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When I read this book – created by Marci Shimoff, one of THE SECRET- teacher, I’m astonished. The “WOW” feeling fulfill my mind and my heart.

During this time, people are so interested to apply LOA in their life because they really want to get or achieve “material things” to make their life better or to make them happy. I will not deny it, I also agree that If I could get BMW car, USD 100,000 in my savings or having luxurious condominium and private jets, I would be happy ;)

But “BE HAPPY FOR NO REASON” approach us with different way. Saying that we could be happy, NOW, RIGHT NOW, whatever our condition- even we only have little money, even we are living on the mountain or village that far away from civilization, even we are ugly- whatever condition you name it.


If you want fancy car, maybe you have to wait until your money enough to buy it. If you want a perfect relationship, you have to find a perfect man/woman first as you imagined it. It takes buffer time.

But if you want to be happy for no reason, you can do it JUST RIGHT NOW, NO NEED TO WAIT !

And another thing,
It teach us TO BE HAPPY FIRST, then you will attract everything good in your life (of course everything good = everything you want in your life)

That’s why I said : It’s very good reason to be happy

Agree ?

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hahahahahahahaha, MJ MJ

so cuuuuuuutttteeeeeeeeeeeee....

is she (or he?) dancing ??

I wish I could dance like that cat !!

THANKS THANKS for making me laughing, yes I'm happier now ;)
thank you for posting this Aprin Beauty. I have to say I totally manifested ur post,because I was thinking I am off key somehow recently and its exactly this.U have to tally feel good regardless and give thanks for what u have to get anywhere.
You are welcome Sugar Free..

nice to know that, lets keep sharing..

LOVE ya'
You guys are too cute -- lol. My big thing right now is .... Love is all you need, but happy works too. I just love this site. It really helps me in all kinds of ways. Bless you all.
Oooooops.... Songstar...

be careful when you mentioned "need" and "want"

next time I will post about how both terms can affect your result in attracting something.. anyway I got this lesson from Joe Vitale - one of THE SECRET- teacher.

He makes me realise about the difference beetwen "need" and "want". So I prefer to say : Love is all what you "want", instead of Love is all what you "need" ;)

See ya ....
I was thinking about that when I typed it, it's just that I keep thinking about the Beatles' song. I actually have been trying to apply love into situations that I react negatively about and just in general. It's all good.
Wonderful thoughts! I look forward to reading this book.
Hi Aprin,

I think you have found the true secret of the Secret, to seek first to be happy and from that state of being all things will flow.

This has been the greatest treasure for me too. Although it has taken me years to realise it. ! When I was ill I found it so hard to manifest anything, and one day I just stopped and said to myself, "I really want to be happy, at least happier than I am now and I want to have some fun in my life " , and all of a sudden I started to realise that I COULD be happy, just by smiling, or singing a silly song. I discovered that I was often in a state of neutrality, especially as I was meditating a lot, not happy and not sad, but these times I could change my mood at will, just by smiling or making a funny face. Soon I found I was singing in my kitchen and joking with myself all day and even bouncing around. It was finding this ability to be happy that really helped me to cure myself.

People who are sad or depressed, or angry or in pain, have to do a little work on themselves every day, evey moment that they notice thier mood and just bring it up little by little until they reach a stage where they are just ticking along in contentment or happiness and then things start to happen, little things, health starts to be resored.

The phrase "happy go lucky" has some truth to it ..happiness seems to bring a state of good luck, where parking spaces appear, and people are kind and the bus comes on time and you get free gifts in shops, things that you didnt deliberately ask for but just come as if just to deliver you more happiness !

Happiness seems to be the state of attracting all things that are good for you and that make you even more happy. Once you are in the happy zone then you can start to be more deliberate in your requests to the Universe but anything below happiness seems to just bring more complications in life, probably because for every positive request you put out you have about a dozen negative thoughts and emotions that completely complicate the manifestation. Whereas if you have reached a stage of happiness most of your secondary thoughts are also happy.

Thank you for bringing this to our awareness and I look forward to getting Marci's book

love and light Gen
I read this, how come I didn't post? Ahhh I was happy.....Yes Aprin, very nice post!
Yes :))

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