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I am curious to hear what people think about Creating and Co-creating ?


My understanding is that each of us Creates our own reality, but we do it in a shared space.  So I am aware of what you are creating and you are aware of what I am creating.  and because I am an observant being, I cannot help but make judgements about what you are doing, I might like it, love it, or hate it, it might make me sad or angry, or jealous.  ALL of these observations and emotions tie me to you and so now I am co-creating.  I am still creating but I am holding you somewhat responsible, for my happiness, my sadness.


We often feel more powerful in groups, armys, religions, families, tribes, clubs and even in relationships, when we are working together for shared goals we feel more powerful but 'groups' always separate us from other groups and they can potentially become 'enemy' groups, because in the false sense of power we get from a group we can then dictate to other groups what to do and this is how wars start.


Our real power however comes from being an individual Creator, thinking for ourselves, recognising that we enjoy the company of others and the group atmosphere, but not allowing a group mentality to overrule our ideals and individual desires.  Wars often happen because we partly agree with the group about what is wrong with society, we partly agree with the action the group wants to take, but we have a knowing that we do not want the outcome of a war, the injury of innocent people, people we dont know. We fail to stand up against action the group wants to take because we feel powerless.


LOA really asks us to BE the individual creator, to take charge of our own life and its outcomes and not to live life by default, co creating with others things that we really do not want to create.


Is it possible that the new way to heal the world, and to stop conflicts and wars would be to withdraw from co creations and stand up as  individual creators, expressing and imagining the outcome YOU want, holding that image in pure energy so that it MANIFESTS.  And as peace manifests in your little corner, so it spreads as other indivudals manifest in other corners until the war-mongerers have a smaller and smaller arena in which to wage war and the peace loving peoples expand the areas of peace.


I grew up in a very religious atmosphere where prayer was revered and seen to have a lot of power to change the world, but I lived through the decline of prayer and the closing of  convents and monastrys and am now seeing a resurrgence of prayerful people and a return of recognising the power of prayer.  The difference is that Prayer is now an individual thing, it is a set of POWERFUL INTENTIONS, it comes from the heart and soul, it is not dictated to, it emerges from the deepest part of us.  And yet, people often say that when two or more are gathered together their prayers seem to be more powerful ?  Can we learn to pray together without dictating or trying to direct how the prayers should be said or for what outcome ?


I have joined groups to pray for the dissipation of hurricanes and earthquakes and it WORKED !  but was it because we did it as a group, or has the individual got this power anyway.


I am fascinated by the relationship between each of us.  We are individual Creators who can create our own realtiy, and yet we are billions of souls doing the same thing alongside each other.  We are billions of Souls and yet we are all the manifestation of ONE being, one God/Source.  God is living life through each and every one of us, he is ME and he is YOU, he is all that I love and he is all that I hate, he is every individual who is living hte lives that I admire, and he is every individual that makes me feel sick with hatred and desire for revenge or punishment.  Becasue he is all these things, I try to accept and LOVE because in the end all comes from love.  LACK is merely a creation of GODs to allow us to experience emotions, love and hate, fear and security, sadness and joy, jealousy and generousity.


If I see a video of a child whose leg is blown away by a bomb, do I succumb to my feelings of revulsion which lead to a desire for revenge, or do I go inwards and say "I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you , I love you" (the ho'oponopono prayer), taking responsiblity for everything that I 'see' or hear aabout because somewhre along the line I CREATED THIS, inadvertantly perhaps, but nonetheless, some where I had prejudices that lead people to hate each other, polarise people into categories and support people who had ideas about how to end wars that were NOT my desires, but by not withdrawing my support, these attrocities happened.  And now that they have happened, and I want to DO more to help, but risk doing more of the same, can I now withdraw, ask forgiveness, send love and pivot to getting on with my creations, my desire to create a world of love, respect, fun and joy.


It is my gut feeling nowadays, that we cannot undo what is done, we can only create better for the future.  When we see an attrocity and we get involved again, even in charity work to help them, we are causing more difficulties, and yet this is most peoples gut reaction to get out there and punish the 'bad' and take the children to hostels or hospitals and get them 'fixed'.  But in reality, the best way forward is to stop creating these situations, and start to create beautiful lives. 


Everyone out there is GOD, every child who is injured, every terrorist who is fighting, every soldier who is defending or bombing targets, every critic who is criticising, every person who is judging, every mother who is mourning her injured child, every sibling who is filled with rage, all GOD.  It is not our job to soothe or punish GOD, it is our job to BE God and get on with creating what we DO want.

