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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Thursday 30th July

It has been a good and positive day in my world
Doing my own thing for a while in the morning
Blue skies and warm sun for most of the day
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
The town centre was quite busy all day
It was an unexpectedly enjoyable shift
I was plotted to work on homeware all shift
Other people covered the menswear tills
I had a floor move to do and it was stimulating
I have had plenty of in-store freedom today
Kim is looking into giving me my birthday off
Successful online order for a toilet brush
The WiFi connection has been strong today
Chat with Megan about South African names
I was able to find everything that I needed
Moving the towels from fixtures to the walls
Excursions to the 2nd and 3rd floors to get things
I managed to find two ‘cubes’ to put towels on
I also found a printer easily enough
Merchandising some headphone sets
All of the sale pricing has already been done
Finishing shift with a sense of job satisfaction
Convenient bus home turned up soon enough
Nice snooze on my bed once I had eaten
Continuing with my football story in evening
(Heart wall, and inability to feel emotions)
Enjoyable night walk around local area
Finding a birthday present for Clumsy Craig
Ordering some Dove Shower Oil online
Leicester is starting to exit local lockdown

Friday 31st July

Working later so I could have a lie in
YouTube songs from Tears For Fears
Footage of best play-off final moments
Writing more of football story in morning
(England’s chances in the Euros)
Sunshine and clear blue skies all day
Staying fairly cool, calm and collected
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Town centre was good and busy today
Nice cup of tea in staff canteen
Successful order for a customer
I still have 25 hours of holiday to book
Chat with Amy about tournaments
Getting away to work on homeware
Stocked up on towels and did delivery
Making fun of Sidepocket Pat’s whining
I didn’t have to stay to the bitter end
Clouded over and cooled down in eve
All pubs I passed later on were busy
The Leisure Centre has reopened now
Really nice to see people round there
Nice snooze on bed after I had eaten
Proof reading Get Out In The Sunshine
Night walk around the local area
I am anticipating a very good day

Saturday 1st August

Working my normal hours which was nice
YouTube song from The Rolling Stones
Cycling into work was pleasant enough
The store was ‘enjoyably’ busy today
A potential argument fizzled right out
Sidepocket Pat found a missing parcel
I was able to work on homeware later
I had some in-store freedom all day long
Giving the bedding walk a good tidy
Managed to stock up mattress protectors
It has cooled down compared to Friday
The town centre was good and busy
Watching the FA Cup Final on BT Sport
Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 in a good game
Drinking in town with BHS mates later
The cute Romanian girl on the way in
Lee went in early and got a big table
There was a really good gathering of us
(People who I haven’t seen in months)
Chat with Lee about lockdown rules
He was reasonably positive about them
Chat with Jiggar about watching sports
It developed into great atmospheres
Chat with Craig about boxing matches
Prankster Darren put in an appearance
We nattered about his new circumstances
Cassio Lounge is a lovely venue to go to
It’s big, spacious and COVID-secure
It was busy enough for atmosphere
It was quiet enough to be safe for us
Using the app to order drinks to table
Being out with a group of friends again
The town centre had a pretty good buzz
Darren and Nat gave me a lift home
Having the money and friends to do this

Sunday 2nd August

Nice lie in until around 9.30am
Amusing clips of Graham Norton Show
Going on a jaunt to Hemel Hempstead again
The bus ride there was very quick
The town centre there was quite busy
The pretty girl in the navy blue dress
Lovely latte coffee in Caffè Nero
Thinking up more ideas for story
The chubby-cute girl sat opposite me
Aromas of cookery in the kitchens
The vibrant colours of the Water Gardens
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had lunch
Enjoyable stroll around country park later
Sorting out a night out with my Mum
Fleshing our positive thoughts about second wave
Night walk around local area soothed some nerves
Bibliomancy session set my mind at rest
(All will be well if I ask for angel help)

Monday 3rd August

Today has got progressively better as it has gone on
Interesting articles about angel numbers and trusting Source
Reasonably long walk to the barbers shop
Getting my ‘lockdown’ hair all cut off now
That’s that association got rid of
Chats about the barbers considerable DIY skills
Calling in at Asda and getting some things
The walk there and back did me some good
Feeling less jumpy when I got back home
Sorting out my visit to The Shard on Friday
Continuing with post-lockdown changes
Changed the pictures on my phone screens
Getting a tubular bandage from the chemist
Reading The Greatest as I had my lunch
Darren and Dave’s positive replies to b’day message
Positive Facebook post about visiting Germany
Nice snooze on the settee once I had eaten
Long evening walk around Studioland
Numerous repetitions of a positive affirmations
I could feel this one starting to sink in
This walk in the sunshine also did me good
Assorted football programmes on Sky TV
Jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner
Positive article about the 1918 flu pandemic
Comparisons with then and now are somewhat false
Calling in on my Mum and she is fine
She reckons that I look toned and healthy
She gave me some surgical masks to use
Some more are being ordered from Amazon
Writing plan for part of my football story later
(The damp squib night out and visceralities)
Night walk around the local area after that
I’m feeling calmer than I was last night

Tuesday 4th August

It has been a pretty good day all round
Early morning jitters wore off quite soon
I have been quite upbeat and cheerful
Bright and breezy morning: nice riding in
Chat with Haleema about Tim Horton’s Coffee
Josh the Ops guy has been called back in
It was busy when it was my time on the till
Chat with Cheryl about football stadia
She was in friendly and conversational mood
Avoided a tricky refund in the afternoon
Lovely ladies when I was on door duty
We had a number of family big sales
Riding home in the evening sunshine
Five Guys had almost normal custom
All the town centre pubs were quite busy
Televised football: Fulham v Brentford
Fulham won after extra time drama
Finding lovely pics of Edinburgh sunsets
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Wednesday 5th August

Intriguing dream about the London Olympics
Sleeping in until 9am having slept well
YouTube song from Calvin Harris/Ne-Yo
Warm sunshine and blue skies all day
Easy journey all the way to St. Albans
It’s a fantastic place to be on a summer day
Wander around the Vintry Garden
The city was full of friendly buzz today
Cafes and restaurants were pretty busy
This in spite of social distancing
Some kind of normality is returning
Buskers in the pedestrianised parts
Coffee time: Exquisite Peacock Emporium
Getting the ideal seat right by the window
Thinking up plenty of story ideas
Making some cool plans for Friday
The lovely lady count was very high
The very fit brunette who works in Schuh
The horsey-looking cute girl opposite
The cute girl with pigtails who came in
Hardly had to queue to get in the bank
Getting a birthday card for Clumsy Craig
The suburban-pretty market trader girl
The busier singing Three Little Birds
Stroll through the park and public gardens
People out picnicking or playing games
Getting beers of character at Waitrose
Bus ride back home was pretty quick
Reading book about sports science
Dining out with my Mum later on
50% off due to eating out to help out
The scampi and chips I had were lovely
Chats about children, neighbours, friends
The restaurant was also pretty busy
The waitress who served us was v. good
A Chinese restaurant nearby was v. busy
Writing plan for tricky part of football story
Playing cool reggae songs as I did
Night walk around the local area later
I have felt serene and happy today


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