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Most of my life, I hardly made new friends. Growing up everyone picked on me when I was nice to them. today, I make friends but they end up turning my enemy or we dont get along. I think its because I try a little too hard to please them I feel taken for granted sometimes. For instance, one friend I was good to, I drove her car and got a dui for her and now we are distant. Another friend she asked me to call her bf to help patch things up between them so they can get back together, next thing i know shes accusing me of wanting to be with him. I also make friends that are guys but that is short lived because they want more than friendship, something I am not looking for as I am already in a relationship. Am I attracting bad friends, or is it my beliefs? How can I go about making new friends without running into the same old issues?

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How can you drive her car and get a DUI for her? She either gets the DUI or you do, right? I guess that one doesn't make sense to me.

It's a reminder that you do things for YOU -- and the more you do them for YOU, the more you won't care if those people remain your friends are not.

They may be reflecting back to you how you feel about yourself.

You are not bad for this -- it's very common; I've done it, too. But I'm now realizing that it's simply because of how I feel about myself -- and the better I feel about me, the less I even notice this stuff happening.

So now, you get to see this and then ask yourself, "How can I be my own very best friend?"

That will be the most meaningful friendship of all.
Yes I agree, it seems to always start with loving yourself first. The kind of people and situations we attract can be directly related to how we feel about ourselves. The like attracts like thing if you will.

As we change our feelings about ourselves, the people we attract will a reflection.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who's the most incredible of All.?.....You !

You are getting the types of friends you think you are going to get.

First, you must learn to love and appreciate yourself - and you will draw quality people when you emit love and self-respect. Others will vibrate out of your life, like magic! The law of attraction is as simple as that.

Love and nurture yourself. Think and say only positive things about yourself. Know that you are pure positive source energy and perfect as you are!

Expect great friends. You DESERVE great friends.
I recently moved to a new large city. I didn't know anyone. So just like all my other desires, I asked for the friends I wanted and needed. As an affirmation I said,"I attract funny, intelligent, high quality people."
Did it work? Of course it did. And quite quickly. :-)

Great advice :)

....I do and do and do for my friends and they don't appreciate it.
.....My friends use me.
.....My friends neve stick around unless they need something from me.

My friends value my friendship!
I am appreciated and respected by my friends!
I am worthy!
I have many trusted friends!
jumping up n down hand high in the air- oooo! ooo! ooo! pick me! pick me! over here! lol or not lol im good either way i just like the idea of the whole friendship thing lol
That's a great suggestion. They even have powerful intention meetups. At least they do here in Seattle. It's fun and easy to join too.
thank you i checked out the site its awesome i didnt realize they had this, im goin to try it out thank u!!
thank u i will def try this..
On the subject of that there is a Powerful Intentions meetup in London UK now :-)
Aargh my post has vanished. They have powerful intentions meetups in London now too but I haven't used meetup for it, just this forum and we've had two meetings so far. (Third will be in Jan) Wonderful so far. :-)


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