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I know this is sort of off topic though there are points in which it is relevant.  

I just feel like sharing this, I just feel like there are at least 2 people I know of here who will benefit from this and some of it was helpful for me.  Start from about 2 minutes in.  It's for any girls who felt like they don't look pretty enough for the guy they are with or they want or for anyone, maybe.  Some guys might like it too.  It's about in a nutshell how we have a whole package & our packages are all unique.  By a dating coach, I don't like EVERYTHING dating coaches say - including this guy! - but every now & then they say something useful!!

If this helps even ONE person feel 2% better, then it's worth me sharing it.  So I hope so!

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I would love to see the video Athena xxx

Thank you Holidaybloos!


Makes me wonder how on earth someone so beautiful as you Athena would even find this video lol. JUST SAYIN!!!!

Take it from a hot-blooded male, men are just like women in that we look at a girl/woman, and make a decision based upon the whole package, not just body shape or looks. I have known many girls of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, social classes, backgrounds, facial features, skin colours and so on, who have had plenty of male attention...because they capture our imaginations by demonstrating their positive qualities.

A bloke will assess the whole as well as the parts (height, size, hair, conversation, humour, friends, outfit, degree of personal warmth, intellect, distinctive features, oddball charms etc) and THEN decide if he likes her, and for this reason, the sphere of what men deem as attractive is actually a lot wider than thought. Any girl can be thought of as pretty or attractive if she is sending out good feelings of self-esteem, and appreciating her own uniqueness.

And yes, so-called physical imperfections (chubby curves, piggy noses, slightly goofy teeth, love handles etc) can be part of that package too. Celebrate and accentuate your own uniqueness, it definitely counts.

Or guys could ask themselves: are you handsome enough for her?  And the answer would be, yes.  (Guys can have insecurities about their looks too, and may need to work on things).  Whatever you look like, or whatever category or body type you fall into, remember that there is a sub-demographic of the human race who like that kind of thing. Repeat that: people like me for what I am and what I have. This tends to get kept under wraps because we think that we are flawed in some way, so we send that out as an energy, and attract back people who make us feel that way. Our job though, is to recognise that what we think are shortcomings are actually our uniqueness, and then appreciate them.  Pay attention to them.  Send THAT out as an energy instead, and attract back the people who appreciate us. 

I completely agree with you. We try to fit in a common beauty standard and leave behind all their uniqueness. 
If you look at some social media beauties ( men and women ) they try hard ( like really hard, to the extent of modifying themselves completely with multiple surgeries ) to look the same! They all have the same bee stung lips and the same bone structure and the same exaggerated curves. 

Something else for you all to think of: whatever your so-called imperfection, there is a sub-demographic of people who really like that kind of thing.  I know of guys who like flat-chested women, I know of ‘chubby chasers’ who like big women, and I know of guys who like girls with buck teeth. I know of women who like bald men, women who like big-built men, and women who like short men. All of these are classed as ‘imperfections,’ but they actually aren’t. They are the very things which create appeal to certain groups of people. 

Awww that photo is sooo lovely QueenieAthenie

Very very beautiful


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