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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Saturday 11th July

It has been a good and enjoyable day
Working my normal hours which was nice
I had a pretty productive shift as well
Town centre and shops continue to be busy
Flurry of custom first of all at the till
Khalifa minded the door and counted numbers
This freed up floor staff to work on the floor
I have felt calm and serene all day
This was even when things were busy
Helping Lorraine work out a tricky refund
I appreciate Claire’s good humour and nature
Chat with Angry Ang during tea break
Plenty of in-store freedom all shift long
I was free to work homeware stock later
Merchandised a whole load of picture frames
The department is starting to look better
Finishing with a sense of job satisfaction
My super team chalked up a fine 2-1 win
This helps our league position a good bit
The UK has eased travel restrictions further
We have now opened up to 75 more countries
This will be a massive boost to travel industry
It also broadens my choice of travel destination
Drinking with Daz at his flat in the evening
The long walk there cleared a calorific ‘space’
Chance meeting with Chelsea the blue
She is feeling fine despite her pregnancy
There were lots of lovely ladies on the journey
Budweiser was on offer in the off licence
I appreciate his comfortable new settee
The dog behaved himself and didn’t attack me
Chats about lockdown, politicians and jobs
He was pretty optimistic about UK’s opening
The pints of Budweiser were really nice
Chats about travel, dating and dating apps
Walking home feeling rather happily drunk

Sunday 12th July

Morning groggy feelings wore off in time
My Aunty’s suggestion of a Facebook group
YouTube song from Pearl Jam (US Indie)
Playing 90’s indie and feeling 18 years old
Annotating chapter plans for football story
Walk around the country park before lunch
No social distancing queue for Tesco’s now
Plenty more goals in the day’s football
Reading sport science book as I had lunch
Pleasant evening stroll around the local area
Bournemouth v Leicester was entertaining
Finishing my annotating of the chapter plans
Finally making a start on my football story
Night walk around the local area in fresh air

Monday 13th July

Working later so I had a lie in until 9.20am
YouTube song from Soundgarden (90’s grunge)
Continued working on my holiday treasure map
Nice wander around country park before lunch
Feeling pretty calm and positive all day long
I had a nice and fairly serene bike ride into work
Pubs, restaurants in town were good and busy
Megan the sunny VM manager is back to work
She greeted me with a fairly enthusiastic hug
It was also a pretty good shift on sales floor
Chaos in morning but it didn’t affect me much
Claire sorted parcels and they were easy to find
It was pretty busy when it was my time on till
Only working a short shift and time didn’t drag
Once again I had a fair bit of in-store freedom
Lewis’ encouraging comments about his holiday
He has been to Spain and it was quite normal
Chats with Ang about Jamaica and immigration
I appreciate her intellect and her knowledge
She helped to make time pass quite quickly
Tidying up towels and getting job satisfaction
Helping Angelina with a move on suits/sale
Getting home before the worst of the rain fell
Amusing clips of Ever Decreasing Circles on YT
I am anticipating a very good day tomorrow

I am going to see a pote trial place to live.

Tuesday 14th July

Early start and early finish at work today
Interesting articles about suburban comedy
Dry in the morning so I could ride into town
The sunny and perky Megan is back in
She has already been working on homeware
Already it is starting to look lots better
Chats about her somewhat diasporic origins
Further chats about southern and South Africa
I was my own boss today and had freedom
I was able to work a fair bit of homeware stock
The towel wall is looking a bit fuller now
When I went on the till, it wasn’t for long
Ursula, Idoya and Anna worked them today
Avoiding Marilyn when she was stressing
Finishing at midday and going for coffee
Drinking inexpensive latte in Cafe Nero
Plenty of space, and I got a window seat
Watching the world go by and writing lots
Coming up with plenty of ideas for story
The lovely lady count was pretty high today
The cute mixed race girl in the red sweater
Getting some supplies from Boots after that
So nice to see places busy in town centre
Coming home after and relaxing for a while
Reading book on sports science as I ate
Some very interesting passages about fear
Some things written in it were v. helpful
Evening stroll as far as the ATM in village
The handy gingerbread man in Tesco’s
This helped stave off some hyperglycaemia
Daz suggested some dating apps and sites
Nice comments to posts on camera club site
Lie down on my bed healed some indigestion
Doing some analysis of a recent dream
Night walk around the local area and environs

