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I've read numerous posts here and most people are trying to use the Law of Attraction to make their lives happier.

That is a good thing.

The problem is that the things you are attracting are not things that will make you happy.

Let’s say you attract a million dollars. Do you honestly think that it will make you happy? I have "The Secret" to tell you. It won't. You already own everything internally.

Whenever you look for happiness in the external world you will always be disappointed. If you just realized that everything that can make you happy is already within then what would you want? You would want nothing, or in other words, you would not desire anything.

Since you already have everything, what more do you need to attract. By believing that you need to attract something to make you happy you are selling your soul.

So take a couple of deep breaths, relax your body and mind, and throw away all of your earthly desires. Once you have cleansed yourself of these poisons you will be free and will see the world correctly.

So what is the most powerful intention? Intend to be without desire.

I love you all infinitely, but I do not wish you the best for you already own it.

My door is always open to your communication.

-Brother Jim

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I think that we are all programmed to have desires, by nature, by peers and our need for 'getting better'.Desire is central to life.

There are two ways to look at it:
1) reduce your desire ( except of survival and procreation) or keep convincing yourself that its not good to have them.
)have big desires and work on them to get results . challenging but fulfilling and enriching.

people at 2) can use get to state 1) and count their blessings and be happy whenever they want. But doesnt work the other way.

hope you like this analogy.
Dear Litehart,

If you look at remote tribes none of them acquire and consume things at the rate most of us do. They use only what they need and as long as they have food they are very content.

So where does desire of overabundance come from then? It is socially programmed into us by overbearing advertisers that have infected every level of our society.

Having big desires leaves you empty in the long run. You run around like a chicken with its head cut off frantically trying to get more and do more. This is what people who feel a void inside them do. They try to fill that void by external achievments. Eventually you grow old and tired and sure you have obtained a lot of things, but you still feel empty.

An enlightening experience for you would be to go visit a hospice and talk to the dying people. It is interesting to note that they don't talk about how big their houses were, what kind of cars they drove, or how much money they made.

When you are on your deathbed you talk about the people you have interacted with in your life. You talk about how much love you gave those people. Did you treat them well? Were you kind to them? These are the only things you care about, for these are the only things in life that truly matter.

-Brother Jim
Like I said before having money and power is what it is all about. To be able to go anywhere and make others do anything you want should be the goal of everyone. That is what I use LOA for and I have never looked back.
I'm just sort of curious about this perspective. It isn't for me, I guess -- the idea that I can "make others do anything [I] want...?" I suppose that a person can think that way. Why is money and power so valuable to you anyway? I'd just like to know.

Mary Jo
Thank's Brother Jim, you speak my language. What would I want with money? It would cause me to start having problems and worries. I have enough for what I NEED. What would I want with other people's approval? Then I would consider myself to be perfect, I would stop personal growth and I would die inside. What would I do if I had a new flash car? Constantly worry about the chance that it might get scratched or dented. I have a beautiful family around me, my life is full of laughter, I practice mindfulness, I have learned to turn the arrows that others throw at me into flowers and watch them fall at my feet, I refuse to stop learning and growing as a person for it is a beautiful journey. There is only one desire we need in life and that is the desire to be all that the universe intended us to be. We are all one, every living creature, we are all connected because we all breathe.
Dear Brother Dee,

Thank you for your communication. Like you said we speak the same language. I agree with you 100% and am glad to know you are in harmony.

Good luck on your Journey friend. I'll see you on the other side.

-Brother Jim
Except that if you don't have desires, you die. That is the one fatal flaw. Go read some Abraham-Hicks and look for things on death. I believe they describe someone who dies only dies because they have no desires left therefore there is no reason to be on this earth anymore.

We came here with the intention to desire and live in a physical world. Of course true happiness comes from the inside but that does not mean you cannot enjoy this world
so if i should not be concerned for money or material things then what do as far as living in a home or wearing clothes, dont misunderstand me i just like to get an understanding of other ppls views i dont equate wealth with having actual paper money but numbers on a paper somewhere can tell me i am rich but wealth is more to me of a sense of accomplishment being able to enjoy life traveling having what is necessary to cause family to gather together and enjoy a peaceful time together that is wealth to me and numbers on a piece of paper somewhere can allow me to do all those things
I too have been thinking lately about what Brother Jim has to say here. Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich says that wealth and riches are not the same thing. Wealth is land, industry, possesions of value, etc. and riches are those things that one cannot put a price on, as they are priceless, such as good health, a loving relationship, feeling content, being happy in little things,appreciating nature,this was after he lost all his wealth during the depression with what you have, etc. also as Neale Donald Walsh says “if you are happy eating a bologna sandwich then so be it.”

