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Can I/we manifest this particular country being good for us? And to us?

There's a city in another country hubby & I have considered at least visiting even at some stage living & working in & he could potentially open a business there. HOWEVER while I have read good comments on this city, I have read some very bad ones too and I commented positively on someone's youtube video on this city & someone put a comment in my inbox basically saying that city is horrible & telling me some bad things about it. But CAN hubby & I if we choose to manifest it being a totally - or mainly - positive and happy place for US? I mean I keep thinking back to this hotel in the US we were going to stay in when we went to Walt Disney World, I read some good reviews about it but I also read some TERRIBLE reviews about it - it even sounded dirty & dangerous. Yet I focussed on it being a GREAT hotel for us - and asked for help here with that too & got it -
and we had a good time there. Safe, mostly very clean, nice room, nice food, some lovely staff and so on and I got to write a very GOOD review for that hotel when we returned and our experience was very positive.
Do you think I can, we can, do the same for this city?
I refuse to believe one city is all bad. In every city, every country there is good AND bad it is what you focus on. In some ways London is a bad city but do I attract the bad things there?
No, I do NOT.
So can I do the same for this city too? Cos if we don't move there - and we could always move OUT again - we probably will at least visit there for a holiday AND hubby has a cousin there we'd like to visit. I get the impression this city could be kinda Heaven or Hell, can we make it Heaven?

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You can do anything :)
Just focus on the good things and not the bad ! :)
Thank you SO much! This is exactly what I/we intend to do. I mean SOME people have GREAT experiences there.
Bad things wont happen to you if you only expect and co-create good things!
I live in Easy World where everything is easy and wonderful and peaceful and loving and beautiful! Does it matter where I sleep every night? No! It does not!

And besides hubby has only heard good things about it so it's just me we gotta work on :-)
I believe if I can do it with that hotel I can do it with that city!
And you will still have this wonderful place and all of us ;)
Oh! Thank you and YES SO true. There are also members here from that city and they seem happy enough. And hey maybe we could meet up if we ever DID move there in the future!
THis has nothing to do with anything, but whenever i take that quiz on Findmyspot.com where you choose your idea of a perfect destination, it always spews out Hawaii for me!!

What's it like Wes?!! Someday I will get there! :)
Wes lives there & I've only holidayed there and the last time was about 11 years ago but I have been there several times and LOVED it.
P.S. Wes your post was SO COOL esp. that part about your dad and his trip. Wow!

I know it is hard to ignore 'negative news" about a city ...but I agree with the other posters, that with LOA, we can create what we will experience. So start to LOVE this city that you may go to, send it love and prepare the way for yourself.

LOA also tells us that "we" are responsible for what we experience, so if this city is getting a lot of negative vibes from people around the world, and you included, imagine how much more wonderful it now is because at least one person "you" have changed your attitude towards it !

Dr David Hawkins, says that positive thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than negative ones, and he did experiments with crime rates in cities where he and a small number of followers, prayed and poured love into the cities ..... and the police noticed a reduction in crime while he was doing it .... !!!! and that was just ONE person, imagine if a few people poured a little 'love' each day into a city how much more wonderful it could be.

I know you will make it Heaven !

I have been doing a little experiment in my own city ..... when I remember I ask to meet only happy, nice people ...and those days people actually look 'beautiful", they dress nicely and they smile. But the days I forget to ask, or if I am in a bit of a mood, I see unhappy people, badly dressed people, rude and littering people. But now that just makes me laugh because I know that I had a hand in it ...and I quickly change my mood, and pour LOVE into my city ...and after a little delay ...I start to see beauty again !

love and light Gen


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