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I seem to be getting a lot of not so good news

how do you guys deal with multiple issues at the same time

how does one stay positive


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Truth be True

One and not 2 

I Am One I Am

One and not 2 

All Be All

One and not 2 

Not be not

2 and not true 

One Be One

One and Truth 

(   (   (   S m i l e   )   )   )  


I don't get the comments at all Roses except Smile

and I apologize for posting in wrong forum

I have my own interpretation of what I THINK Roses' posts and comments are getting at.  It may not be expressed as eloquently and I could be completely wrong.  I'm going to give you my interpretation of what i THINK Roses is saying.  Truth be True One and not 2.

There is no duality.  There is no separateness.  There is one truth.

I am One I Am

One and not 2.

OOH in Neville Goddard's theory, also in the Bible I Am is a powerful statement, also OBVIOUSLY in affirmations.

One and not 2.

Sort of links to unduality. 

All Be All 

One and not 2.

This elaborates on the theme a LOT more.

We are all one.  Not just with each other, but also with everything.  There is no separation.

Not be not

2 and not true.

This part i have no idea LOL!

It COULD mean it is NOT true that we are separate, from each other, from what we wish to manifest etc.  

One Be One

One and Truth.

We are one and we ARE the truth.  The truth is within.  The truth is in you.  Look within first. 

It connects to several different things:


We are one

Neville Goddard 


I thought of other things and people too but I can't remember now!

And OBVIOUSLY the smile is a smile ha ha

Plus a profile photo of a very pretty kitty and a lovely pink rose!

Is that what Roses means? I do not KNOW.  But I THINK so.  

I THINK Roses is also saying there is NOT multiple issues, there is one cause, the imagination, consciousness etc and you CAN turn this around and starts from WITHIN you, (thoughts feelings beliefs etc.)

I get this kind of theme (?) a lot from Roses' posts, with variation of course! And they are always interesting to read.  There are times the odd time Roses has written something that is not in this sort of quite esoteric format but those times are rare!  But I see it as Roses offering their own flare and I think it is one that is very VERY core of Law of Attraction too.  

But that kind of has to be thought about a bit,you know? 

It's deeper than it may look.

It MAY look random, unconnected, flippant but it's NONE of that.

Then again I might be COMPLETELY wrong and what Roses is saying is NOTHING even REMOTELY like that LOLLLL

Roses darling your posts and comments are like interpretive art! 

Only deal with what you have to in thr moment that is like that. And imagine some of these other problems solving themselves, and some really will.

Very good advice!

My favourite part is imagine some of these other problems solving themselves, and some really will.  Also fantastic LOA advice there.  

If I could like this reply, I would. 

I say to myself it will all work out, something will happen that will resolve any bad news or issues and then I just don't worry about it. It's hard to do but I try my best and when my mind starts to wonder towards negative I say positive sentences and switch the subject.

Thanks Artist and Wendy - It certainly helps

All these replies so far, they are not to me but I can relate to the original poster's dilemma and so far all your replies are really REALLY helpful.  I may have to email it to myself.  


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