On the other hand here I know many of us would love to win the lottery, hit the jackpot at the casino, myself included, but that’s trying to get something for nothing

I had not heard "Enough" being touted as exquisite or for that matter something for which to strive. We're constantly focused on "ABUNDANCE" - how to "get it", feel it, master it, believe it, go for it, etc.

Endless books, tapes, workshops, programs, inspirational teachers et al professing abundance is all around us - it's our birthright and ours for the taking. Manifest it, believe we deserve it, feel it happening and so forth. You know the deal... we've all been "trying" to get there, through visualization, affirmations, spending thousands of dollars, knocking our brains together, beating ourselves up when we still aren't any closer to the whole "abundant concept".
I don't want to sound like the billion other hypes that insist their book or CD series or workshop is THE one that will make a difference in your thinking, your relationships, really stand your life on end and change you forever.
Enough is a belief in ourselves, it's a simpler way to live, to focus on what we actually have in our lives and appreciate it, instead of flying past enough, not even seeing it, trying to get more, more and still more. The great scarcity myths: "there isn't enough", "more is better" and "that's just the way it is."

It is said that the fastest growing industry in our country during the past few years or so is "storage units" - that we're building whole enclaves of storage facilities (to house the overflow of our "stuff") -

This is the culture that the media has made for us,we feel we are not to happy unless we have the latest,or the best,or the most,the media makes us feel inferior,like we are not complete,but it is all to satisfy those who want to sell us their products.

However, not to say that there is no advantage in applying the principles of The Secret, there is, if one has a talent they would like to pursue, or a business they would like to start or improve, or better themselves in a way that benefits themselves and others or just to improve ones living conditions,and up until now didn't know how,or felt they had to live a certain way for the rest of their life, but now you do with the principles of The Secret, then the good things in life that a person wants will come. Because now you know that if your life hasn’t been what you would like it to be up til now,you now know that you are the one that caused these unhappy circumstances and by changing your thinking you can change your life for the better.

Happiness is within ones self not in external things, if one is not happy with a little than they will not be happy with much. I have thought recently that with the high cost of gas, and the increase in food prices, etc. is going to make many people change their priorities and begin to appreciate the things they have and are going to be forced to live life at a little slower pace, and possibly do some serious reflection about changing their lifestyle..I have often thought too that as in The Secret ,it says to get to feel good about what you already have.and maybe by feeling good about what you do have ,you may find yourself happy just as you are,without trying to get. and have more.:))
And to be fortunate to win the lottery...many blessings to those who do.use it wisely:)
I like this, too. I think I replied to the original post and my reply must be on a different page. But you have summed up a bit of what I think.

I still like what I picked up in a quote from Abraham at some point in the past: Everything we do, we do because we think it will make us feel better.

So people who race after external, material things and believe that the LofA is going to make it so for them, are doing so because they believe it will make them happy.

If you have ever looked at the Sedona Method, it teaches you to let go of the striving for things you want, etc., and in so doing you find yourself free -- and at times, what you want then comes to you. I know at least that when I let go as best I can, I at least feel better, and am free to dream and envision -- and really, feeling good, at peace, and content, is what I desire.

Right now, there is something I would REALLY like to have, and it's not here yet, but I also am finding myself pretty much OK with what is, and I'll let what happens happen. I know there are things I can do to lessen my resistance and raise my vibe, too -- it's great that there are so many things one can do. But the main thing is that I am finding myself much more joyful and at peace no matter what happens -- and that is what I really desire.

Mary Jo
Dear Brother Curt,

You bring up a good point. It is fine to have money for basic needs such as food, clothes and housing. It is overabundance that distracts us from our own internal truth and happiness.

Fill your glass, but know that when it is full to stop pouring.

-Brother Jim
Thank you for sharing Brother Jim.....




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