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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Wednesday 22nd July

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day off work
Intending to have a rest and doing just that
YouTube song from Empress Of (dream pop)
Entertaining football vlogs on YouTube
Writing plenty more of my football story
(Walking tour of childhood memories)
Visiting my Mum and playing with nephew
Clowning around in garden with super soakers
Plans have been sorted for my brother’s BBQ
I have at least 8 pints of London Pride waiting
Having a nice healthy lunch in afternoon
Reading book about sports science as I ate
Evening stroll around the village and back
Amusing banter on What’s App (mainly with Roo)
Him referring to Aston Villa as ‘peasants’
Brief visit to Tesco to stock up on supplies
Liverpool v Chelsea was a banging game
It finished 5-3 with some great goals scored
English players fared well and scored goals
Writing more of my football story later
(Making intentions whilst in Costa Coffee)
I am intending a very stimulating day tomorrow

Thursday 23rd July

Considering it was a 10-hour shift, today was ok
Slept pretty well overnight (around 8.5 hours)
Bus was waiting at the stop for me when I arrived
Nice cup of tea in the staff room before shift
A busy day on sales floor with lots of money made
Sale for £276.30p, biggest one of the day
Successful online order for an almond coloured bra
Successful online order for some champagne flutes
On both occasions, the customers were grateful
There were steady flurries of customers all shift long
I got a positive CSAT from a customer yesterday
Praised by no fewer than 3 managers about this
Chat with Old Man Dan about relegation battle
Chat with Krissie about her Furloughs leave
I am so glad I didn’t have children to worry about
Sale for £217 later on (a guy buying a suit/shirt)
Suiting has definitely picked up over recent days
All customer parcels were fairly easy to locate today
The amusement of Nat having chuckling fits
Anna may well be changing next week’s rota
Got away from the till in the last two hours
Sidepocket Pat tidied all of the towels in homeware
He also stocked up on other bath accessories
I stocked up on Egyptian cotton towels later on
Despite fatigue, I finished with sense of job satisfaction
Watching clips of Airline (documentary) on YouTube
Night walk around the local area after that
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Friday 24th July

Another good and enjoyable day off
Getting a phone appointment with doctor
Amusing episodes of Fawlty Towers on YT
Chat with practice nurse about rash on leg
She was humorous and friendly during chat
She prescribed me a steroid cream to use
This was ready at chemist pretty soon after
Journeying to Hemel Hempstead to explore
Lovely hazelnut latte in Cafe Nero, High St
Thinking up more ideas for football story
The lovely lady count was high for Hemel
The cute gypsy girl who came into cafe
Feeling pretty serene and cheerful all day
Getting birthday card for my brother
Stroll along the Marlowes later on after
Relaxing at home in the afternoon
Further amusing clips of Fawlty Towers
I think I can feel the steroid cream working
My Tuesday shift has been moved forwards
I now have an early start and early finish
I can go to my brother’s do at my Mum’s
Evening walk around the country park
The cafe there has reopened to public
Writing my football story in the evening
(Making a list of lovely ladies to befriend)
Night walk around the local area afterwards

Saturday 25th July

Working my usual hours which was nice
Staying pretty calm and positive all day long
The store was quite busy with customers
Megan was on hand to help out if needed
Sorting out a customer with a black suit
We had the items he needed on the peg
My first proper suit fit in quite a while
Getting away from the till in the last hour
Working some delivery on homeware
The bedding wall now looks a bit better
Getting an Uber to my brother’s BBQ
First time I have been in a car in months
I felt perfectly safe for the whole journey
The driver was a nice guy and we chatted
Driving safely up the motorway in rain
We are now able to congregate indoors
All of my close family were there today
It was so good to be all together again
Playing with nephew and making him laugh
He was very well-behaved all afternoon
The large marquee which kept us all dry
My cousins turned up a bit later on
It was really good to see them again
Chats about lesser-known relatives
Also chatted about great footballers
The spread of BBQ food laid on for us
The four pints of London Pride I drank
The birthday cake including some ‘darts’
All of the laughs we had all evening
I really appreciate the family I have
Getting a lift home with Mum and Aunty
Chat with Nikki upstairs about dreams
Sleeping well when I got into bed

