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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Wednesday 12th August

Another fun and enjoyable day off work
Watching football clips on YouTube
Sunny in morning and then it cooled off
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Train to Hatch End was waiting for me
Enjoyable, scenic walk to Pinner town
Costa Coffee is open for sit-down drinks
More and more of their branches are
Getting a good seat beside the window
Nice large latte coffee whilst in there
I was undercharged for this by barista
Pinner is a lovely lady Mecca it seems
Thinking up lots of further story ideas
The clumsy but cute girl in Boots
Positive headline in the Metro Mag
COVID deaths are lowest since lockdown
An almighty cloudburst of rain in pm
Getting home safely despite this
Getting home dry despite this
Reading sports science book as I ate
Brief phone call from Daft Debbie
(She is out, getting confidence back)
Evening walk around the country park
444 and NAN in car number plates
Enemy of the State shown on Sky
Excitement in PSG v Atalanta game
Writing more of football story later
(The damp squib night out gets worse)
Night walk around local area later on

Thursday 13th August

Nice lie in until 8.45 this morning
I have successfully avoided the news today
As a result, I have felt calmer
Clips of Sky Sports Retro on YouTube
Writing more of my football story in morning
It is a mite cooler today than it has been
It had Crazy Kirsty’s company on the way in
All in all, it was quite a good shift
I only had to watch the door for an hour
Busy periods when I was on the till
Angry Ang was reasonably cheery today
All refunds I had were quite easy to do
I got to work on homeware for a while
I have very good scheduling for next week
We had a bit of good news later on
The CSD will be reopening on Monday
Customer orders will be going back upstairs
This means that they will be out of our hair
It also means that our job will become easier
Daft Debbie has been called back from Furloughs
This is a very good step in the right direction
It’s the first step of progress we have had all week
I have a feeling that more will also be called back
Convenient bus was arriving at the stop
FB chat with Dan S about his holiday in Italy
He spoke very positively about how the country is now
I may still get to go abroad in October it seems
I got in just before a heavy shower passed over
Leipzig beat Atletico Madrid in Champions League
Writing lots more of my football story later on
(Lad banter and obnoxious talk on a night out)
Night walk for a while in a thunder shower

Friday 14th August

Dream about a ‘significantly normal’ Christmas
A pretty enjoyable morning pootling at home
Writing a good bit more of my football story
(Bad night out and feelings of self-inadequacy)
Heavy rain passed over before I went to work
Bus was pulling in at the stop as I got there
The town centre was pretty busy when I strolled
It seems that people are getting more confident
It is also much cooler today than it has been
My company have opened a new depot in MK
Chat with Angry Ang about dream symbolism
This intellectual burst got shift off to good start
Bad Luck Ben is coming back from Furloughs
Another bloke on menswear will certainly help
It was pretty busy during my time on the till
At one stage we had as many as 5 tills open
The cafe was a lot busier today than it’s been
Word is getting round customers that it’s open
Uphold two Egyptian Cotton flat sheets
Stopped a theft of potatoes and packed meat
Up sold a mattress protector to grateful lady
Up sold a wing collar shirt later in the shift
Successful click and collect for a bra
Upsold some formalwear to a guy at end
He was a nice guy and very appreciative
My total up selling for the day came to £162
Time seemed to pass pretty quickly today
Chat with Nicky about her redeployment
Convenient bus appeared pretty quickly
The town centre bars/venues were busy
The amusing row between two pissed chavs
Barcelona v Bayern Munich was a hum-dinger
It finished 2-8 and has some splendid goals
Bayern Munich played some fantastic football
Interesting article: Burnt Oak - ‘Little Romania’
Enjoyable night walk around the local area
It’s now raining heavily for me to listen to

Saturday 15th August

Another productive day at work
Working my normal hours again
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Nice wander around town centre
Lovely ladies around when I was on door
Successful online order for some leggings
I was able to work on home for a while
Managed to work a stack of towels
I have felt quite peaceful today
Successful online order for a flat sheet
Feeling quite happy when I swiped out
Convenient bus home waiting at stop
Got home before a heavy rain shower
Reading sports science book as I ate
Nice snooze on sofa after lunch
Man City v Lyon was an entertaining game
I’m enjoying new format of the CL
More games are coming up next week
Writing lots more of my football story
(Sunday morning introspection)
A tricky chapter is nearly completed
I now have 2 days off work to do my thing

