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 What blocks to money have you noticed you have and what did you do to let them go ?

Do you believe you deserve money?

Do you believe Money is energy like Water, Air, flowing freely in an Abundant Universe ?

Do you believe money has to be EARNED ?

Do you receive money easily ?

Do you give money easily ?

Do you believe money comes easily ?

Do you believe you can manifest Money ?

What blocks do you put up to receiving or letting money in ?

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I have Les to thank for his post asking "Is it easier to manifest money if your parents are rich", becuase it has given me a much needed insight. I realised that I DID beleive that rich people had it easier than poor people when it came to maniesting money, but in the middle of reading his post, I realised it doesnt make any difference, but for poorer people sometimes looking at rich people is a block.  And this is one block I fell into.


I have been actively trying to change and use LOA to my advantage for some 10 years now.  I DID successfully use it to heal a serious illness I had and so am grateful for the knowledge.  But I have only of late tried to apply the same principles to Manifestin Wealth ...and have been on a journey of discovering my MANY many blocks to receiving and letting in money.


Am I able to feel WORTHY of money .... YES, yes, yes


Do I feel that I have to work hard for money .... I use to, but no I can honestly say "no" now


Can I allow money to FLOW ...hmmmm


Can I give money easily .. I can when I feel like I have more than enough for myself and my family, but there is a threshold below which I cannot give easily.


Can I receive money easily ... sometimes, but more often  than not,  this is a "no", I find it really hard to receive money.  and recently I have had to accept money, 'handouts', social welfare and charity and BOY does it feel terrible.  Now you might think Money is money, but it isnt.  There is a kind of receiving that doesnt feel good, it doesnt feel like its coming from a place of Abundance ...and then I realised,  that is it.  Social welfare and Charity etc DONT always come from a place of abundance, they come from LACK.  The people who pay for the welfare, hate paying for it, resent it, and most Charity money is given out of guilt, So the money has an energy of LACK already in it.


Now I have been fortunate in my life to receive MONEY gifts that came from Plenty and they FELT GREAT.  I remember receiving a money gift from a relative who sold a house that he inherited, and he wanted us all to enjoy some of it.  That money, I had no problem accepting and I Felt like a King while I spent it.  I shared a lot of it with others and we all had fun.


When we are in the flow of money, we love what we are doing and so money becomes playful, we pay for things we want, but we also give to friends and family, we invite them for meals, we buy them presents ... and we receive just as easily.  Gifts become  sources of great pleasure whether it is received or given.  This is real FLOW.


Now I understand my desire for BIG money, because it is about being abundant, being philantropic, about being happy giving and taking.  I was watching a film yesterday where a girl wanted a diamond necklace and her friend bought it and gave it to her.  I realised that a few years ago, this would have made me feel jealous and resentful  that someone gets a gift of a diamond necklace when others are hoping for a gift of a loaf of bread.  But the difference is that a wealthy person has NO problem receiving a diamond necklace or a car or 100,000 dollars, but a poor person has difficulty receiving a dollar or a loaf of bread.  They will never ever get a diamond necklace because they are TOO far away from that vibrationally, and all kinds of negative vibrations and emotions like jealousy, anger, resentment etc stand in their way.


So I am noticing all my 'blocks to money' and letting them go one at a time.

Gen, all I can say, is that what you have portrayed here is something so powerful, that there are many people who would struggle to get it. Philanthropy is very different to charity and if you look at the 'Big Players' such as Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet et al. they are now using philanthropy in such a way that it rewards everyone involved, no-one is left out of the positive experience. I truly believe that if we could 'package'the energy of your wisdom above, I believe we would begin the path of serious change to our suffering world, We need to physically create an environment where people feel abundant enough to contribute to the world in amazing ways. This would empower people to live in the knowledge that they have truly been significant in the growth of humankind. But, this needs to be done by expansive, creative and collective minds. 