Sunday 26th July

Staying dry despite pulses of heavy rain
YouTube song from Racy (fun 70’s song)
Retiring back to bed for a while in morning
Stroll to the Woodlands Cafe early afternoon
Cafe not open but I appreciated the walk
Finding out about air bridges and holidays
More countries have been added to the list
This increases my chances of going away
Final day of this extended football season
Feeling calm as my team got relegated
There were plenty of goals in the games
Evening walk as far as the cornfields
Continuing with my football story later
(The first increment of psychic momentum)
Night walk around the local area after
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Monday 27th July

I slept pretty well overnight last night
A mix-up with my hours was easily sorted
Interesting articles and pics about Romania
Going out in daytime to a new place
Bus into town was waiting for me
Overground train was waiting at platform
Stroll from Hatch End to Pinner
This was a good 1.5 miles in fresh air
Tube train to wholly new Northwood
Being able to have sit-down drink in Costa
The first time I have done this in 19 weeks
It was definitely a red letter moment for me
I was very impressed with the branch there
It was clean, safe and very efficient
Despite distancing, there were lots of places
I got a good people-watching seat by door
Lovely hazelnut latte whilst I was there
Thinking up more story ideas at the time
Their toilets were open and for use
There was a nice atmosphere in there
Northwood is a leafy and pleasant area
Whiling away about two happy hours there
Tube back home arrived soon enough
Walk through the park to a bus stop
Convenient bus appeared as if by magic
Watching highlights of Finding Forrester
I appreciate just how good this film is
Evening walk around the local area
Cardiff v Fulham on Sky Sports later on
Sorting out my brother’s birthday present
Giving the flat a good clean and tidy
Plans are being made to go out on Sat night
Night walk around the local area
I am feeling pretty contented tonight

I am thankful for waking up today refreshed and in a happy family/life.

I am Thankful for having multiple Free/GNU computing environment with three monitors, 128gb ram, abundant SSD space, and 64 core thread-ripper to help with finding a cure to viruses in BOINC.

I am thankful for consistently and repeatably winning large sums of money free from legal liability.

I am thankful for generating abundant free energy from renewable resources that I can give it away for free.

I am thankful for making large 3D printers able to print whole houses automatically from post consumer materials and soil on the construction site for those who need shelter in less than 12 hours.

I am thankful for retrofitting peoples cars to electric to free people from fossil fuels.

I am thankful for build a fleet of community solar low speed electric vehicles for everyone in my omaha community.

Tuesday 28th July

A positive day despite a dip in the middle
YouTube song from The Apache Indian
Early start and early finish (very nice)
Breezy sunshine on the way into work
Riding in was really pleasant today
Feeling cheerful for most of my shift
Cheryl was also pretty cheerful today
Worked some delivery on homeware
Successful online order for a cushion
It was busy when it was my time on till
Sidepocket Pat took care of the parcels
The pretty blonde working at Disney Store
Successful online order for smart trousers
Sorted out a mother and son in need
Did this when all seemed lost for them
Sorted out a tricky refund for Lorraine
Successful online order for an ocre blouse
Instances of the 2222 angel number
Newspaper headlines made me uneasy
Clocking off at 2pm which was nice
Coffee time in neighbouring Cassio Lounge
Getting a table in there though busy
Channelled conversation with Higher Self
(Gist: less to fear in current situation)
Nice snooze on my bed in afternoon
Dinner at Mum’s for my brother’s 40th
My nephew calmed down after tantrum
It was sunny and quite warm when we ate
He really liked the present I bought him
The gift days captured his imagination
Playing with my nephew for a while too
Bibliomancy game using my dictionary
(Gist: I shall be absolutely fine in my life)
Reassuring articles about COVID-19
My county is very low in infection rates
Local lockdowns may be very localised
Writing bit more of Get Out In The Sunshine
(Admiring a rather pretty Romanian girl)
Night walk around the village in evening
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

