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Not to make Sir Neil's post about the holiday season & going into 2016 redundant, I was wanting to specifically shine a light on this topic since it's almost here!! and hope it's helpful to others as well.

Ever the creative one, and having hours at the office to myself, I created a Word document with 150 size, (cute) font which reads: 2016 is

and then underneath, dash, and then adjectives to what I will make the coming year. I plan on printing it out now and then putting it on my closet door. The time is now!  2016 is AMAZING!!!!!!   :D  :D  :D

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No worries Sky. Christmas will very soon be upon us, and then afterwards we will be thinking, " okay, what happens now? ". And the answer will be the New Year.

The last week of the old year usually always brings about a host of magazines with " new year, new you " promises (and countless diet tips) but this year, how about we really do make it new and good for us. 2016 is amazing.

Start believing that MY LIFE IS AMAZING, and keep on believing that. See life as a gift (rather than something to be moaned about) and then it really will be amazing during 2016.

I think one of the small lessons I've learned this year about manifesting is qualification. First off, what I would say is "amazing" might be totally different to another person... but then again if you're focused on being happy and keeping your vibrations high, does it even matter then, I wonder? 

For example, I love being in the city and for practicality reasons haven't really had a real good opportunity to just go. I found this site called EarthCam, which serves as live footage all over the world, and many of their cameras are set up in NYC, and I have been putting that on to serve as ambient city noise. So when I'm home and in my office I can listen to it while doing whatever I normally do... which has lowered the feeling of "when am I going to get to the city!".  That feeling is normal to me. I even meditate with it on.  I feel the same way about London and Paris... so instead of going, "Oh, it's so scary traveling" I try not to focus on that aspect and rather reminisce about the unbelievable memories of the last times I traveled and how very lucky I have been in this lifetime. 

Excellent...2016 is Amazing!!!

This is a wonderful affirmation  that we can get int our hearts and minds early which will have significant bearing on our approach come 1 January 2016!

...Going to be my absolutely best year yet!!!!!!!! Exciting things that will be happening for me in 2016 (these things are already here and happening in my vortex and will absolutely be here in the physical on 2016)

1) Living with the man of my dreams in our home with our two cats!!

2) Attracting more and more clients who are *perfect* for me!!

3) Attracting more money and wealth and abundance through means of my dating coaching and my new residence which will be costing me a lot less $$$

4) Continuing on my path towards more and more self growth 

5) Continuing on my path to more and more happiness and joy

6) Becoming even more of a better baker and cook, as I will be doing more and more of it, and therefore, eating healthier overall

7) Total smooth sailing with me and my beautiful pearl white leather seated honda civic exl!!

8) Continuing on my road to peace with myself and others

9) Continuing down my road of self love

10) The year that I get engaged to the love of my life!

11) The year that I will be making the most money than I ever have before (until 2017 rolls around)

12) Continuing down my path of appreciation 


It would be interesting to find a pen old desires and intentions list from a previous year, and see how many of them manifested, or whether the year in question was how we wanted it to be.  Often, we decide that an upcoming year is going to be amazing, and ‘our’ year, but quite often it doesn’t turn out to be that way. It usually turns out to be more of the same from the previous year, and this is because we don’t maintain the amazing thoughts long enough for the intentions to become reality. 

Im sure that we started off 2020 with the same great intentions, but this year has been extraordinary so far for reasons we probably don’t want.  Whereas there are spiritual reasons for this, and lessons for all of us in this, I’m pretty sure we don’t want to have the experience again, and for normal life to resume soon. We now have the chance though to start to year off again.  

Let’s start afresh now. Let’s intend for great things, and for the rest of the year to be fantastic for us and everyone around the world. Let’s get into the habit of thinking really big thoughts, and keep them there.  Maintain our big thinking long enough for it to become our very big reality. 

I love what you said there Sir Neil and we can think about what we want for 2021! And set those intentions now also your posts could never be redundant! 

Think about what we want for the rest of this year as well.  2020 isn’t a hopeless case; just the first half of it. There’s a lot of living to be done in the second. 


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