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I've read numerous posts here and most people are trying to use the Law of Attraction to make their lives happier.

That is a good thing.

The problem is that the things you are attracting are not things that will make you happy.

Let’s say you attract a million dollars. Do you honestly think that it will make you happy? I have "The Secret" to tell you. It won't. You already own everything internally.

Whenever you look for happiness in the external world you will always be disappointed. If you just realized that everything that can make you happy is already within then what would you want? You would want nothing, or in other words, you would not desire anything.

Since you already have everything, what more do you need to attract. By believing that you need to attract something to make you happy you are selling your soul.

So take a couple of deep breaths, relax your body and mind, and throw away all of your earthly desires. Once you have cleansed yourself of these poisons you will be free and will see the world correctly.

So what is the most powerful intention? Intend to be without desire.

I love you all infinitely, but I do not wish you the best for you already own it.

My door is always open to your communication.

-Brother Jim

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I just wanted to thank you all again for your wonderful feedback and this wonderful discussion we have created.

God Bless you All.

-Brother Jim
Brother Jim we need money 2 finance d work of the Lord. I partly agree 2 wat u said because there are men and women of God who a rich and have lots of Dollars but they have peace. I can say it depends on who u are and what u want 2 use that money for.
That is a good point and it made me think about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Until your lower level needs are fulfilled you cannot reach the spiritual plane. But what I'm communicating is not starving yourself, but having enough to get buy without abundance.

There is a sickness in this world, mostly in the USA, of trying to get as much as possible without ever concerning yourself with the most important question. Do I need this? or Will this make me happy?

The obesity issue is a great example. How many people here ever eat when they are already full? I'm sure many of you would say you do. What is the point? Why stuff yourself. Imagine a world in which you took only a few bites and then asked yourself whether or not you were still hungry. If you weren't you would stop eating. If you were still hungry then take only a couple more bites and ask yourself the same question.

Many of you would be surprised at the answer your body gave you.

Thank you all for this beautiful discussion we have created.

My door is always open for my brothers,

-Brother Jim
I like this. I really like this. Thanks for these ideas. I sort of know them but it's good to read them here to inspire me to continue focusing on this.

Mary Jo
There is nothing outside of you that will make you happy, but my disclaimer is everything is one and made up of the same energy.

So if i am one with you, with nature, with my couch which was made up of an idea that someone had and it took form then I say without the great idea the couch would not turn into mass. does the couch make me happy, well it doesnt make me sad. My couch gives me a bed to lay on which I love - does that mean it makes me happy - yes it does. Can I sleep on the ground - yes I can I have a mat and often sleep on the mat for days. Either way I enjoy having both, I often like my couch more because its more comfortable than sleeping on the mat, but I also find joy in sleeping in my bed and on the mat on the ground. So I enjoy all my choices. Would I want to be without all three choices - no I would not. Do all three possibilities make me happy - yes they do.

Ramtha says we are here to make known the unknown. Our brilliant minds are here to learn our capacity to create something out of nothing. To create magic, to heal. To create bread out of the air. To turn rocks into gold, to have dreams and desires and watch them be fulfilled because this gives us life without it and without any desires we die.

I remember my dad loved to live and one day he sounded like it was over. He told me he was tired, I knew he was gonna die. He had lost all his wishes and dreams and that is when he died.

you die when your dreams die. Our brilliant minds create things out of nothing.

I love having spiritual chats and that gives me my food, but I tell you what I have never lived off of the light without food and only lived off of the energy fields, never and I dont want what for.

so if its not my desire then I dont want to experience it and i am entitled to allow my soul to learn and grow in whichever way my heart desires to go.

I prefer following my heart and fulfilling anything then being sick and not going to work.

My quest for knowledge is a thirst well quenced, but if i dont have the money i have to manifest free events at the ram - i have done this before. I was offered a free event this year - but am then a thief??

Usually though I need money to join and I love being at the events, so money buys me this opportunity to learn more quantum physics, science, etc - if I love this why shouldnt i want to manifest the money so that I can go-
money is an exchange it is a flow just like all energy is connected.

If I cut myself off from any parts of the universe I am stopping the flow of giving and receiving. I dont think i want to do that.
having the material is the extension of ourselves of us having the experience to create the wisdom so we undersand our powers. and understand the majic. I prefer being in the magic then beind without it

I don't entirely agree.  I don't think we can be without desires; we are human beings with impulses, and to be without those is to be without the things which actually make us human (I got that from The Matrix by the way).  Breathing and eating for instance, are desires and you can't be without them.  Desires after those are what drive us forwards as a race, and a number of the most significant things we have now are the manifested forms of mass desires we have had.  

Cutlery comes from a mass desire to consume food more easily.  Central heating comes from a mass desire to be warm during the winter.  The autumn revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989 came from a mass desire to be free of a repressive way of being governed.  The internet comes from a mass desire to know more, and communicate more easily with the rest of the world.  Without desires driving us forwards, we wouldn't progress, and we would still be living in the dark ages, rubbing sticks together.

The balancing act though comes from realising that all desires come from within us first.  The desire to be happy and feel good, and everything else stems from that.  Everything else is attracted BY that, but the mistake a lot of people make is to think that you get the manifested form first (flash car, nice house, lots of money etc) and THEN you will be happy and feel good.  It's the other way round, and once you are happy and feeling good, then your desires come.  They also differ from person to person, and the Universe knows what your unique desires are (and the best ways to bring them to you).  When you are happy and feeling good (in alignment) it then delivers them into your life.

When you start to feel good, or even just feel better, all else begins to follow.


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