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Can You Tell One Nice Thing?

I have been married 28 years to a wonderful guy.

Has it been 28 years of bliss?

Yes, with plenty of contrast thrown into that mix! :-}

If I have learned one thing, it is the secret to "feeling
in love" is to keep falling in love all over again.

If you are married, you want to make sure you keep
falling in love all over again, with the same person, of
course! :-}

But this is true for ANY love, be it boyfriend, wife,
brother, child, parent.

And the best way I know to do that is to really be aware
of what you love about themand express that Gratitude.

And in doing so, it stimulates love right back.

One of our members " Nat" posted a simple yet love
provoking thread.

She simply asked "

" Tell me one nice thing your partner has done for you?
express your gratitude here..."


And as I posted, I really felt new love for my partner,
and I told him in person after I posted.

What a way to keep falling in love over and over again!

So, this week, can you:

" Tell me one nice thing your partner, child, parent,
lover etc., has done for you? express your gratitude


EN-JOYOUS Anticipation,

Marcy From Maui

Founder, Principal and CFAO
( Chief Fun & Abundance Officer ) of PowerfulIntentions.com



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This week was my 60th Birthday. I know...but I don't feel old, I feel like my life is beginning over again, bigger and better than before. My children bought me a beautiful new bed with amazing linens and then took my friends and I to dinner at my favorite restaurant. We were laughing so hard just walking in the door, I'm sure everyone thought we were drunk, but we were stone cold sober and loving every minute of being together. I did indulge myself in 2 Chocolate Martinis, ( hint...1 is enough), and we laughed and debated and had an amazing time. When we got there, the room was full, 1/2 hour later it was empty. We didn't even notice, but when we did, everything only became funnier.
I have a world filled with beautiful adult children, loving, kind and generous friends, all of which are the foundation of my life. I appreciate them all.
I loved your enthusiasm for life AnnMarie. This is how I feel. Too many of us are looking for " the bigger" things in life instead of enjoying all of the wonderful things that we have in front of our noses.
Keep it up.
Dawn Green
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - VERY LATE :) I loved your post and wanted to tell you that I have never thought of 60's or even 70's to be old. you're a young pup!
My mum helps me everyday, i am in the middle on immigrating to Canada (my husband lives there) and my mum lets me and my son live with her so i have the money to visit my husband every few months. I am VERY grateful. To express my gratitude i try to do something to help her everyday.

My husband sometimes gets up with our son and lets me sleep in!! (on his day off) How sweet............. and he surprises me with cups of tea. and sometimes he puts blankets out in the garden so we can sit and look at the stars all night ..... (So romantic) I love him so much.

I am grateful for my baby boy who wakes up every morning with a smile on his face and makes my day. Love you William (16 months old)

I am grateful for everyone on P I for making this world a more positive place, : )
This is very interesting. I had no idea. I love guppies!
Gave me night of fun and passion and love and a great kiss this morning and made breakfast for our son while I slept!

OK that was more than one but you know how LOA is! :-}

There may have been times when I was not able to get help when needed, but there was never a time when I could not give it!
Throughout my entire earthly experience, it is wonderful to know that I am always able to help others.
Hi Marcy
I’m new, my first post…I was not exactly in a great mood when I read your post, I was angry at mom…To answer your post, my mom is wonderful to all her children and grandchildren and she would do anything to help ANYONE. AND thanks Marcy from Maui for getting me out of my funk. :):)
what a great topic!

here are my nice things:

* yesterday my husband took care or both of the babies (18 months and 3 weeks old) so i could sleep and relax. this is nothing new - he does this whenever i ask him to and sometimes just when he feels i need it. he tells me he loves me and that i am his everything. every day i feel greatful for him, and through practicing the law of attraction have overcome the majority of our unessicary dramas.

* my new baby gives me so much joy. he is the type of baby that is simply comforted by my presence, without too much need for rocking or soothing. he looks at me and i realize how important i am in his life and how inspired i am to be so.

* my big little man who is 18 months is a walking burst of joy. he makes us laugh all day! and is wonderful company...he has a habit of making people fall in love with him, even those who dont nessicarily like children.

i feel so blessed for my life.
thank you for reading:)

ninja twilight
ik grateful for my husband he is my best friend, my confidont, my inspiration, my shoulder to cry on. my husband been a big supporter in my life. through my ups and downs in life. he has changed alot through the years he had his ups and downs and i have been there for him. im grateful for having my husband for 15 yrs. we had very rough years through out the past but one way or the other the universe would bring us back together and for that im grateful. maricela
Each day that we have brings good things and sometimes challenges. The USA is in the middle of a very serious crisis. I am greateful that I live in a home that is paid for. I woke up and the sun was shining. I believe in the people I live with here in the USA. Together we can turn this mess around and build a new future. I would like to invite all of you to joing SICU, another group on NING. It is a place where we believe in synergy and it is a worldwide organization. I am grateful for "The Secret" and I am grateful for "Powerful Intentions". I am grateful that I have an energetic and knoledgable business partner that can help me build a better future for the world. It is not always easy to be a visionary and a spiritual developer. The pay-offs are interesting. The UNiverse does not care much for money.....no pockets to keep it in. They are interested in harmony and true progress toward a collective peaceful consciousness.
Returned home with a surprise! :-}


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