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So I have researched and analysed meticulously and gruelling wise and for over 3 years I always pick the wrong horse event in anticipation it would be an outsider that wins. In not even looking for the horse.

It's funny because when I want to scroll to the right scene of a video or book I do it perfectly first time.

What can I do?

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Okay so the first thing to look at is what you say here.  YOu have researched and analysed.  Well that is working only on the mental level and not vibrational level.  

Now the other thing is to look at what is your payoff for the current results?  You see everything has a pay o.  So if you haven't got the results you desired within the last 3 years (which incentally isn't long!) then it is important to look wat your vibration and the actions you have been taking too on an energetic level.

The other key is to look at if you really desire change.  Sometimes we say we want change yet we dont take actions or steps to making that change and it can be as simple as we fear what would happen if we were successful (for example)

So you mention horse specifically.  Well maybe that is a limitation?  What if you could make money in some other fun and easy way instead?


But I know something that makes it 90 per cent accurate and I still fail horribly.

Its often picking the right event, not the horse.

Yes but what other way? But this is a easy and good way.

Well the results are your proof that what you think you know is incorrect.  Otherwise you would have had the results you say you desire?  So what is failing proving to you?  What is the payoff you have for failing and what steps do you take to feel good even when you fail?  You see you might be so attached to the result that you are actually preventing the result from showing up?.

What other way - well this is an abundant universe andn there is more than one way of doing or achieving anything out there.  So limiting yourself to winning on a horse is limiting yourself.  What if you won it some other way.  What if someone gave you momnney or a relative left you an inheritance or you got a high paying job for example, these are just some of the many different ways money can and will show up if you are serious about it - but you are hte oly person who is in charge of your life and your results.

Its not that easy if you aren't getting it through winning a horse and keep failing, so maybe look at other ways


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