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Ok, a month or two ago I was thinking about winning $500 and all the things I could do with it.  And then I was thinking that $1000 would be better, so then I would have extra to do these other things.

After a week or two, I was on my way to the store and was thinking how great it would be to buy a $500 winning scratch off.  I heard an amused voice in my ear that said 'How about a thousand?'  And I said 'Yes!  That would be even better.'  So I walked into the store, went straight to the lottery machine, bought a ticket that was kind of standing out, and sure enough, it was a $1000 winner.

Now, I have known all of my life that there is more beyond the physical bodies that we have.  I've had this voice in my ear another time or two, long ago.  I've actually had something more or less take control of my body for a moment to get me started on something I was supposed to go do.  I've had pushes to go to certain stores to buy tickets when I needed money.

But this particular time it has kind of freaked me out.  Partially the humorous tone of the voice, almost as if it were, if not laughing, then chuckling and also the clearness of it, like someone was right beside me talking into my ear.

My question is, has anyone had a similar experience?  I almost felt like Abraham was speaking in my ear.  I love it, don't get me wrong.  I wish it would happen every day all day long. 

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That's so incredibly awesome Dondi!!!! I LOVE this story!! I had a similar experience where u was told to take a different direction while driving and then came upon a person in need of serious help. It's such an amazing world and I am psyched for you!!! Keep on allowing! :):):):):):) story made my night! Love, Flowerpatch xxoo

Thanks.  Yes, I know a lot of people who have had an impulse or urge to go a different route and found things they could assist or remedy.  That is what happened to me when I got physically taken over for a moment.  That one is a long story.

I've had a couple of experiences where I felt an impulse to go somewhere and only after going do I realize it was to bring me closer to what I was trying to manifest.  Very awesome feeling to know that you are not alone - that you have help.  I don't necessarily think it was a spirit guide, although it could have been.  It might have just been guidance from the Higher Self which knows more than we do on a conscious level.  I've never actually heard a voice though, that would be cool. 

I just call it my angel, for lack of anything better.  That didn't come from me, not even from higher self.  I don't feel it is a spirit guide either.  I do think I was in a high enough place to actually be able to hear the voice.  I usually get a push or an impulse which I know is outside of myself.  I would love to be able to stay in the place where I could hear it always. 

Dear Dondi,

There is amazing and infinite wisdom in the Universe, and since we are connected to it, we are able to tap on it from time to time. I can positively tell you that EVERYBODY has this experience at least once in a lifetime, but don't acknowledge it. There are people that were lucky enough to pay enough attention, and they are able to keep whole conversations with non physical entities, and receive guidance throughout their lives. I would advise you to answer back to that voice, and see what happens.

As far as I know, physical entities present in different ways for different people, so it's possible yours will have a different name. Take it and embrace, they are all part of the One, and as wise. :D

PS: i have to add that gut feelings, inspirations, sudden urges when in high vibration are also communication from source. Those are very valid aspects, and its different for each person. Embrace those nudges and be thankful, because they are truly helpful.:D In fact, that is part of the allowing that is so important for manifestation. Paying close attention to the signs that source sends us and act on them, or just keep the vibration as life unfolds.

I speak to my 'angel' constantly, even though I usually can't 'hear' him.  Because I know that there is some other plane of existence, I just can't believe in what churches teach about God, and I have no belief in the bible.  I have seen too many programs about the stories in the bible, how many were left out, how so many are opposite of what was actually put in.  Yes, there are many truths in the bible that I do  believe, but most of it is total fiction.  Did you know there was a man who lived five thousand years before Jesus, and that nearly everything attributed to Jesus was attributed to him first, including the date of birth?

I wish I had known all this or had someone to teach me this when I was so much younger.  I can only imagine what I could have done with my life.

Yep, have similar it's called claireaudience.
Yes, I have had similar experiences to this, and do believe that its the Angels talking to us. On occasions, I have been lost in unfamiliar towns and cities, and have heard things like " left turn here, " or " this way, " being whispered in my ear, and have ended up exactly where I have needed to be.

Other times, I have switched off my alarm clock and then dosed off again, but have heard things like " time to wake up Neil, " being whispered in my ear. On one particularly soporific morning, I even felt something tickle my face, and it woke me right up.....then I looked at the alarm clock and thought " shit, is that the time?! "

Those were probably angel wings I felt on my face.

If we are at the right feeling point, or just very tuned in, we are able to receive messages from the other worlds. In this case, they are clairaudient, but they could also be clairvoyant, clairsentient, or all of them.

I think I have experienced every one of them and other things you haven't mentioned.

Another thing to look out for is the Universe sending you other types of messages. I have had this before when wondering where to go for holidays. I was wondering one year, and then saw an EasyJet poster at a bus stop saying that Barcelona would be a good idea. I booked it up, and had a very enjoyable week. I was also in a bookshop once wondering where to use up my annual leave. A copy of the Rough Guide to Cape Town fell off the shelf and I caught it in my hand. I had a read through the overview, and decided to go there. I found it fascinating. These messages and prompts are all around us, and the more we look out for them and tune into them, the more they come to us. 

hello there...

Yes..i had a similar story...it's really true that we have a voice from within..like a guiding voice. Let's celebrate that we are extra ordinary! Keep on listening and I will be doing the same. 


Shiela Rose

Sheila, you rock! And yes we are extraordinary!!!


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