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Hee hee if can be do or have ANYTHING I want (yes if I line up with it, inspired action yadda yadda yadda) I decided today I also want THIS: A day once a week to do chore stuff - like food shopping, washing the car if it needs it, tidying, any posting, banking etc. so my weekend is completely free of that stuff! Actually I decided THAT one before today THIS is what I decided TODAY: I want a day once a month and I get to CHOOSE when it is! that I do not work but instead of that it is a "pamper and relax" day. Something like this: I sleep in as long as I want to then take a bath - nice warm bubble bath. Have breakfast in bed and read. At some stage I will get dressed to go for a walk in the park if the weather is nice. I might go to a salon and get a massage, facial and maybe a manicure and pedicure too. But no eyebrow shaping, no waxing this is not a day of painful things but PLEASURE. And I then go home and eat some chocolate and just chill out. Get an early night and a good sleep. Amen!

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That sounds sweet! I think you should do it twice a month
Hmm sounds goooooooddd!
You may be surprised what good things could come from doing this. Sometimes we need these ME days, just to "defrag" the mind. Great post!
Sounds excellent to me!! GTRMagnet... Take note!! ;)

When you do these "me" days where it's all relaxing and facials and massages and happy stuff, the mind is able to clear, and I can see no way that you wouldn't be able to be "vortexing" all day long! Imagine the possibilities of being able to do this once, twice, three times a month! The practice that you could get from it would be awesome!
My day would be waking up, eat eggs, bacon, pancakes. Skateboard before it gets hot, then go to the dragstrip and race, eat lunch at a diner, then come home hang out with friends, eat diner then go to a rockabilly or metal concert at night! or have all my friends over and play video games and watch movies at night
I agree
So true, why do these "Happy Things" just once a month? DO IT AS OFTEN AND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!
OK then ha ha once a week plus sometimes on weekends too! Cool!
You know what I would REALLY LOVE?
Work 2 days a week,
one day for chores
one day for heaps of LOA processes etc and also for promoting career, developing skills etc.
one day for fun & more career stuff
Then the weekend!
And then later the career goes SO well I only need like half a day for promotion etc!
Why not?! :-)
I like the "defrag" analogy!
By the way guys I am NEVER EVER working on my birthday AGAIN!
I didn't this year, sometimes over the last few years I had to sometimes I didn't but I have decided hee hee that is also an official day to play for me every year or be travelling or whatever I choose :-)
Unless I am doing something that is work but also really social, uplifting and fun on that day in that case bring it on!

In some ways I have managed this. At work, I get Sundays off and a day off in the week, and that has worked out pretty well for me. I get an early finish when I work on Saturday, so it and Sunday together still feel like a weekend (I never feel rushed or stressed at work anyway) and the day off in the week is very handy. I can do chore things when places like banks, barbers, dentists and such are open, or I can go for days out to places when they aren’t as busy. I also tend to get very lucky with weather on days off.  The way to do it, is to make a DELIBERATE INTENTION TO THE UNIVERSE.  State what exactly you want, give it permission to come into your life, and then believe that it’s taking care of it all. I have found that this works rather well. 


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