Now, if we know that anything is possible, and that we are all connected, who says we can't collectively create a global system that enables people to live in such a way. We collectively created the one thing that affects everone's way of life, and that thing is money. If we think about this for a moment; if it was us that collectively created a system which has given us EVERYTHING that we possess, then who says that we cannot collectively create another, more powerful system that works from a core of love instead of the fear and lack that still plagues many of us working with this broken system. If we don't like the system of suffering, then let us collectively create an alternative. You do not have to be wealthy, or enlightened, or in a job, or well connected, you just have to be united.

Thank you so much for an article that really reached deep into my dreams of how we can best contribute to ourselves and others at the same time.

Thanks again Gen

This has shed light too on money I GIVE away ... when I am not well off and I give, I feel a little resentment as if it was some kind of duty or guilt that made me give when I really felt I needed the money myself.  Sometimes I give money to my kids and resent that they squander it, but that again is only because I am giving from what feels like lack and so I have earmarked the money for things I feel are more important and so dont like to see it spent of FUN ..he he he have to laugh at myself for this, because isnt FUN and Happiness the most important thing we can all aspire to !!!


but it is true ... I realise that I am not yet in the FLOW of money, in or out.


It is like a river, when the river is strong and fast, there is plenty of water for all, we can take bucket fulls and not worry if we spill some, we can swim in it and drink it and have fun with it.  But if it turns into a trickle, then we get desperate, we are thirsty, we fight over it, we notice who takes more than someone else.


Money like Water has to be abundant and it has to flow strongly and fast.

Do you believe you deserve money? - YES, I believe abundance and financial security is everyone's right.

Do you believe Money is energy like Water, Air, flowing freely in an Abundant Universe ? - YES, money is all around us and can come from the most unlikely of sources.

Do you believe money has to be EARNED ? - NO, same reason as above.

Do you receive money easily ? - YES

Do you give money easily ? - NO because I worry if I spend it I will not have enough for what I need.  I know I need to work on this!

Do you believe money comes easily ? - Yes as long as you are on the right vibration for it.

Do you believe you can manifest Money ? - Yes because I have done.

What blocks do you put up to receiving or letting money in ? - My block is worrying about when money is going to come as my timetable doesn't seem to match up with the Universe's.  I want money in my account so I know I have it when I need it and the Universe tends to deliver it when I really need it and not before.  Must work on this. :-)

Thanks Aravelle for your answer,

I want money in my account too ... and I think that is the way I will be able to see it as an abundant river/ source  where I can just go any day, any time,  with my bucket/wallet and take as much as I want or need that day ... and not worry at all about the next day, simply knowing that it is always adequate , even overflowing ........hmmmm ...joy !

Do you believe you deserve money?   Absolutely, I deserve all good things

Do you believe Money is energy like Water, Air, flowing freely in an Abundant Universe ? I consider money just pieces of paper with dead men on it.

Do you believe money has to be EARNED ? Yes, and no, I earn my living by working, but my bosses give me extra money in the form of a bonus several times a year, and a gas credit card, they pay for.  I also get money from people for no reason whatsoever.

Do you receive money easily ? I have no qualms about receiving money in any way it comes to me.

Do you give money easily ? I only give money to family because when I was giving it to 3 charities, they were written up as some of the worst charities in the world, and I felt used and betrayed.

Do you believe money comes easily ? I believe it comes easily to me, I can see how others struggle, and I feel blessed that I was able to change my thoughts on money, and simply let it into my life/

Do you believe you can manifest Money ? Yes, in 2011 I manifested over $18,000 (not through earning it from work)

What blocks do you put up to receiving or letting money in ? I believed for a long time that I had to struggle, then I just decided that I don't have to struggle, and it started flowing.  I have repeated this phrase for about 10 years now, and it has proven to be true "THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR THE GIFTS OF ABUNDANCE YOU HAVE WAITED SO PATIENTLY TO GIVE ME, I ACCEPT THEM WITH GRATITUDE AND JOY.


