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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Over the last few weeks, we have made numerous steps in the right direction to exit from lockdown and get back to normal life. Here are some I have noticed in the UK and Europe, and which I am appreciating today.

Railway stations are getting busier
Muswell Hill cafes reopened
The lovely Rhubarb Cafe reopened for take away
Britain’s mindset is getting less fearful
Recommencing my night walks
Meeting with others from different households
Unlimited daily exercise
Starbucks has reopened
Train and TFL services have increased
Vaccines may be available for the autumn
Cafe Nero reopened for takeaways
MacDonalds reopened for drive through
Israel’s emergence from lockdown
Bushey Gardens have reopened
EasyJet are starting to fly again
Being able to congregate in gardens again
Social bubbles of up to 6 people
Resumption of football season
UK has passed all 5 critical tests
Being able to move to the next phase of lockdown exit
Certain schools reopening
Visits from friends
My first seated coffee in months
Pubs in St. Albans reopened for take away
EasyJet’s flight sale
Clamour to end travel quarantine
The reopening of my own store
The reopening of non-essential retail shops
UK’s R-count is below 1 in all regions
Being called back to work
The first non-virus headlines in months
Entertaining one person indoors
My first night out in months
The shopping centre in town is open for business
The High Street is definitely busier
Spain and France have reopened their borders
First family get together in months
Going right into London on a day off
Travel corridors opening up with low-Covid countries
Pubs, cafes and restaurants can reopen and host people inside

It all feeds a narrative that things are picking up now. Long may it continue.

Thursday 2nd July

Dream about watching a live band
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Stroll from the station to my workplace
This got the blood circulating around me
A fairly eventful day, always something to do
Plenty of lovely ladies when I was on door duty
Zara the Borehamwood ray of sunshine paid a visit
I sussed what a suspicious woman was up to
I didn’t give her the credit note/refund she wanted
Positive online article about Covid-19 second wave
Did some delivery after coming back from break
This made a nice change from being on till
I avoided an argumentative weirdo later on
Helping Lorraine with a somewhat tricky refund
Successful internet order for 10 items of baby wear
Chat with Sidepocket Pat about our company
He reckons its nicely placed to whether the storm
This is due to decisions made 2-3 years ago
Stayed fairly dry during heavy evening showers
I was quite happy to be back home with feet up
An Ocado delivery has been and I am nicely stocked
Nice sleep on my bed once I had had dinner
Sheff Utd v Tottenham had quite a few goals
Nicola’s encouraging Facebook comment
I am taking this as a sign from the Universe
Night walk around the local area for 30 mins
Nicola’s Facebook message about her furlough
Realising again that I am Divinely protected
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Friday 3rd July

An enjoyable and relaxing day off work
I actually slept pretty well overnight
YouTube clips of classic bass lines
Further episodes of Carpool Karaoke
Exploring areas of childhood memories
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Chat with Old Man Dan about the title race
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at station
Punctual London Overground train to Kenton
The attractive big girl who got off at Hatch End
Long walk from Kenton to Hendon Park and back
Colourful bustle around Kingsbury Broadway shops
Subtropical vegetation around Roe Green Park
The intrigue of a colony of rooks in Jubilee Park
Childhood memories from around Colindale
Graffiti about INNER PEACE on the M1 footbridge
Lunch items from a branch of the Co-Op in Hendon
Jewish culture and activity around Brent Street
The aromas of the cafes and bakeries there
Nice latte coffee from Costa at Hendon Central
The WHITE DOVE plodding around in Hendon Park
The LOTUS FLOWER in pond in Memorial Gardens
Numerous fit Jewish women around Hendon Park
The grot of West Hendon made me appreciate home
Affirmations of Divine Providence as I walked back
Nice take away cup of tea from Subway Salads
Train home was busy: I appreciate the mask ruling
Convenient bus home was waiting at the station
Getting in just before a summer shower passed over
Watching classic episode of The Bill on YouTube
Writing chapter plan for football story in evening
The 2m rule is being revised down to 1m+
This will help shops and pubs get customers
A feeling of excitement ahead of tomorrow

