself to them.  Often times whats portrayed on the surface isn't always representative of whats taking place beneath, but sometimes taking small steps can help you feel better during these times.  So the old adage "fake it till you make it" will often have results.

Also if a marriage wasn't working for you, then staying would have been just as soul destroying and probably would have made you more unhappy.  So take notice of the courage you had to leave something that wasn't working for you and really acknowledge that.  That takes guts and not everyone is brave enough to do it.

Now even the "I'm not meant to have love" is just a belief and its worth while changing that.  You can find love in many different ways.  Through a pet for example - if you want unconditional love then a pet is better than any human LOL.  However you can also develop love for your home, your body, yourself, your money etc.  Love is all encompassing and universal and unlimited so you can find it in a number of different ways in life.  If you choose to do so.  Everyone deserves to have and be loved and you are no different.  However if you are like most people, you deserve the best and sometimes the universe needs time to find you the right match!


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