Sunday 16th August

Live music is coming back to Wembley Park
This is another step in the right direction
Amusing clips from the Graham Norton Show
Mid-cadence riding as far as Chiswell Green
Cycling home through the country lanes
Very good episode of The Bill on YouTube
Amusing clips of The Office on YouTube
Evening walk around the village later
Meeting the wife of my former art teacher
Setting her mind at rest about urinary infections
Sevilla v Manchester United in Europa League
Writing more of my football story later on
(Realising the need for forgiveness in life)
I am expecting a pretty enjoyable day tomorrow

Monday 17th August

Once again, an enjoyable day off work
Encouraging dream about a holiday in Berlin
Clips of dynamic rock performances on YT
YouTube song from Tricky (90’s trip-hop)
An enjoyable excursion to Shepherds Bush
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Convenient train arrived quite soon
I appreciate the commercial hub SB is
Costa Coffee was open for sit-down drinks
Lovely large latte whilst sat in there
The seating area still had a lot of spaces
Some noisy youths were moved on outside
Coming up with all sorts of story ideas
Showers passed over and I stayed dry
I Shazamed cool songs from the playlist
I appreciate the two cute baristas in there
I appreciate free public toilets in W12 Centre
Got into the bank without having to queue
Stroll through Shepherds Bus to Hammersmith
I appreciate how lively Hammersmith is
Things are getting back to normal round there
All pubs, restaurants and cafes were busy
Hammersmith’s Polish culture and colours
The peaceful vibe of Ravenscourt Park
The lake and palm trees in the centre
Walking back to SB by the scenic route
The apple I bought from Marks & Spencer
The big built cute girl in Argos, W12 Centre
The big built cute girl going into Westfield
Convenient train home was quick to come
Convenient bus home was quick to come
Reading book on sports science in pm
Long evening walk to the nature reserve
Tasty jacket potato and chilli con carne
Writing lots more of my football story
(The metaphysical effects of forgiveness)
Night walk around the local area later
I appreciate small excursions like this

Tuesday 18th August

YouTube song from Sie and N:M Ratio
My calm reaction to some company news
Being able to ride in for first time in a while
Bosleys wine bar is reopening soon
Town centre was busy at lunchtime
The almost laughable attempt at a refund
(Bringing back a dress which was damp)
Sale for £206.10p, the biggest of the day
Successful online order for a pack of shirts
Numerous lovely ladies when I was on door
My calm reaction during a company briefing
(Jobs being axed through whole of company)
I just didn’t feel all that worried about it
I have a feeling that I shall be absolutely fine
Feeling that I am guided and protected
Successful online order for some bras
Chat with Lewis and Ana about Portugal
Bantering with Daft Debbie later on in shift
She is very happy to be back at work
Working on homeware in final two hours
I got quite a lot of delivery worked then
The towel wall looked passable at the end
Chat with Nicky about the lingerie dept.
The town centre was very busy in evening
‘Eat out to help out’ is proving v. successful
People were queuing to get into places
Chat with my Mum when I got home
She too reckons that I will be just fine
She has talked me into going to Scotland
Night walk around the local area later
The local pub is back to normal hours
Consulting angel cards on tranquil waters
I am protected by angels and spirit guides
I am all set to meet new people and learn
I need to expect the unexpected to happen

Wednesday 19th August

Nice lie in until 9.15am having slept well
Intriguing dreams about murders and Crouch End
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Switzerland
This is a possibility for my October week off
YouTube song from The Global Dance Project
Writing more of Get Out In The Sunshine
I am including things I want to happen now
Brief stroll around the country park before lunch
Bus was waiting at the stop for me in pm
Heavy rain all day but I have stayed dry
Nobody is talking much about yesterday’s news
Bad Luck Ben is now back at work
He will come in very handy coming up
Maria dealt with an entitled Karen, sparing me grief
By the sound of things, she didn’t ‘win’ either
I was plotted for homeware for most of the shift
I didn’t have to go on the door at any time
I had plenty of in-store freedom during shift
Numerous excursions to the 3rd floor stock room
I managed to work two stacks worth of bedding
The bedding wall is looking a good deal better
I also managed to find some odds and ends
Sidepocket Pat sorted out a slightly tricky refund
Chat with Lorraine about paranormal activity
Convenient bus home was waiting at the stop
TGI Fridays and MacDonalds were good and busy
My Mum cooked a lovely chicken dinner tonight
We are going out to eat again on Monday night
Lyon v Bayern Munich was a good game to watch
Bayern won 3-0 and played really good football
Writing more of my football story later on in evening
(Positive effects and pay-offs of self-forgiveness)
Night walk around the local area escaping drizzle
I now have two days off work to do as I please

