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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Monday 24th August

Day off work, resting and not doing too much
Nice lie in until around 9.30am
YouTube song from Cat Stevens
Interesting Wikipedia articles about US Presidents
Writing more of football story in morning
(Getting to know a pretty Indian workmate)
Pleasant wander to Tesco’s in mid afternoon
Reading book about geopolitics as I had lunch
Lengthy wander around country park later
Eating out to help out with my Mum
I had a sizeable and tasty cod and chips
Chats about family, healthy living and birthday
Three big built pretty girls on table next to us
Musical madness in the living room in evening

Tuesday 25th August

Working later so I had a lie in until 9am
Heavy rain passed over in the morning
Atmospheric YouTube song from Robert Plant
Writing more of my football story in morning
(Indian workmate is naughtier than she seems)
Convenient bus was waiting at the bus stop for me
The somewhat amusing Simon is back from Furlough
One of two other people have also been called back
Upsold a pair of black formal trousers during shift
Banter between Simon and Lewis at tea break
Chat with Amy about Chelsea’s transfer business
The rather curvy brunette buying school uniform
I appreciate being well away from school wear chaos
I was able to work on homeware in the final two hours
Found some new stock of towels and put them out
Tidied up all of the other areas and they looked a bit better
The rather cute plaited pigtails of Isobel in the food hall
Las Iguanas and Cote Brasserie have both reopened
Watching classic episodes of The Bill on YouTube
Night walk around the local area in the strong winds

Wednesday 26th August

Once again, a very enjoyable day off work
Nice lie in until 9am having slept pretty well
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Edinburgh
Opting for a morning jaunt into Metroland
Cycle ride to the tube station was pleasant
The winds from yesterday have died down
Convenient train was waiting in the station
Working out routes to get to other places
Costa in Pinner was busy but I had a fallback
Starbucks seating area has now reopened
Having a very nice peppermint latte in there
First time I have been in Starbucks in 5 months
Jotting down further character ideas for story
After a while the store began to liven up well
The pretty brunette girl who works in Argos
The chubby-cute blonde girl sat in corner
Pinner Town was busy and bustling today
Enjoyable stroll round Pinner Memorial Park
Convenient train home arrived soon enough
Reading book on geopolitics as I had lunch
Stroll around the country park in early evening
Drinking in pub with Andy and Bald Rodney later
Thanks to discounts the pub was quite busy
Chats about virus, politicians and school days
Virus talk was more positive than 2 weeks ago
Politics talk was kept to a reasonable minimum
Laughing at charicatures of school teachers
Further chats: sport and transcendency in it
It was great to see the two of them again
Bald Rodney’s parting comment as we left
(“ Looks like we’re coming out of it now “)
This was a much better thing to hear
Extended night walk around the local area
Having money, health and mates to do all this

Thursday 27th August

Heavy rain for most of the day but I stayed dry
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Scotland
Interesting pictures with captions on them
Getting more of my football story written
(Pretty Indian workmate becomes flirty)
The old content is getting migrated to forum
Bus to town was waiting at the stop for me
The stylish Junction Cafe has now reopened
I have been quite serene and cheery today
Plotted for homeware for quite a while
The merchandisers have done some moves
They have also done some stocking up
The department is starting to kook better
Successful online order at start of the day
Excursions to 2nd and 3rd floors to get stock
The forecast for Edinburgh has improved
It’s now looking nice for when I intend to go
Chance meeting with Jane from my old job
Torrential rain passed over in the afternoon
We will soon be able to take unfilled shifts
Lorraine’s positive rumour about redundancy
We may have found 48 voluntary redundancies
This could mean that my job is actually safe
Successful online order for pair of trousers
Successful suit fit straight from off the peg
It had dried up by the time I was going home
Long-ish night walk around the local area

Friday 28th August

Lie in until 9am having slept pretty well
Dream about one of my nice female workmates
Ocado delivery has been an I am all stocked up
Writing more of my football story in morning
(The LOA staple of getting a cheque in the post)
Nice wander round the local area before lunch
Bus to town was waiting at the stop for me
Staying dry despite torrential rain in afternoon
Up selling a flat sheet and a fitted sheet
The customer was pretty easy to deal with
Lots of lovely ladies when I was watching the door
Playful Preeti paid a visit to the store later
A cut in the price of sale items drummed up trade
Making fun of Simon and his ‘girlfriend’ Jessie
Sale for £237.60p (father & son buying suit)
Another suit fit which was off the peg at end
I have made the company around £75 today
Restaurants and bars have been busier tonight
Convenient bus home arrived quite quickly
Interesting articles about asexual spectrum
Writing more of my football story in evening
(Pretty Indian workmate becomes flirtatious)
Freeing up some memory space on my laptop
I am anticipating a pretty good day tomorrow


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