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I took my 2nd degree Reiki for the 2nd time just this past weekend and - as seems is always the case, everything is shifting. 


So I figure to try to get out of my own head, I'd try to accumulate some of those healing hours that will be useful when I move onto my Third Level Reiki, and possibly connect with some of you. 

I'd like to offer to do a distance healing for you or a friend or a loved one... all I need is the person's name.

What I'm practicing is my connection with them, focus and intention. I will write down any words or messages that come through and pass them along.. but as I'm starting out/ just trying to quieten my own ego the ideas/ colours/ messages I have might not be entirely useful, but I'm trying. I figure this way it will help others - and myself. The 'session' I'll do is 7-10 min long.

I was so excited when we did healing sessions at my course when I picked up on my partner's 'person's' energy - her vibe, her issue with her health and her favourite hobby, and I only knew her name. It was pretty cool stuff. 

Any takers? Also feel free to message me if you'd rather -- no worries to be more private as well. 

Thank you for the opportunity (in advance!) 

*Edited May 12/12* Just to add - It's a funny thing with requesting a healing for someone else, the key that I've been taught is we need to make sure *they* want the healing too - so if requesting for s/one else, if you can, get their verbal permission. If you can get their astral permission instead, that is fine too!

**Edited May 15* -- BEST LAID PLANS!! Will be next day or two -- I am also in a personal cleansing process that has decided to take over a bit more of my time... but soon soon!***

***Edited May 21st*** - Tonight I'll actually be able to do these up! YAY! Had to be in the right headspace! 

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Thanks Renata! I don't need to know specifics -- but I'll let you know timing of when I'll hold your session for sometime this weekend. I'm thinking Saturday or Sunday because I have a project I need to get through tomorrow :-) -- Best, Liz

Hi Lizzers,

I would love to take you up on your offer. I've been having a really tough few weeks and like you, everything is shifting, so I would be very grateful for some Reiki healing :)

Thank you for the offer!

No problem - what is your real name? That's all I'll need; I'll let you know when I've got your session scheduled so if you want you can try to 'tune in'. I'm hoping Saturday or Sunday - Best, Liz. 

Hi Liz,

My real name is Amy :) I'm looking forward to it. Thank you! :)

PS - Thank you all for the replies --- I'm super excited to assist however I can! This weekend will be a great learning opportunity for me! 


As a Reiki  Master my advice is to open your heart fully to  love, and also and most importantly, open  your heart up to faith. With faith you won't need to work so hard at 'trying to heal' for you will know 'how  to heal' naturally. It will flow through you with conviction and purpose unhindered. Focus purely on wellness, for it  is by tuning your vibration to see only wellness  of body, mind and spirit that it  will come to  pass. Thank you  for your love and kindness. Eternal  Blessings to you.

Thank you for the good words - Right now I'm just tweaking my ability to help heal and I am getting better with each interaction. I'm gaining confidence every day! 

If you are still taking requests.. I have one.. Name.. Brian


Absolutely - all I ask is that you are able to verbal permission if that subject is able to be brought up -- if not I'll let you  know how it goes. :-)

Hi, I would love to participate ! -Wayne

Thank you!


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