Wednesday 15th July

Working later so I had a lie in until 9am
Wrote football story (introductory part)
Nice stroll around country park before lunch
Chat with two girls from my school
(Topic of conversation: my brother)
Cassio Lounge is shaping up to reopen
(Another place for sit-down coffee)
A reasonably lively shift at work
Upsold a formal 2 inch longer shirt
Eventually finding a missing parcel
Sale for £237.70p (lady buying homeware)
Helping Angry Ang move formalwear
Successful internet order for trousers
Chat with Chloe about child development
Chloe is more intellectual than she seems
Rummaging around to get tote boxes
This used up the quiet last half hour
Text from Daz: in the Moon Under Water
Drinking in a pub for first time in months
Everything was well-organised in there
Clean, safe and social distancing practiced
The staff did a great job cleaning areas
Chats about virus, and dating apps
Further chats about hairstyling, days off
The pints of non-alcoholic beer I drank
Feeling perfectly safe whilst in there
Riding home very safely in the dark
Episode of Comedy Connections on YT
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Thursday 16th July

A rather enjoyable day off work
Nice lie in until around 9.30am
Amusing clips of Soccer Saturday
YouTube songs from Wings
Exploring further away to Stanmore
Nice cycle ride to the High Street
Train into London was efficient
Stroll from Hatch End to Stanmore
All sorts of positive thoughts in mind
Once I got moving I felt fine
Cafe Nero and its big seating area
Very nice amaretto latte in there
Working out characters for story
(Strong female characters etc)
Cool songs on the cafe’s playlist
The cute Sicilian barista in there
Enjoyable walk back to Hatch End
Bookmarking cool T-shirts on Amazon
I have avoided any sale repricing
Walk around country park in evening
Everton v Villa handily ended 1-1
Writing football story later on
(Mischief and telepathy in Cafe Nero)
Thinking up things to write as I slept
I appreciate iPhone notes for this

Friday 17th July

YouTube song from the Smashing Pumpkins
Later start so a nice lie in until 9am
Birthday present idea for Clumsy Craig
Further relaxing of lockdown restrictions
Sports and leisure facilities can reopen
Limited crowds to be allowed into stadia
Starts in Oct but still step in right direction
Travel will be unlimited from 1st August
Writing more ideas for story characters
Some of this novel will be rather deep
Not the best shift ever but still some good
Sale for £22.22p (angel number of intentions)
Claire sorted out a tricky refund for me
I have quite nice schedules for next week
Long days broken up by alternate days off
I have Sunday and Monday off as well
Good weather means I can go on day trip
The amusement of Dan singing in canteen
The amusement of his diva-like behaviour
Feeling calmer in the second half of shift
Doing my ‘Talk Straight’ survey in last hour
I had my say, and made some good points
Listing character ideas after football
I am anticipating a better shift tomorrow

Saturday 18th July

End of the working week and a pretty good day too
Working my normal hours which was nice
YouTube song from Reef (90’s UK Indie)
Slept a bit better overnight than I have done
Staffing at work today was better than it has been
Pretty busy when it was my time on the till
Sidepocket Pat’s ability to troubleshoot with refunds
Feeling fairly serene and happy all day
Being able to work homeware for 2 hours
Nat and me found a missing internet order
Any refunds I had today were quite easy to do
Finding Martini glasses for two sisters
Their delighted reaction to this (calling me a hero)
Their sister’s hen party can now go ahead
I had quite a bit of in-store freedom today
The High Street was good and busy when I finished
Forgetting where I had parked my bike and then remembering
Lots of goals in the afternoon’s Championship football
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had lunch
Ordering myself a Beatles Abbey Road T-shirt
Ordering a birthday present for my brother
Coming up with an idea for another one to give
Arsenal beat Manchester City 2-0 in the FA Cup
Writing more of my football story in the evening
(An intention for an amazing customer manifests easily)
Finding a possible cure for the rash on my leg
Night walk around the local area later on in evening
2 days off now with fun stuff planned in good weather

