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Can I/we manifest this particular country being good for us? And to us?

There's a city in another country hubby & I have considered at least visiting even at some stage living & working in & he could potentially open a business there. HOWEVER while I have read good comments on this city, I have read some very bad ones too and I commented positively on someone's youtube video on this city & someone put a comment in my inbox basically saying that city is horrible & telling me some bad things about it. But CAN hubby & I if we choose to manifest it being a totally - or mainly - positive and happy place for US? I mean I keep thinking back to this hotel in the US we were going to stay in when we went to Walt Disney World, I read some good reviews about it but I also read some TERRIBLE reviews about it - it even sounded dirty & dangerous. Yet I focussed on it being a GREAT hotel for us - and asked for help here with that too & got it -
and we had a good time there. Safe, mostly very clean, nice room, nice food, some lovely staff and so on and I got to write a very GOOD review for that hotel when we returned and our experience was very positive.
Do you think I can, we can, do the same for this city?
I refuse to believe one city is all bad. In every city, every country there is good AND bad it is what you focus on. In some ways London is a bad city but do I attract the bad things there?
No, I do NOT.
So can I do the same for this city too? Cos if we don't move there - and we could always move OUT again - we probably will at least visit there for a holiday AND hubby has a cousin there we'd like to visit. I get the impression this city could be kinda Heaven or Hell, can we make it Heaven?

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It's actually got a low crime rate, people say oh there's so much inequality there and in some ways it IS very environmentally unfriendly plus VERY bad drivers! And then this person was saying the beaches are dirty but I've only heard GOOD things about the beaches.
But the crime is low. It's also hot & sunny & could be interesting.
Thank you Gen and everyone!
I will focus on the GOOD things about this city. I found there were about 7000 pages when I googled "I hate (city x)" and 40000 when I googled "I love (city x)"
What matters is what WE attract there though.
There are lots of great things about that city I can focus on!
And you and your hubby will be adding to it's beauty!!

How exciting and adventurous!!
"And you and your hubby will be adding to it's beauty!!"

Oh! Thank you!!

How exciting and adventurous!!"

YES it would be going TO NOT going FROM it would be sort of OK we've enjoyed living here now - for fun - let's try living HERE and enjoy the opportunities and fun. NOT OMG we HAVE to get OUT of HERE NO it's OK this could be interesting let's GO FOR IT!

Sorry I'm late coming to this. The answer had to come to me. You know, Abe says, don't worry that nobody can get a job in the US economy because it has nothing to do with us MANIFESTING a job!

Same goes with you manifesting joy in whatever city you want in whatever country you want. You, especially you, can manifest happiness there, regardless of the situation, if you believe it - so simply KNOW it! Just be sure to remember to continue to be happy where you are, then you'll be happy where you're going.

For you, this should be easy. You're already THERE, mastering a marriage in two locations and balancing two worlds as you do. Piece of cake for you!
VibingOm Wow! Just Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I better get on board with this alright. Hubby just told me he is seeing someone next year in this country regarding a possible business deal (not full time) & that if I am on holiday then I could come travel there (yes PLEASE!) WOW!! Sounds FUN!
Bumping this to avoid the post-eating monster.
Always remember Athena - your thoughts and feelings begin with YOU. It doesn't matter where you are, who you are with or the circumstances that may surround you. It has always been and will always be about YOU and what you do with your life that will effect the LIFE you live.

Live well and prosper - NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!

"Live well and prosper - NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!"

Here here!

And this gal loves to travel so that could be a LOT of places!
I LOVE this, Awesome! Thank you!
Hmm should I take out that comma to read, I LOVE this Awesome - she is SO cool & helpful!
What IS the crazy post eating monster doing NOW?!

As with anything in life, it conforms to your expectations of it, and those will govern the reality you get.  I have travelled to many cities around the world, and have generally had really good experiences in all of them, in spite of any negative comments others have made. I also lived in a foreign country for a while (France) and was told that the people would be xenophobic and rude and that there would be lots of bureaucracy. That wasn’t the case at all (people were friendly and very obliging, and I had no bureaucracy at all) and I do believe it was down to conscious positive beliefs I cultivated in the run up to moving there. 

Here’s another example. When I travel I stay in backpacker lodges, and make my decision based partly on reviews on the booking site. On one occasion, I booked up a stay in Miami despite the reviews saying that the hostel was dirty and noisy, and the bed uncomfortable. My thought form  was along the lines of “ I always like the places I stay in, “ and that’s what I got. Nice room, comfortable bed, away from the bar so no noise, and I met some cool people too. 

Before you do something which may be challenging, intend a good experience in advance.  Intend and expect your airport check in to be easy; intend good weather on your holidays; intend the bank manager to be cooperative; intend your boss to be the same; or intend good service in shops and that’s what you’ll get. 

As for cities, they are multifaceted things where any type of experience is possible. Think of the episode of The Simpson’s where the family visit New York for ten day. Homer is negative, whereas the others are looking forward to it. They go on Hansom cab rides, watch a show, see a lovely sunset etc, whereas Homer visits grimy areas and meets criminals. All conforming to expectations. If you wish to move to another city, consciously expect it to be a great place to live, and everything will fall into place for you. 


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