Thank you Grand Creator ... I am interested in what you said about giving to charities.  It is interesting that we can feel 'betrayed or used' by our giving of money, others can feel cheapened and trapped.  If we think about giving and taking water or air, we have no sense that we might be used or betrayed or that the air or water is being squandered, it is only when there is lack that we feel things can be wasted, but when there is abundance like a huge river bounding over the rock, then the flow is just fun and people can play with it.


 Wouldnt it be nice if money flowed like a river and we could give and take as much as we needed and had NO feelings of resistence at all ! ... or would it ?

It is also interesting that unlike air and water, money is NOT free in the sense that we cannot have it in abundnce because then no one wants to work for it and so no one does menial jobs or work that they dont enjoy, so others cant have the services and products that they want. hmmmm


We can be generous with water, with air and with LOVE, all theses can flow and flow with no negative affect on anything, not the economy and not on our wellbeing.


I did say that Money was an energy and that is because I reiterating something someone else said, but you mentioned that money is 'just pieces of paper with dead men on it" ..he he he.  Money is just a commodity like so many other material things.


In a sense  even though we all equate Money with Abundance and wealth, it is the one thing that cannot be around in abundance, as it then ceases to have any meaning and it makes a lot of our understanding of wealth meaningless

At present I would LOVE to have a couple of million to do all the things i ever wanted to do ... but I would also like other people to have millions ... but in fact if we all had millions nothing would function ...isnt that strange.  I would never wish that others remained poor so that i could be a billionaire ... but is there a way around this ?

I also forgot to mention that I treat money the exact opposite of my mother.  She is a millionaire, but denies herself the pleasures that her money can buy her.

For her birthday a few years ago I bought her a coffeemaker that you just press the cup against the lever and it dispenses coffee without having to pick up a heavy pot.  Her machine died over the weekend, and she told me she was going back to the old kind of coffeemaker because they were about $25 less than the one I bought her.  I said STOP, her birthday is in a few months, so I would buy her the kind she likes, now, and it'll be an early birthday gift.

It is very frustrating to me that she treats money this way, and yet, when she passes away, I will be a millionaire, with no problems at all in spending the money in a respectful manner, and not denying my desires.  Although she is rich, she acts poor.  This is no way to live.

This is interesting, I might not deny myself a simple coffee maker upgrade. Now buying a fancy mansion, I cannot imagine being useful for one person. I may have a very nice decked out condo, or two?

Ahh..the Universe is perfect indeed, Wealth and Abundance takes on different meanings for all of us...One of my colleagues and I were speaking on money a while back and she said, she would not want to be rich...I didn't understand that thinking because I love wealth, riches, and endless money, because it gives me the opportunity to function comfortably here and create the way I want with no concerns on how the bills will be paid...but I woke up thinking about something this morning as I looked around my room..

We are consciousness and all that is, is everything that we are...The wealth is inside of us...and I think that when we come to this realization and release having a need for materials that we already posses through our creations and endless supply through thought power, we will experience our desires by allowing it to flow in through our knowing that the money or any desire is us and could not exist, without us....this is where I think some of us are finding a challenge..reprogramming our thinking to know that we are worthy of the greatness of ourselves and all is here for us now..and will unfold if we allow it to by releasing the need..I would like to understand this resisting energy that seems to be the issue that blocks our flow..what is it really? Anybody know??

Thank you for your insights visionarymm74,  Yes, people are So different and view wealth in so many different ways and things we identify as blocks we can reprogramme ...but first we need to identify the blocks ...

I think most of us aren't even pursuing money anyway.  We are pursuing what we believe we will get once we have it, and that's a certain state of mind.  Even if we're planning to use it to get material things, or create something, we all have a desired state of mind.  I think if we work on making money an afterthought as we work on doing what we love, then the money will come.  Yep, I agree, takes some re-programming.


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