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When I read this book – created by Marci Shimoff, one of THE SECRET- teacher, I’m astonished. The “WOW” feeling fulfill my mind and my heart.

During this time, people are so interested to apply LOA in their life because they really want to get or achieve “material things” to make their life better or to make them happy. I will not deny it, I also agree that If I could get BMW car, USD 100,000 in my savings or having luxurious condominium and private jets, I would be happy ;)

But “BE HAPPY FOR NO REASON” approach us with different way. Saying that we could be happy, NOW, RIGHT NOW, whatever our condition- even we only have little money, even we are living on the mountain or village that far away from civilization, even we are ugly- whatever condition you name it.


If you want fancy car, maybe you have to wait until your money enough to buy it. If you want a perfect relationship, you have to find a perfect man/woman first as you imagined it. It takes buffer time.

But if you want to be happy for no reason, you can do it JUST RIGHT NOW, NO NEED TO WAIT !

And another thing,
It teach us TO BE HAPPY FIRST, then you will attract everything good in your life (of course everything good = everything you want in your life)

That’s why I said : It’s very good reason to be happy

Agree ?

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thats a great book.
Hi Aprin,

Thanks for sharing that. So true...our well-being is dominant.

You are welcome, Mary ;)
This is what LOA teaches, it is really the core of it, you have to be a vibrational match to what you want!

You can not wait to feel happy when you get your stuff, you have to feel happy first, and the only reason you want that stuff is because you think it will make you happy, so just get happy!
Hi Marcy,

yes I got the point,
when I see THE SECRET movie, actually it's also mentioned that we have to be HAPPY FIRST then we can attract anything we want in out life...

and this book - BE HAPPY FOR NO REASON- makes it so clear, that actually we don't need anything to be happy..

How wonderful it is !!
Marci Shimoff knows what it's all about. Goodies WON'T bring us happiness. Happiness will bring us goodies.
Hi Lola,

I used to be very angry and sad person. I felt lonely, I had phobia in the middle of crowd, I was so easy to get panic attack in dealing with some situations.

But then I found some ways to feel happy right away. I loooove to hear music, I love singing, I love to laugh, I love funny things and jokes, I love to watch movies, I love writing, I love to read inspirational book, reading great stories of succesful persons and motivators, I love chattings & browsing on internet -I found my self feel so amazed when doing those things or finding new knowledges that I never imagine before, so sometimes I screamed so loud "UNBELIEVABLE !!"- I'm soooooooooo happy to do it ! And I'm soooooo HAPPY now !! And it attracts more good things in my real life.. I have so many friends because they like my cheerful attitude, I'm popular in my office, my family like me, I can face problem with smiling, reducing my stress because of work etc.

Those things I love to do also took big part of the way how finally I found THE SECRET movies, got connected to The Teachers, found their other amazing books, and landed in this PI Forum. All is an amazing journey and makes me so happy !!

So it's simple, try to dig what are your hobbies, do it a lot, enjoy it, it will make you happy RIGHT AWAY ! ;)
I totally agree. Being happy is a choice. I choose to be happy in every day and all day. This in turn attracts more things to make you happy, since the Universe gives you more of what you are focusing on.

So, I focus on being happy and let the Universe do the rest.

Peace and joy,

Hi Phil,

are you a musician ?

no wonder if you are happy in every day and all day..

I love music too and for me, listening to the music and singing are the best & the easiest way to turn the bad mood to good mood..

it always works ! :)
Thanks Patra ;)

long time not seeing you... as I have been so busy with my works at office so hardly came here...

anyway, nice pic with great smile of you, make me even happier !!
Now, I hope this makes you happy. Even though you're already happy. So get happier!!!



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