One more thing to appreciate from yesterday is that some staff from the kids wear department have been called back from Furloughs. They will come in very handy next month as it’s school uniform time, and that is usually chaotic. Only two weeks ago, the official line from management was that we couldn’t call any more people back from leave: we we had was it. Since then though, around 8 staff have been called back, so I am taking such comments with more than a pinch of salt. I am looking forward to welcoming back more workmates. 

I have just totted up my activities over the last two months, and now that lockdown is ending, I have been able to do numerous things for the first time in ages. Here is a list of them which I am appreciating tonight:

Social occasion
Night out away from home
Back to work
Family get together
Day trip right into London
Sit-down drink in a cafe
Drinking in a new cafe
Night out well away from home
Drinking session in a pub
Day trip well away from London
Gathering of more than 6 people
Sit down drink in a Costa Coffee
New place that I have been to

Added to this will come my first Saturday night out up town since March, and over the autumn, my first foreign holiday of the year. Thank you Source for all of these things.

Wednesday 29th July

Today has been a case of all’s well that ends well
Nice lie in until 9am having slept quite well
Interesting clips of crazy football moments
Warm day with sunny spells and intervals
Long walk to Kings Langley did me good
The fast train to Tring turned up on time
Passing through interesting towns on the way
The rolling beauty of the Chiltern Hills
Tring was a dead loss but still had some positives
Occasional shocks of colour in its flowerbeds
Pretty Tudor beams of the Rose and Crown pub
The big-built pretty girl along the High Street
Tring still has the air of phase one of lockdown
This made me appreciate how open life is now
Cutting my losses and deciding to come home
Changing my mind as the train called in at station
Stopping off at Berkhamsted on the way back
This town here was infinitely better than Tring
Vibrant, lively, and cafes were open to sit inside
The very active ruins of Berkhamsted Castle
The serene and relaxing Grand Union Canal
Lovely coffee stop and rest in Caffè Nero
Getting a people-watching seat after a while
Sketching out more ideas for my football story
The elegant posh girl who was sat opposite me
The cute brunette girl sat on the sofa by window
The wonderful Three Little Birds playing on PA
It was pretty relaxing being in there at that time
Coming out feeling more energised and upbeat
This gave day out an unexpected happy ending
Text convo with Canadian Sean on way home
(Subject: the relative merits of Romanian women)
Walk home from station through affluent areas
Brentford v Swansea was an entertaining game
‘Little’ Brentford reached the play-off final
Cracking on with my football story later on
(Being copied into a cool What’s App group)
Night walk around the local area after that

Thursday 30th July

It has been a good and positive day in my world
Doing my own thing for a while in the morning
Blue skies and warm sun for most of the day
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
The town centre was quite busy all day
It was an unexpectedly enjoyable shift
I was plotted to work on homeware all shift
Other people covered the menswear tills
I had a floor move to do and it was stimulating
I have had plenty of in-store freedom today
Kim is looking into giving me my birthday off
Successful online order for a toilet brush
The WiFi connection has been strong today
Chat with Megan about South African names
I was able to find everything that I needed
Moving the towels from fixtures to the walls
Excursions to the 2nd and 3rd floors to get things
I managed to find two ‘cubes’ to put towels on
I also found a printer easily enough
Merchandising some headphone sets
All of the sale pricing has already been done
Finishing shift with a sense of job satisfaction
Convenient bus home turned up soon enough
Nice snooze on my bed once I had eaten
Continuing with my football story in evening
(Heart wall, and inability to feel emotions)
Enjoyable night walk around local area
Finding a birthday present for Clumsy Craig
Ordering some Dove Shower Oil online
Leicester is starting to exit local lockdown


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