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 What blocks to money have you noticed you have and what did you do to let them go ?

Do you believe you deserve money?

Do you believe Money is energy like Water, Air, flowing freely in an Abundant Universe ?

Do you believe money has to be EARNED ?

Do you receive money easily ?

Do you give money easily ?

Do you believe money comes easily ?

Do you believe you can manifest Money ?

What blocks do you put up to receiving or letting money in ?

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I think I might have a bit of a block about money coming to me easily. 

Sometimes it definitely does but I got out of a stressful job a few months ago.  Now I am temping, which I enjoy but I have less money.  And I am trying to promote my business but it is VERY SLOW. So there are definitely blocks there.


I have overcome SOME blocks like:

Well, I have attracted money before and freebies.

I have started to get paid some money to do my business and that meant getting over this whole silly "I don't deserve to be paid for this"  (I have NO idea why I thought THAT but it's SO not true!  And I did a focus wheel etc. on it and SMASHED that belief and broke through.)

I got a few pay raises in the past and it's not that hard for me to get permanent jobs either.

I'm slowly learning to love a bargain.  I always loved free stuff but I guess I have this mindset of if it's cheap it's not as good as the expensive thing which is NOT ALWAYS true!

I have very little debt compared to a few years ago.  Manifested lots of debt being taken away - a few thousand - when we realized we didn't really need that insurance as hubby was self employed.  This was BEFORE the programs you can get that get rid of the insurance.  We went through a tougher time financially in the past and at least we are out of that AND I have some savings.  

I HAVE had some temp jobs that were quite easy - not all of them! - and it felt like "Wow!  How cool that I get PAID to do THIS!"  

I don't know if I ever believed it was wrong to be rich, but I have seen so many examples of wealthy AND generous people that I do not believe that. 

I DO believe money is abundant.

I give money quite easily to friends and things.  I do sponsor charities but I'd like to do more and don't feel I can right now.

I stood by a shop doorway and suddenly lots of customers came in - and the person working there commented on this.

When I call hubby, 95% of the time, customers come in to his showroom then.

I see to be good for OTHER people's businesses!  Like, also, there was a cyber cafe with few customers and I started going there, now it is PACKED!  It may be a coincidence though.

I used to manifest finding money a bit, like on the street.  Not a lot but still!

Hi Athena,

I think you are a true teacher, because what I always see in your posts are 'step by step' methods to move forward. Many of us would like to make a leap into abundance but you always have some story of a step forward in the right direction.  So I think you have chosen well to become a great Coach, just as you were a great teacher.

I love your stories about bringing in customers for other people, I think you are indeed a magnet, for others.  I know it is often said that we cannot manifest for others, but I do think that you manifest lots of clients for people you love, because you do it for yourself too, you do it because you LOVE to help others, so it IS your manifestation.  The next step for you is to bring in lots of customers for YOU and your business.

Someone recently posted an advertisement for a program for Selling that was endorsed by Joe Vitale, and in it they talked about manifesting clients, not by advertising, or spending money and not even by calling and soliciting for clients, but simply by sitting on their couch, imagining the clients calling them and asking them ..perhaps you have this natural ability ...to simply call in the clients, especially for others, but it may be just a step away from calling them into you.

Perhaps you will start to be given a percentage by people who notice that you are a client magnet !

You also remind me of Florence Schovel Shinn, who guided her clients to receiving money, gifts, clients etc and they didnt seem to be able to manifest for themselves but when she was present they could. !

love and light Gen

Wow, Gen!  I absolutely LOVED your reply to my reply here!

It was, is so encouraging and uplifting!  And by the way, I LOVE Florence Schovel Shinn!

By the way, guys, I'd like to share something I did about two weeks ago that might be something to try just to be a bit playful with money.  If you need your old bank statements for tax etc, maybe take a copy (and by all means when finished, recycle!)

My hubby was questioning some expenses.  (Men!  He's more of the saver, scrimper, I'm more of the spender!) I got a bit annoyed at him then thought how can I turn this around?  So I said "I just want to look at that statement for a minute, thanks. " It was about six months old and he'd written what an expense was related to - trying to help us keep track of things.  SO, what did I do?  I got out a pen and I started to write on the bank statement, gratitudes for things bought!

Like "Thank you for the internet access I've enjoyed" next to that part and "Lovely meal with hubby" next to that expense and so on!  And it felt really good!  So, just a thought. 

I think one of the main blocks people have with money is the fear of NOT having money, or more broadly speaking, the fear of scarcity. Fear of not having money and of the circumstances that will create is a sure fire way of drawing that very reality. Fear if being skint creates just that. The way round it is to trust in the abundance of the Universe, and know that the Universe will provide your every need if you trust it to do so.

Hmmm... let's see. That money is hard to come by, you have to work really hard, plan and be very frugal. One day you have it and the next it may be gone.

Gladly those are of the past :)

I still dearly struggle with the idea that BIG money cannot come from hard work or my opening some kind of large corporation myself and making it somehow. And I'm the girl that got 20K when I turned 18 years old, because of an old law suit from when I was a child over a car accident.

I think I'm going to set forth a challenge for the universe to give me 500 bucks free and clear just added to my life to make it much easier with no repricussions.


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