Saturday 4th July

Dry all day so I could ride into work
Things are coming back to life now
Pubs, restaurants and cafes can reopen
The Cafe Quarter in town was lively
Cafe Nero is now open for sit-in drinks
I was delighted to see this as I passed
A pretty lively morning on sales floor
Working my normal hours (v. nice)
No tricky refunds or irate window lickers
Daft Debbie put in an appearance
First time I have seen her for months
She was even talking about coming back
All order parcels were easy to find
Making some socialising plans with Pat
I was able to do some homeware delivery
Staffing levels were pretty good today
We can now book annual leave again
I have very nice working schedules
All my minimum hours and days off
The shopping centre was good and busy
Town centre pubs were starting to fill up
Lots of goals in the day’s football matches
Pick of bunch: Man Utd v Bournemouth
The game finished 5-2 with great goals
Good visualisation session in later evening
My local pub is reopening on Monday
Writing final chapter plan for football story
I am now ready to make a start writing it
Night walk around the local area later
Two days off with fun stuff planned

I have been able to make a bunch of favorite dishes for meals lately.

Sunday 5th July

A happy, ‘red better day’ for me
Up around 9.30am having slept well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky
Mid-cadence riding as far as Radlett
Sit-in coffee in Cafe Nero once there
My first such drink in 107 long days
Lounging inside with notebook in hand
Noting down lots more story ideas
Shazaming the occasional cool song
I feel that I have got my identity back
There was plenty of space for everyone
All Cafe Nero branches are sit-in now
Chloe’s nice reply to my birthday msg.
Getting home safely despite gusts
Going home the scenic route as well
The VG shop where I could buy food
This sorted a bout of hyperglycaemia
Reminding my brother of ‘Hemglas’
Goals and talking points in the games
Things are starting to liven up now
Players are getting their fitness back
Walk around country park north later
Southampton v Man City was fine game
It finished 1-0 and had lots of drama
Proof-reading Get Out In The Sunshine
Video messages for my cousin’s birthday
Short night walk around the local area
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Monday 6th July

Back to iconic London for the first time since New Year
YouTube song from Chainsmokers and Coldplay
Bus soon arrived at the stop after I got there
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at the station
Efficient London Overground train down to Richmond
Slogan on passing lorry: YOUR BRIEF IS OUR TASK
Getting into the bank without having to queue at all
I appreciate customer toilets at Marks and Spencer
Getting into Kew Gardens without having to queue
Exploring all of its manifold areas in the fresh air
Numerous affirmations of Divine activity in my life now
The Chinese pagoda and Japanese ‘temple’
The LOTUS FLOWERS in pond by the redwood plantation
(The second such incidence of these I n three days)
The central lake and photogenic Sackler Crossing
The three attractive big-built girls buy the palm house
Colourful plantings along the central broad walk
Having such a fantastic botanical gardens in easy reach
A £1.6bn rescue package has been announced for arts world
Outdoor shows could be making a comeback in London
Indoor coffee again, whilst in Caffè Nero Richmond Town
Making some embryonic travel plans whilst in there
A long and nostalgic list of backpacker zeitgeists too
Version of Three Little Birds played on the playlist
Convenient train from Richmond to London Waterloo
Stroll along the iconic and famous South Bank
It felt so good to be back amongst iconic London
A number of pubs, cafes and restaurants have reopened
This has made the centre livelier than during lockdown
The chubby-cute Romanian girl in Covent Garden
Dinner from Subway Salads, and a plinth to sit and eat
Lovely after-dinner coffee in Mikel Coffee Company
Facebook memory about the power of gratitude for self
I got a comfortable seat upstairs, watching world go by
Thinking up some story ideas and jotting then down
Doing this rather captured my imagination and more came
The pretty East European barista working in there
Wander around an uncrowded Soho after that
By now it had cleared over and was very pleasant
The wind which had blown all day had died down
That said, bars and restaurants were still fairly busy
This will improve as people get more adventurous
Nice can of Kronenbourg and art magazine from shop
Wandering around an uncrowded Leicester Square
The pretty Indian girl sat by the Shakespeare statue
Getting a convenient train home from Euston station
Walking up from station giving gratitude for myself
I am now feeling pretty tired and will sleep well
It has been great getting right back into London
Having the money, health and mobility to do all this

