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100% proof that the subconscious exists whether someome believes it exists or not.

So one very interesting concept that came up when studying Abe was how Esther constantly claimed in her videos that the subconscious had very little to do with attraction, a person getting their desires, and so forth. Esther pointed out in a lecture where Abe said something along the lines where that a human having the belief of the subconscious was like seeds being planted in the ground, meaning its vibrational output was very low, so that the individual would not have to worry about it. In this thread, I'm going to debunk this on several important claims I've found out based on research.

1. The subconscious exists, regardless if one believes in it or not.

So the first thing I'm going to point out is that the subconscious exists within the mind regardless if a person believes in it or not. This concept is similar to how a person doesn't believe in the law of attraction, but yet, it is still functional 24/7. It's a bit similar to how energy exists in the universe regardless an individual's belief. Because these thoughts have an input and output in the mind, this is the proof that exists.

For example, let's take a look at someone who is a heavy alcoholic vs. someone that mildly drinks. The person who is a heavy alcoholic drinker is very likely to be immune to side effects of drinking more compared to the mild drinker, and has a habit of drinking more often. The mild drinker doesn't automatically go for drinks too often, and can become drunk easily. This is because the habit of the heavy drinker has become so practiced over so much time, that his input (conscious thoughts) go into his output (subconscious) which has stored information. To make it more simple, the subconscious is pretty much a "learning" part of the mind. It's the same of how a person knows how to drive a car vs. someone that doesn't. Another example is how a woman keeps developing negative beliefs about men over time, and then attracts bad men due to these "learned" negative enforced and practiced beliefs.

2. The subconscious and your current vibration is pretty much the same thing.

Have you ever seen the type of person that walks around angry all the time and is always attracting angry people? This is because this is his practiced vibration. This is the same to how you see a very happy person always attracting happy people. This is energy emitting from the person's mind and body all the time, much like how you see an old fashioned alarm clock that rings its bell. This is another reason why people in India are commonly known for not wanting to do handshakes due to touching someone that has been practicing negative beliefs over time due to taking in negative energy.

3. How the subconscious attracts vs. the conscious.

How the subconscious attracts compared to the conscious is slightly different, doesn't make too much difference, and I'll try to explain this the easiest way I can. The subconscious AND the conscious actually work TOGETHER when it comes to attracting something. For example, let's say you use the law of attraction to attract something you have had negative beliefs about for many years, and the thing shows up. Your subconscious will likely raise a red flag saying "uh-oh!" when it shows up, but your conscious thoughts wants it, so you'll likely see a push and pull act take place.

4. The subconscious "shifts" the universe.

I'd like to point this out, but based on research, I've found out that the subconscious actually rotates the universe, the planets, and every single thing that is existent and non-existent. It's pretty much the God part of the mind, which is likely why the Egyptians used the all seeing eye a lot in their writings. I don't know how else to explain this, but I'm just pointing this out.

5. Both conscious and subconscious go hand in hand. One is not greater.

Esther has pointed out in her teachings that the conscious mind has something like 10x more attraction power compared to the subconscious, and this is false. One is not greater than the other, and they both work together. Even though the conscious mind does make commands and uses the steering wheel for direction, the subconscious has to store information as well. The subconscious attracts by storing information, having memories, data, and so forth. If your subconscious is changed, your perception of reality is changed, period. When we are born into this world, our subconscious develops based on what we are observing, like the stars, the moon, fish, water, etc. Imagine what our subconscious would perceive if we were born somewhere that didn't have this!!

6. The subconscious doesn't take years to change, and only takes a nano-second.

One common question I see on here is "how long will it take for me to change my subconscious if I've developed negative beliefs about something for years?" Well, the answer to that is, it depends. It depends on your inner will, your beliefs, and your belief on how fast you can do it. I've seen people change their subconscious in one second, but they had a lot of emotional energy that was behind it, plus they were clear to the universe. One important thing I wanted to point out is this....look for transformations, because they are hints that you are getting closer to your desired destination.

7. Your subconscious shapes your reality.

Your subconscious shapes your reality. If you got bullied in school a lot, this will likely carry on into adult hood. If your parents were nice to you, you will likely develop nice traits towards your kids as well. Your subconscious shapes your reality of literally everything in the universe. If you were born in an African hut compared to New York, your perception of people, ideologies, and God would be drastically different. Yes, you can still attract things to you using your mind, but your subconscious is still at work here of who you are.

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