Thursday 20th August

Once again, another enjoyable day off work
Warm summer sun and blue skies all day
Getting my errant toenails sorted at chiropodist
The walk there in the sun was enjoyable
She sorted them both out in 10 minutes flat
Chats about lockdown and her holiday
Walking home on the cut toenails was easy
YouTube songs from The Hollies (60’s fare)
Writing more of my football story in morning
(Devising the right forgiveness affirmation)
Pleasant stroll around country park before lunch
Reading my book on sports science as I ate
Prankster Darren may be giving me a lift tomorrow
My family may be coming to visit in the pm
I have put in for some annual leave in March
Further wander around country park in evening
Starting chapter 4 of my football story later
(Chatting up a pretty Indian girl at work)
Night walk around the local area afterwards
It’s now my birthday and I don’t feel old at all

Friday 21st August

Another birthday, I appreciate another year of life
YouTube song from Tina Arena with sentimental value
My Mum came round for a while in the morning
She brought some very nice presents with her
New rucksack, iPad, Wembley visit and money
The money can be put towards a water pick
Showers passed over leaving warm sunshine
Visiting lovely St. Albans for a while in daytime
It was busy and bustling once again today
There is a significant normality returning now
Despite strong winds, restaurants etc were busy
Got into Barclays Bank without having to queue
Lovely latte coffee in Exquisite Peacock Emporium
I got a people-watching seat right beside window
The lovely lady count was pretty high at this time
Thinking up some more ideas for football story
Birthday greetings coming by Facebook messenger
Getting a few toiletries from Boots after that
Pleasant wander around Verulam Park etc
The pretty brunette dining in Pret A Manger
Convenient bus home turned up on time
Relaxing on settee at home in the mid afternoon
My brother, sister in law and nephew visited
The amusement of nephew using me as a fireman’s pole
My sister in law brought positive corona news
Portugal is now back on the travel corridor list
I am feeling pretty encouraged by this development
Their present was a very nice new pair of trainers
Getting a lift into town with Prankster Darren and Nat
A nice big table had been reserved in O’Neills
Numerous others came along and made a crowd
Guest appearance from Priyan for first time in a while
Chats about football, pubs, Europa League etc
The Europa League final was an entertaining game
Sevilla beat Inter Milan 3-2 and played well
Further chats about soccernomics and sport
The pints of Doombar I drank during the night
Strolling home chatting to Jiggar part way
Having the health and mobility to do all of this
Having the family and friends to share it with

Saturday 22nd August

Feeling pretty good and not groggy when I woke up
Anthemic YouTube songs from Queen
Being able to ride into work again
The winds from yesterday have died down
A good and enjoyable shift at work
It was busy first of all with lots of sales
Suiting is picking up and we are taking big money
Sale for £380.70p, lady buying 3 suits
Sale for £338, man buying two suits
Several more sales over £100 during day
I have felt upbeat and jolly all day long
Making some plans to go out on Wed night
Working on homeware for a while
Chat with Nicky about Colombia Rd market
All of the many birthday posts on my timeline
Definitely feeling the love as I read them all
Night walk around the local area later
I have 2 days off now to do as I please

Sunday 23rd August

An enjoyable walking day burning off calories
Philosophical YouTube song from America
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor
Overground train to Headstone Lane
Deviating from my planned route a bit
I was rewarded for my curiosity a bit
Piecing together unknown parts of London
Feeling slightly lost but working out where I was
The Art Deco charms of Wealdstone Motors Tower
Wandering though North Harrow in fresh air
Thoughts about character development for story
Peaceful Alexandra Park in Rayners Lane
Lunch items from Sainsbury’s in South Harrow
Costa hasn’t reopened but I had an alternative
The wander through the new area of North Greenford
Paradise Fields and neighbouring Horsenden Hill
The branch of Costa Coffee in Greenford retail park
Getting a free, people-watching seat in there
Nice latte coffee whilst I had a rest and sit down
The pretty Romanian girl in the sky blue dress
Thinking up more ideas for football story
I now have something to give it some depth
Happy Hannah’s very cute love heart emoji
The fairly cute tomboy girl sat opposite me
The retail park had a feel of busy normality
The convenient tube station in Sudbury Town
Rayners Lane to Headstone Lane burnt off calories
The London Overground train back home later
The cute redhead girl on the this train ride
Bus was waiting at the stop in the station
The Champions League Final was a good game
Bayern Munich deservedly won it 1-0
Making some intentions for the autumn months
Night walk around the local area later on


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