Tuesday 7th July

The Shard in London is reopening soon
I shall be able to cash in my Christmas present
Working later so I could have a lie in
YouTube song from Plastic Bertrand
Dry on the way in, so I could ride to work
The High Street was pretty busy in daytime
Pret A Manger has opened for sit-down drinks
This now gives me another cafe option
The sales floor was pretty busy at work
Ann has authorised 3 weeks of annual leave
One of those shall be my splendid autumn holiday
A handy couple of £100+ sales first of all
Lots of lovely ladies when I was on the door
I managed to work some delivery on homeware
We now have music playing again in the store
This is creating a more cheery atmosphere
Company Furlough is being extended to Oct
This made me appreciate being called back
Chats with Amy about various random things
Sidepocket Pat kept us updated on football games
My super team chalked up a vital 2-1 victory
This now makes the league table look better
Chelsea beat Crystal Palace in an exciting game
Getting home safely despite heavy drizzle
All the High Street pubs were pretty busy
Tesco seem to be ditching social distancing
Proof reading Get Out In The Sunshine
Night walk around the local area later on
Rain outside now giving me sth. to listen to

Wednesday 8th July

A nice day off not really doing all that much
Catchy YouTube song from The Supremes
Classic episode of The Bill on YouTube
Getting my meter readings sorted out
Calling in at my Mum’s in mid morning
Playing with my nephew who was lively
He was also very good and happy today
He greeted me enthusiastically and played
The playgrounds have now reopened
Chat with Mum/Aunty about old sweets
Finishing reading The President’s Hat
Nice snooze on settee after having lunch
Long evening walk around village in rain
So nice to see people drinking in local pubs
Late drama in the Sheff Utd v Wolves game
Liverpool were back at it, scoring freely
Starting my autumn holiday blueprint
Making some tentative holiday plans
A spammer has been deleted from site

Thursday 9th July

Dream about worshipping a sun goddess
Optimistic thoughts on the journey to work
Once again, a slightly better shift at work
The lady chatting about a holiday in France
It was encouraging to hear of someone’s plans
Working on homeware for a while mid-shift
Managed to work some delivery and tidy up
I have some fairly nice hours for next week
5 days of work and shorter shift times
The late finishes have later starting times
I have an extra shift in order to work stock
Reading The Alchemist during my tea break
I found this quite relaxing and inspiring
I didn’t have as much standing around
A slightly rude customer was civil to me
Chat with Amy about job ‘golden eras’
From tomorrow, the guard will watch the door
This frees up floor staff to work on the floor
Tidying lingerie sale gave me sth. to do
The Florist restaurant is going to reopen
The nice-looking stocky girl on way home
Bus capacity has been increased to 21
Man Utd played well again in a win at Villa
Their victory also does my team a favour
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned
I have been paid more than I was expecting

Friday 10th July

A very enjoyable day off work
YouTube song from Neil Sedaka
Vlogs about World Cup festivities
Mid-cadence riding to St. Albans to stay fit
A fine latte coffee in Exquisite Peacock Emporium
This had space whereas Caffè Nero didn’t
Noting down yet more story ideas
Sitting by the window watching world go by
The lovely lady count was very high (62)
The strange-looking chubby-cute girl in there
Suburban-pretty girl in shopping precinct
Pret A Manger also has a large seating area
Book about sports science from Waterstones
Felt great to be sat in a coffee shop again
Felt great to be in Waterstones again
Felt great to be in lively St. Albans again
Great to see it not looking like a ghost town
Back home the scenic route through How Wood
Reading sports science book as I had lunch
Stroll around the country park before dinner
Sorting out a night out tomorrow night
Having a bath in Dettol at my Mum’s house
This should help with rash on my leg
Playing really cool songs on my Alexa speaker
Annotating chapter plans for football story
I am anticipating a good day at work tomorrow

We are putting our head down to sleep to night in Ne vada


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