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So How are we supposed to follow our bliss and do what we long to do when we have obligations or lack of finances that would prevent us from doing them?

My ultimate passion is traveling, and I am wanting to become a volunteer in other countries (I live in the USA), but my lease isn't up for another year, and I have $400 car payments and not enough reserve money in my savings or enough to even buy the plane ticket to go.

So when Abraham says we need to follow our bliss, what steps are we supposed to take then in order to follow our bliss when we have financial obligations and/or lack of it that is preventing us from following our bliss?

Thanks ;o)

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First you could ask God/Universe to show you the way. And believe it will. Since you have a year (per your year lease) start to be pro active about your bliss, if you want to travel and be a volunteer in a another country, find a way, there is the Job Corp, or other organizations who will pay for you to go over seas and volunteer.

It's not financial obligations and/or lack of it that is preventing you from following your bliss it's your fear. Go for it rcflyer you deserve bliss!!!!

Love Joy and Happiness

This is very good advice: there is nothing more empowering than asking the Universe to help you in manifesting something, or asking it for guidance.  You may have situations in your life where you don’t know what to do, or you can’t do something because of circumstances, but the Universe does. IT KNOWS THE BIGGER PICTURE, and knows why you have the desire to follow your bliss right now.  It gave you the advice in the first place, as a stirring from your inner being, so it knows how to get you there.  Ask if for guidance.  Ask it to help you.  Ask it WHAT IS MY PASSION IN LIFE?  HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE TO LIFE AND TO THE PLANET?  WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?  Ask these questions once, and then believe that THE UNIVERSE IS GUIDING YOU, and once that belief sets in, then the answers, guidance and synchronicities will start to come your way. Follow them and reach your bliss. 

Exactly Neil!


To really understand the Law of Attraction, do yourself a huge favor and get Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks. The more you understand, the easier you'll be able to deal with questions like this. I've been studying for two years now and am so loving what I'm learning! It just gets better and better!
And remember to start where you ARE.

Your current situation and all of your choices are reflections, expressions of your thinking up to this point. You make NO mistakes! You have the life you have right now for your own perfectly magnificent reasons. . .

To learn more about yourself. . .
To learn more about others. . .
And to help others along their paths of discovery. . .

So analyze and appreciate the beauty and purpose of where you are. Ask yourself, if I had chosen this exact situation, with all of its details, for some terrific reasons, what would they be . . . .?

When you "get" your personal reasons for things, then you'll know what and how you can release them to move on.

There are lots of things you can do. Talk to your landlord about getting out of your lease early. Consider subletting. Sell your car. Spend as much energy looking for solutions to these challenges as you spend lamenting the challenges themselves. If all else fails, you can delay your passion for a year or so until your lease is up and you've saved enough for a plane ticket. Don't have enough to save? Get a part-time job. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that nothing is preventing you from following your bliss but you. :o) Sit down tonight and start formulating a plan. That act alone can change your energy and get you feeling more excited and positive about your dream. Vision boards work really well for me. Why don't you try it?

Follow your bliss ...... as if what ..... it's missing in some way ?  If anything was missing from all of Existence, there could be no recognition of that anything as missing in the first place,  for there wouldn't be any Existence AT ALL existing as "I'm missing Existence, I'm less-than Existence"  !   There simply isn't any "two/other-ness" in BEING. Existence's Self-Existent Indivisible Self IS ONE and ALL.



Well there are some different perspective to answer this question. Firstly you can find bliss in obligations or lack of finances. Actually bliss doesn’t automatically always have to include finance or costs. Bliss can be found without any costs. It can be as simple as imaging yourself on a beautiful beach, or in a forrest, picturing yourself walking on the earth, breathing in the fresh air, imaging the sounds you would hear (and notice in doing just that you have a mini vacation without any expenditure!).


Another thought is that every moment in life is an opportunity for choosing to experience bliss. So for example, you could experience bliss whilst doing your laundry, ironing, cleaning etc. Its simply about choosing to experience bliss in doing so.


What if we turn our obligations into blissful experiences, ones that nurture and help us feel even better as a result of doing htem?


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