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I keep seeing repeating numbers on my phone and laptop all the time. Feels great to think angels are watching over me :)

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Yes, the Angels are watching over your, looking after you and guiding you. They are there to help you with anything, and are willing and able to do so if you ask them too. Most importantly though, if you see lots of different Angel numbers, it means that you are ON YOUR TRUE PATH IN LIFE.
Thanks Sir Neil. I love my sweet loving angels who are always there by my side looking after me n bringing me things that are best for me. I love the abundant Universe we live in and i love myself for being such a loving creature. I appreciate your words. Thank you :)
Yes, they are looking over you and are fully willing and ready to guide you to great things as well. Ask them for guidance and then thank them in advance for it. Keep on doing this and t hey will start opening doors for you: the doors along the true path of your life.

Strange you posted this, as i clicked on it to read i noticed it has been logged on the 22nd, that is the number that follows me everywhere! Along with 222 and 2222! 


Wow that really is interesting. With me it's mostly 11:55, 4:44, 5:55. Repeats of 11 are i think the most i see. I smile at my angels and thank them for being there every time i see the numbers. All the very best to you eith your angels too :)

Today I have been saying the number 444 everywhere: meaning that angels are all around and are helping me. I am now choosing to trust that they are taking care of everything in my life, and opening doors for me. 

The world is going mad at the moment, but in my world I am actually quite peaceful, and one reason for this is the Angel signs which I keep on seeing.  For the last two weeks I have seen robins, rainbows, feathers, coins on the ground, smelt lovely smells and felt the psychic chills, but the biggest one is that I have seen so many different Angel numbers.

I work in retail, so they can turn up in things like barcode numbers, credit card numbers, phone numbers and so on. The past couple of days I have been working the tills, and so many Angel numbers have arisen in transaction sub-totals and totals.  The whole gamut of triples and quadruples from 0-9 as well as ascending ones like £23.45p.  

I also have a pretty good idea who my main spirit guides are, and one is my father.  Yesterday I had a transaction come to £25.12p and 25/12 was also his birthday. I am taking all of these signs to mean that I am being guided and protected by higher powers (Angels, spirit guides etc) when everything seems to be in chaos, and so far this has been the case.  Thank you higher powers!

Recently, I have been asking the angels to sort something out in my life at the moment, and today I have been seeing plenty of angel numbers. The angels’ way of telling me that they are working on it. 


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