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According to LOA, if we want to be peace, we should only attract peace vibes.
The Teachers said, the media provide bad things that can trigger our fear, anger, desperation and panic attitude.

Notice it
In the news – on TV or newspapers or magazines- they made bad news even more dramatic and worse.
If there’s a bomb exploded, they will say 3,000 people killed – even 2735 is the correct number.
If there’s Tsunami attacked, they will play the worst recorded moment -again and again- to make us feel so bad about it.

What’s the point?
Because it’s a good business? yes
To attract our sympathy ? Maybe , but it’s not a right way by creating fear in ourselves.

So I have been practising it – I turn off my TV when the bad news is announced, I skip all bad news on the newspapers and magazines.

If I want to know about what happened around the world, I can update it from my family or my friends.
But once is enough, so I don’t need to hear it again and again. Then I react with the best way I know – without fear or panic feeling- so I can give my good contribution to fix the situation.

I feel PEACE now

Would you try it ?
and then….. see what you will experience ;)

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BRAVO Rick !!

Comedy is great !!
I think though you can't protect yourself from everything; part of the loa is that first, if you are truly projecting the positivity, you'll not attract these kinds of news casts; but that also being said, you can't shelter yourself entirely from everything, you have to know that you can go out and be your strong, focused, positive self and know that all the bad things won't come to harm you. I think that is key too.
Hi Lizz,

in some point I agree with you that we cannot protect ourselves from everything..

but how much we want to be happy and be peace?

If watching comedy series is more refreshing, so why should I watch news about war ?

So yes, we can choose only good vibes around us

Love and peace ...
I absolutely hear you; and I also don't tend to focus on the news at all (I don't have cable, and don't buy newspapers, but still keep informed of 'what is going on')...

However, I think there is a gap in the thoughts of LOA followers that they have to protect themselves always from everything. To me that removes the power from the person to take each situation as it comes, and to know they have the power to choose certain emotional reactions over others.... for instance if you do see something negative on the news, I tend to not take it as anything more than that I need to tune up my emotions and reactions so that I can ensure I'm not attracting those vibes. TV isn't the problem - we are.

I don't think happiness and peace will come solely from turning off the TV; we have to do more to create peace and create something that is not in reaction to "war" or "negativity".
Again, agree Lizz,

just don't watch movie "SAW", LOL !

I have seen SAW I, II, III, IV..

I think that kind of movie is still as "the problem" ( because I'm sure anyone-no matter who- will scream or close their eyes with hands in some scenes, LOL), but of course if we make it worse by giving it the power to make us scarred then we are the part of the problem....
I started pracising that a few months ago. I used to start my day with the news and hear about murders, burgaries...all kinds of bad news. So, I decided one day to start my day with only good things...music...good news...PI network and anything that will lift my soul.

It is the only way to start the day.

Peace to all,

Music is one of the best thing in life that we can enjoy...

When I listen to the relaxing music, I close my eyes and focus my mind in everything good and being calm

When I listen to hard or beat music, I move my body , dancing, jumping, that can make me so excited

So spending time by listening music is sooooooo gooooooood.....

Keep happy ya' all
Today is a very good day to start doing this. It feels like bad news is everywhere and it is really having an effect on me. The problem is so many people are projecting their worries and fears and all that negative energy is making it even worse. The collective mind is not focusing on the positive right now...

So from now on I refuse to give away any more of my energy to these problems that I cannot do anything about. I intend to surround myself only with positive, joy producing events and people. Ignorance is bliss! :)
Great KIM,

keep doing that,

Peace !
Hi Halley

gossip has characteristic,

if it can be measure, the original source maybe tell a story about someone's life only in 1 meter length ,

but when that story told to the audience or the readers, it becomes 2 or 3 meters (added with some interesting words),

and when each person who got that info , forwarded it - let say- to other 10 persons, they will add the length again by adding some unnecessary words....

so finally 1 meter story about someone's life become 20-50 meters at the end.. and you can guess, after 1 meter true story, the rest is only a lie story....
Hey Aprin..

I stopped torturing myself about five or so years ago.... With that ....thing...(if you get the euphemism)

As I published here some days ago. I rather start the day with a "tasty" hug with my wife, a kiss and an I love you to & fro my daughter.
About 30 minutes o reading and then music or audio books, while setting up breakfast.

So How can I have time to put the news?

No time for that........BLEEEEP.......


"tasty" hug always works, LOL !

I started my day with "un-tasty" hug to my pillow, LOL LOL !!

yes no time for news, keep it that way !
But good news still fine - like news about the launching of new recorded song from our fave singer - that's what I usually waiting for ...

Unlimited happy vibes for you... woooohoooooooooo


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