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Hi all.

First bad English you will read here :D

First off all read couple of books by Rober Bruce and Robert Monroes work. I suggest you to read Astral Dynamics - A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce, or anything else by Robert Monroe. They both have more than 30 years of experience of this matter...and IMO they are the best.

First when I heard about AP was on Youtube when i was searching for some song from one of my favorite bands Astral Projection and I found some guy talking about AP phenomena. I listen  to him and I thought this is some sci-fi s*it? But he and other videos convince me that there is more to it. So I have found what AP is and how to induce it.

What you need to do is to lay down or sit on a chair, but if you are beginner try lay down, try to relax totally, follow your breath, don't think, empty your mind completely, just concentrate on your breathing. After one minute or so, you must visualize rope/ladder or anything else that suits you, hover from your ceiling, and imagine how you grabbing that rope and pulling yourself up. You are not trying to pull your physical body here, you must pull your astral body.

You do AP every time when you go to sleep. The only difference is, what i am trying to teach you here to do AP consciously. So AP is Your soul/astral body/dream body/spirit is going out of your physical body. You don't feel that separation, your energy/astral body from you physical, because your mind fall asleep. We need your mind awake, and to feel all that process. We need your body to fall down into a trance. Only way to do it is to clear your mind and relax and use technique to get our of your body. Your mind need to stay awake, and body to fall asleep. If not you will not feel that process of separation. When you naturally fall asleep, your astral body get out of your physical body, and mimics it, hovers maybe one meter above you physical body, and It is asleep mimicking you physical, and it can dream also. When your astral body exits it is connected with your physical body with a silver cord, and don't worry if that cord breaks, you will not die :D you may wake up.

Just to say that it's only a copy, real AP will happen when your physical body DIES! So yes, there is no death, there is after life, you cannot absolutely ever leave this moment. Life has no beginning nor the end. When I say after life, I mean u cannot die ever, You are multidimensional being.

I have read so much about AP, I'm not so expert that I can do it right now, and whenever I want it to, but I have many of it. I will tell you some of it later below and just you to see how powerful that experience really is.

What I did to induce my first AP. Ok go now, try it, lay down on your be, relax, free your mind of thoughts, do it for 30 sec or so. Try to pull your Astral body by pullin on imagination rope. You will feel something that u have never felt before. Your body have 7 chakras. Google about it. I bet you gonna feel something in your chest, like your heart is going out, like it is moving by it's own. It can be scary, but please trust me, nothing bad will happen to you. Some people can't never induce AP, only reason for that is fear. Because they stop when they start to feel their energy moving. You are trying to move your energy body out of your physical body, and that feeling is something most beautiful and fearful experience i have ever felt in my life. When you start to feel energy movement in some of your chakra centers, don't give up. That feeling might be on the edge with pain. Sometimes I feel electricity in my belly, so hart, like some torture me with high electro shocks, but trust me it's on the edge with pain, I don't know how to explain it. Sometimes I feel very loud buzz in my ears like my head goin to explode. It's unpleasant but nothing hurt, you get used to it. And that is all signs that your energy body is being prepared to go out. But when you feel that whole process of your Astral body leaves, your mind is shifted in that body, you are that body. You will stand in RTZ (Real Time Zone), this is not Astral plane, this is most near our physical plane, or it is physical plane. So you will be next to your physical body, you can watch your physical body being asleep. Crazy right :D You can watch your room, buy because you are the creator, you can easily change something, you can easily drift to Astral plane, dream like plane. But you will be conscious of everything. Just like lucid dream. In lucid dream you take control of Your astral body, and only difference between AP and lucid dream is this separation what I told you above.

Try this when you wake up in the morning. Like if you usually wake up in 10h, try to wake up in 7 o clock, and then try to induce it. It's much easier because your body is so relaxed and can fall asleep very easy.


When I tried first time, it was morning, i tried to pull myself up on a rope, and I felt something in my chest that i have never felt before in my life. I stopped right away. I knew at that point that this is real. Next morning I was lying on my back, I tried again, I started pullin my self up, I fest energy movement in my whole body, it was so majestic, I can't describe that feeling. After couple of moment I didn't felt my physical body, I was my astral body, I felt it like it has no weight at all. I flew one meter above my physical, and I landed on carpet next to my bed. Under my hands and feet I felt carpet. I said wtf when did I get up and fell on the floor? I stood up and saw myself in my bed lying there, this was the first best moment in my life. It has only last for maybe 10 seconds. And you just wake up. Don't worry you just need to think that you want to wake up and you will.

Sometimes I feel full body paralysis when my AP body come back to my physical. Its normal sometimes. U open your eyes and u cant move a single muscle on your body for some time :D You can only move your eyes.

Once, my upper part of my Astral body came out, I couldn't go full AP, I opened my eyes and felt total paralysis..but strangely I could see my both hands and could move one, I was watching my hands but non of them was moving. I was moving my astral hand, I could feel her, I could touch my face with it, but i couldn't see it. Strange things will happen :D

So guys, I have many many more to say about this topic, please comment, share your experiences, read book I suggest you above. This will change your life, I promise. Please try it, try it now :)

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You might wish to read up on the term Remote Viewing.

I know what RV is, i didn't find any similar topic here. Thanks

I have been told that I have astral projected myself before, but I don’t really know much about it. Think I will look into it though. 


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