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Since we create all the time with every thought, word and deed, it is vitally important to focus only on what it is that we DO WANT! We simply get whatever we focus on whether we want it or not! Yes it may take some time to train your mind to focus only on what you want, and you will not do it perfectly, I know I certainly the fu^* dont ( whoops potty mouth!) and thats okay! If you are gonna shout "No" at something , shout very shortly. lol

We are constantly in a state of Creating and Co-Creating! Some of our vibrations have tremendous power behind them! Feelings such as joy and love and knowledge and empowerment have huge creative pulling power! Strength of desire is enormously creative if it is backed by beleif. Sometimes strong desire with little belief can create. Like the mother who picked up her car off her son. Strong desire but I doubt she believed it, she instead "just did it". Also Strong belief with little desire creates. At best, strong belief with strong desire creates very quickly! Strong desire with weak blief can beat up on ya real good ... until you let it in. therefore aligning desire with belief is very important. How? Write down your desire and then write out some thoughts that will support it! its that. simple.

When you really really want something it comes very quickly, if in alignment. When you really really dont want seomthing it creates wuickly also. Therefore spend time thinking about what you want instead of pushing against things. IN other words "resist ye not evil" like Jesus says.

What I really wanted to talk about though was the power of words. Every word has creative power. Therefore the process of Scripting can really really help!!! What you do is you pretned you are a writer who , with everything he/she write comes true! ( it actaully does, if you will just let it in) ;-) SO you need a pen and paper (or computer) and you wroite out exactly how you want your life to be.

I iwell give you an example of scripting in my business...
" Wow! I can hardly believe how enormously busy I am!. Every phone call means profit! My customers this year are very supportive, understanding and agreeable with me. My employees are all working wonderufully together in harmony. They get along fabulous. They work very diligently and with joy and peace. They do a great job and I am deeply appreciative of all of them! What a great year! I feel so good and happy at all aspects of my career. People pay me on time and sometimes even sooner. They pay me the total I put on every invoice. What a great product we have! My basement walls are all straight and flat and square. When we are finished a job I stand in awe over the perfect job we have created. I love my career. !!!!!"

Do this as often as you can. These things, bye the way are all TRUE for me! Why Because I wrote them!!!

I would like to thank Abraham-Hicks for this genious idea! Also I would like to thank Dr Wayne Dyer for his magnificant book " The POWER of intention" Also Neil Donald Walsh for his book " Happier than God". I love you guys!

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Hi Tim,

What a powerful, joyfully instructive post. Thank you for sharing it.


Thanks for this, I have read about Scripting in their book but wanted to see another example of it so HA thanks for the manifestation!!
I was thinking about the power of words lately myself.We all use many words but I think our understanding of the meaning of words is to shallow.When we really deeply understand and feel the meaning of a word ,then we have the power of that word.

For example the word "peace"do we understand it so that we can actually FEEL the meaning of it within ourself.The same with the word believe,or abundance ,prosperity,wealth.etc,I believe that until we have an understanding and can feel the meaning of those words,they really mean nothing to us,and have no power in our life. Until we truly understand what words mean and can feel the power of the words then we can experience what they mean in our life.That is the real secret behind the secret to my way of thinking.A good way to get understanding is to just take one word as peace...and in a meditative mood keep saying it over and over until you can really feel the meaning of it.Then do another and they will become part of you.

And scripting is good because we tell our story the way we desire it to be in the present sense rather than focusing on what we now have and/or don't want.
wow! yes absolutely!!! it is not the word itself but the point of attraction ir feelings behind the word.... for sure!!!
Hi Tim,

Although I understand the feelings behind something, I am willing to give your suggestions a try because I am in that category of people with absolutely strong burning desire with very weak belief. I got to this low level in belief due to life's happenings and series of failures over the years. Yet, I can't let this desire go of my system until I see it manifests. As Rhonda Byrnes says, 'make believe' or many people do affirmations (I have seen results in various aspects and must start using them again as well), I will take that approach while trying your tips. Since I always write things down, letters to God, to myself, questions to God or myself, whatever, I am always writing. So this would be good for my vibrations. I remember doing scripting regarding my desire several months ago. I did the 30-day thing and thought that I would see a shift. The experiment was for 30 days. When I saw no results, I got discouraged and stopped. But I remember the process being truly joyful! Because I love my desire so much that there were no shortages of imaginations and ideas!

Thanks for your encouraging and uplifting post, and reminder about the scripting.


It is a fun thing to do, want it to work, still waiting
I reread the first posting and in the script it says"I can hardly believe how busy..."May be better to write"I am so enormously happy with how busy I am..".. "hardly believe" may not work well.I read where someone wrote that if you get what you asked for and were really surprised..
Do not say..Wow!I don't believe that I got it..Or "I can't believe it".For it may not work out well and it will be gone ...or if it's like money that will disappear as fast too...Just my thoughts.

I did this a few nights ago. I’m a keen traveller, but the pandemic scuppered my travelling plans for a while earlier on in the year. Now however, countries are opening up and I have opportunities to travel again, so I am scripting myself a holiday for a few weeks time when I have some annual leave. I shall keep on reading my script so that it sinks into my mind. I especially like the thought of being a writer, and that everything we write comes true. If this is the case (which it is) then I am in for a great time when I go away. Thank you LOA and the Universe.


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