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ok I got pink roses (for those of you you who read the post june 1st) I have now intended cream roses in a more specific manner. Today my other daughter received a cream rose from her dance student. OK it is STILL not for me directly ...so is this the cream roses I WANTED??? what are you thoughts and why am I...ME... not getting them (but it is SO close???????)

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That's a curious story.. Something similar happened to me. I'm a student and I used to work as a waiter. I really wanted to get a job as bartender, and in a particular bar. Well, I got a job as bartender, but in another place, definitely not my favorite kind. I'd like to know how to take that.. What have I done wrong?
as i think about it more, i think i am the type of person who settles for less than what i want becasue I am afraid I won't get what i want.
I am determined to Wait and BELIEVE and trust that i will get EXACTLY what I intended if that means being even more specific anhd allowing myself to believe that it will come and i don't have to control it or make something that isn't into what I want it to be... that is just Denial
It' s possible that I am too. More, I think I'm afraid to ask cause I fear to be disappointed.. I have to get rid of this senseless fear and start finally to believe.
You will only be disappointed if you don't wait for what you want......do not be disappointed enough and NOT ASK. As adults, we don't have to be disappointed because it is not up to our parents to get us what we needed as children, but it is up to US as adults to know and get what we need. SO......put in your order, believe, HAVE PATIENCE and Faith (visualize, taste and smell and touch, what you want) and THEN receive!!! don't settle for second best
ok- I think I have it figured ou. I intended pink roses and my daughter got them. I intended cream roses and my other daughter got them (all within 2 weeks).
THE REASON I got them (as they weren't for me), was to help me manifest what I WANTED FOR ME. This way i don't have to go to the florist department of the grocery store to smell or touvh them anymore...I can keep intending right at home and I WILL get the cream roses for me!!!!
Years on from the original, but the answer is still the same. The rose the writer's daughter got was a sign from the Universe, that the writer's actual rose was on the way. She just needed to keep on focusing on it. The Universe works like this in that focused energy produces momentum, and it send you signs first of all that are RELATED to your desire. These tell you that your vibration isn't quite there yet, but if you keep at it (affirming, visualising, feeling good etc) then the desire will come.

Last year, I was doing a visualisation for fun, imagining having some £50 notes in my possession. I did this every day for about 8 days, and then one day, my brother brought round some joke napkins for us to use with dinner..with £50 note designs on them. I should have carried on with my visualisations shouldn't I?

yes of course-- i realized i bougt myself an arrangement of white roses  2 weeks ago after all theses years!  then I thought of the law of attraction.  i ended up getting them for myself

Sometimes when you are working at manifesting something, you will get a 'near miss' first (such as white roses instead of pink ones, or a picture of a pink rose instead of a real one) which shows that your desire is one its way, you just need to tweak your vibration a bit more, to become fully aligned.
I just read this post last night after 1 1/2 yrs and starting trying to attract roses again. Did u just post this today?? That seems strange?
Strange? In what way?

Yes, I posted last night. I often resurrect old posts because it keeps the top of the forum interesting, and keeps the topics diverse.

I was also thinking about 'near misses' whilst manifesting, and then came across this post, so it's one of those synchronicity things I guess.
wow totally !! that is awesome.. And this was on my facebook page today
and this ......


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