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According to LOA, if we want to be peace, we should only attract peace vibes.
The Teachers said, the media provide bad things that can trigger our fear, anger, desperation and panic attitude.

Notice it
In the news – on TV or newspapers or magazines- they made bad news even more dramatic and worse.
If there’s a bomb exploded, they will say 3,000 people killed – even 2735 is the correct number.
If there’s Tsunami attacked, they will play the worst recorded moment -again and again- to make us feel so bad about it.

What’s the point?
Because it’s a good business? yes
To attract our sympathy ? Maybe , but it’s not a right way by creating fear in ourselves.

So I have been practising it – I turn off my TV when the bad news is announced, I skip all bad news on the newspapers and magazines.

If I want to know about what happened around the world, I can update it from my family or my friends.
But once is enough, so I don’t need to hear it again and again. Then I react with the best way I know – without fear or panic feeling- so I can give my good contribution to fix the situation.

I feel PEACE now

Would you try it ?
and then….. see what you will experience ;)

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and tori...

I 100% agree with that !!

Unlimited Blessings for U......
I had been aware of this things for many years. I only look at the positivie stuff on TV and in the newspaper. And when my friends and/or colleagues ask me, "Ohh, do you hear about the terrible accident yesterday?", I answer. "No, I dont know why I need to hear about it." I know it's seems very cold, but I think I have more to give people if I am in a positive statement!

Hugs to your all!
Bravo dperez !!

You even doing that better than me !

For some reasons, I still watch TV because I Iove enjoying music and video klip or live performance from artists on TV. So basicly I only enjoying entertaiment programs that sould make me fun.....

again, Bravo for you !!

Wonderful post! (smile)
Been doing it for a long time now and find myself behind news, etc. and it doesn't bother me a bit. Comedies, happy lovestories and animal or adventure shows are the only things that I watch on TV. Since I believe in a paper-free life anyway except for my books, I don't buy newspapers either. I never read them anyway. I am trained to switch channels at the site and sound of something bad. I feel great and I don't care who thinks what about this because I choose to feel good. Whenever someone complains to me about their life, I ask if they want me to help them deal with it spiritually or not. If they just want to complain, I politely excuse myself by saying that I can't deal with these things as they bring me down. So when they are ready to do something about their situations and lives, and need some tips and advice, I would be more than happy to share a thing or two I know. And I have helped many people already those who wanted to take control of things by leaving the 'poor me' elsewhere. So yes, we can do that, make the choice and find our peace.

Thanks for the thread.

Hi aprin Beauty.

I was just wongering. What do you think about the coincept of "being aware of the things that happen around us"?

I mean. I´ve also heard some L.O.A. teachers say that AWARENESS is key ... So my question to you is how about being aware ofthings happening around you'

There is a difference in being informed and dwelling on the negative. I am informed, but don't get my information from the news channels. I am aware, but haven't watched the news in months. There are a million ways to stay informed without all the drama.

For example, I need to know what the weather is going to be this week, but I do not need to know how many people died or are homeless from a storm that happened a world away. That's just me though. I am happier not knowing about all the suffering. Just the facts and the news stations don't just give the facts...they deal in fear and panic and quite frankly...I'm not buying what they are selling.


HI Big Time,

I think Phil comment already asnwerred your question...

so the key is being aware but in the same time keep happy..

keep being informed without swallowed in the drama..

Keep thinking positive bro !!

Love ya '.....
I totally agree!!

I haven't watched the news in months and it has been wonderful. I applaud you and join you in your quest for peace and happiness!

Peace and joy,

I often ask my husband how much of life would be different if the news reported that 94% of people are employed, instead of the unemployment rate is 6%? 90% of people are not victims of crime instead of crime is at 10%? Sounds like a much better world to me, but that is just me. We stopped watching the news many months ago and it is so nice, peaceful even.
Dear jcdbcr,

good perspective ! Always better to count the positive sides instead of negative point of view...

We wish that all media doing that way, better to see the glass 1/2 full of water than 1/2 empty !!

I have turned off bad news entirely and don’t even watch the headlines. Usually those are the most exaggerated so that we buy the newspaper or click on the link out of panic or anxiety. News organisations know this only too well. They prey on our worry and fear, as well as uncertainty, saying things like ‘indefinitely’ or ‘until further notice.’  Media know that humans will spread fear for them using the unnamed ‘they people’ of verbal speculation, and media also just tell us the worst case scenarios.

Recently they have been talking about spiralling death rates, but talking far less about the CV-19 recovery rates (which amounted to over 10k one weekend). Turn off the news, snooze news apps on your phones, and snooze people on your social media who constantly repost fear. Fewer fearful things going through your mind amount to better realities. 

The media will just tell you how everything is falling apart, and how a predicted future event will be so much worse etc, but they don’t actually know any better than we do.  Use LOA to your advantage and create your own future according to how you would like it to happen. Remember the Huna acronym EWOP (everything is working out perfectly). 


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