Sunday 19th July

All in all, a fairly enjoyable day off
Clips of US indie songs on YouTube
YouTube song from Blind Melon
Successful shopping trip in town
The walk there and back was good
Prosperity is coming back to town
Las Iguanas is shaping up to reopen
Getting a gift experience for my bro
The relief at finally getting something
Getting some rash cream for my leg
Getting some black socks from work
Morning text from Prankster Darren
He is still in the land of the living
My Beatles T-shirt has been delivered
Southampton beat Bournemouth
Reading book on sports science
Nice snooze on settee after lunch
Text from Daft Debbie who is fine
Writing more of football story later
(Mind power and psychic momentum)
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Monday 20th July

YouTube Song from Phats and Small
Warm sunshine and largely blue skies all day
Bright and breezy: ideal for sightseeing
Feeling upbeat and cheerful all day long
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor
Punctual trains to Brighton and back
The blonde dollybird on train from East Croydon
Smell of ‘ desert flowers’ cologne on train
Laura’s positive message about travel to Germany
Signature squawk of seagulls as I arrived
Independent cafes open with seating areas
Cafe Bella in Kemp Town also open
Chubby cute girl along Kemp Town High Street
Convivial fun of the Palace Pier
No queue at the bank when I got there
The polite people greeter who called me darling
Chubby cute girl sat by the clock tower
Lunch items from M&S and use of staff discount
Strolling along Western Road counting memories
Plenty of shops, pubs and independent boutiques open
Nice long walk along seafront in the fresh air
Beach wasn’t too busy: social distancing observed
Free public toilets in the Hilton Metropole Hotel
Starbucks appears to be opening its seating areas
Splendid coconut lattes in Trading Post coffee shop
Getting an ideal people watching seat by window
Writing up ‘girlfriend ideas’ for football story
The big pretty girl perusing hippy jewellery
The edgy looking girl outside Kenny’s Rock and Soul
The fashionable brunette sat directly opposite me
The lovely lady count was a whopping 94
The nonconformist vibrancy of the North Laines
All of the quirky and colourful shopfronts
Manifest scenes of New Age spirituality
The imaginative use of murals all round city
Decorated phone boxes opposite the Great Eastern
People chilling out in the Level Park
How European Brighton looks and feels in summer
Self esteem thoughts about being a really cool guy
Bright pastel-painted homes in Hanover
Beautiful Queens Park: one of my favourite places
Boxed geraniums on a ‘Cycladic’ windowsill
Serene and otherworldly Kemp Town
The architectural style of Art Deco Garnet House
Big plateful of scampi and chips in Cafe Bella
Lovely warm and clear evening after that
Can of beer bought from Good News mini mart
Peaceful stroll round Powis Square and Seven Dials
Getting an earlier train back to London
The fit Brazilian girl in the seat next to mine
Glorious orange sunset around 9pm
Getting home easily as trains were waiting
Bus back home soon turned up at the stop
Chat with Nikki my neighbour on way back
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Tuesday 21st July

Not the greatest day ever but not the worst either
Managing to get around 8 hours sleep overnight
Bright sunshine and blue skies first of all
Bus was waiting at the stop for me in morning
Nice cup of tea from staff canteen before shift
Eventually getting rid of a pushy and rude old bat
Helping a flustered lady relocate her lost handbag
The story had a happy ending and she was grateful
I managed to avoid customer arguing about a refund
I appreciate my tea break when it came around
Chat with Ang and Christine about dodgy refunds
Feeling a bit better and light hearted after lunch
The cafe is reopening tomorrow and staff are in
This bodes nicely for the Insomnia Cafe as well
It was nice to see some different faces around store
Successful internet order for a pair of deck shoes
The customer was very patient and appreciative
Getting some homeware delivery worked in last hour
I appreciated it when I finally got in from work
Nice jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner
Strangely, my team still have a squeak of staying up
Doing some scripting later and focusing on the good
This made me feel happier and more optimistic
Day off tomorrow and I intend to have a nice rest


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