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Hi -
Coincidence is the best term to use for reference.
I just want to let others know of my experience I had yesterday. What I do at times is what I call scripting. I hear a voice (right side) and I have a conversation - answer my questions. So when I had a "discussion" written in my notebook, the last bit of advice was "dive right in" (Now I wrote "dive write in" because that is one thing I'm interested in) - Anyway, I went online to check Doreen Virtue's readings from consciousone.com - you click on three cards - one of them from Healing of the Angels is called Oceana and what that particular card advised used the same advice "dive right in!" I am dumbfounded. I wish there was a way to have others learn how to do scripting (again my term). Does anyone else experience this? I actually have to tell the voice to slow down so I can write whatever is said to me, Or I have a question to ask in the back of my mind that I want to write down and immediately I receive an answer before I can write it. These answers would not necessarily be specific but advice such as Relax and Trust, and advice like what Doreen Virtues give - those are the forms of messages I receive.
Thanks for reading this. I had to tell somebody who might understand this experience.

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I have not, but it would be fun to learn how to :>) I have Doreen't Virtue's cards sitting by my computer and from time to time, I play with them and ask to questions and turn the cards over to see the answers for the day :>)
Hello Little Grasshoppers, this was a wonderful delight for me to read that you are at one with your Cards...

What is happening with you and your cards, I understand it to be in synch, One of the Natural Universal Laws that is "SYNCHRONICITY" you are there and you are doing it...Just keep moving forward and don't worry about what is happening,,,,the Happening is "That it's happening for you"

I don't think I believe in Conincidence, My Mentor Ram Dass, mentioned many years ago in the 1970, "that there are No Conincidences, there are no accidents, that it is all perefect." Since all those years, I've lived with those thoughts and they have been right for me, in helping me to understand all the why's and's and buts of all things that have happen to me in this life time..

Another deck of card to use in the way that you are using them is Trust your Vibes,,,by Sonia Choquette, and a beautiful deck by a Colette
baron-Reid the name of that deck is Wisdom of the Avalon. Book stores will have these and the internet also..

I am an Astrologer and a Master I Ching and Tarot reader also.
that takes a life time to learn, lol and I've been after that understanding since 1968, wow, that a long time ago..lol..But it's been a ball...I have many clients all over the world and a lovely office in my home,,,I've ask The good lord for another 10 years in my office then ( I'll be 85...) and on this computer to visit others that are learning all the things that is in the World of Metaphysic.

I believe this is what is also known as AUTOMATIC WRITING.  You start writing, and then you let your inner wisdom and the Universe take over. They channel their wisdom through you and your writing, and use that to bring you a message. Often, this actually sounds like your own voice talking. The fact that you then saw those same words again later, is a sign that whatever you were thinking about was the right thing for you; that it was the right course of action.  It was a confirmation from the your inner being and inner wisdom. 


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