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We are deliberate creators, AND we are part of the collective consciousness held by everyone.

If you look at the situation around the world right now, with the unrest and the breaking down of what has worked up until now - this is the result of the consciousness worldwide as people have been longing for more peace, more love, more harmony.

This collective desire has been building and building and now is hitting the point where the old must be cleared out to make way for the new.

We are all connected on an energetic level.


I was trying to explain this to someone just the other day. Lets have some discussion!! We can co create some creative responses! All together now!!

As with everything, I think it's about This AND That.


Each of us creates his or her own unique experience within the larger common context . . . but simultaneously we're all co-creating on many different levels so we're able to interact and have shared experiences.  Much of what goes on in this reality has been agreed upon prior to our arrival here -- not necessarily IN DETAIL, mind you, but in terms of exploring certain general Life Themes -- and then of course individual Free Will is constantly in play as we go through the various adventures and dramas we've chosen.


I think one of the traps we all fall into at some point is over-thinking and trying to analyze it all to death, due to our natural, insatiable curiosity.  We at once LOVE a mystery, and at the same time NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS and won't stop until we find them.  So sometimes we invent them, just to arrive at satisfaction, creating myths and legends aplenty along the way . . .


. . . and sometimes we just resign ourselves to knowing that we can't know everything.


I'm content to understand that I'll know what I need to know when I need to know it, and if I never learn the answer to a particular question, it's because either the knowledge will not serve me in any way, or perhaps it would even encumber me in some way.  So I don't NEED to know it at this time.


Saves a lot of hair-pulling :-)

That is such a great way of looking at things. I enjoy how your mind works, Rascal. :)

As you know I am beginning a new job soon and will be overwhelmed with new information! I am going to remember what you said here to trust that the knowledge will present itself as needed!!! You have this calming effect Pat!!!

"....resign ourselves to knowing that we can't know everything."


I agree. We know everything we need to know about ourselves and the world we live in from where we each stand at this moment in time. If and when you need more information, it will come to you. All we need do is be open to it.

"IT" all just IS energy and we are all part of IT, interpreting and flowing IT all in ways that allow us to feel as BEST we can, whatever "theory" we choose or subscribe to; whether it involves pushing against others' points of view, sharing or merging your ideas with others' that appeal to you or sticking doggedly to your own.

The "consequence" is that you get to decide how much of the "game" you want to play and be part of and with whom.

The beauty is that as important as it all seems, none of it matters; because no individual, or group of people for that matter, regardless of what they express and how they express it, can generate enough energy to surpass the energy of all the wellbeing that is ALREADY in place; and those who add to it, well, just do that, whatever the details are. And the vastness of it all makes it impossible to think about it all, in all its specifics, at the same time. It requires a more general perspective to embrace it all. Thankfully, we are more than capable of doing both - being general and specific - though the more specific we get, the less inclusive we tend to be.

This abundance allows EVERYONE to think whatever they like, do their thing, build or fight for their corner of blue sky until they inevitably "release" it all, through death. More will come and are coming, many were and still are. For those who see things linearly, what comes next will come next, inspired by what's come before.

And long may we all express ourselves in whatever ways we choose, confident in the knowledge that those who are attracted to what we offer will come; and those who are inspired to other things will seek and find those who share their idiosyncrasies. 

So much wonderful personal value in interaction! Even if only to have the spotlight shone back on ourselves.


Dang Shembu, that was simply beautiful. SO many gifted writers here on PI! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such brilliance! Soon my bookshelves will be filled with books from all of my friends here. I await your book, Shembu! I love you, Cheryl :)

ps. I never used the word "dang" before lol!

LOL I guess there is a first time for everything!

Lovely, gorgeous Cheryl, thank you for being YOU.

Shembu x

Thank you all for your words of wisdom and love, the more I ask and share on this Forum, the more I love where we are and where we are going.

love and light ten

I've been feeling a shift lately in my revulsion towards WAR.  I found a couple of quotes that have helped me notice that shift in myself.   

A man of peace is not a pacifist; a man of peace is simply a pool of silence. He pulsates a new kind of energy into the world, he sings a new song. Whomsoever he touches, he creates more love-energy. The man of peace is creative. He is not against war, because to be against anything is to be at war. He is not against war, he simply understands why war exists. And out of that understanding he becomes peaceful. Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, understanding, will the war disappear. ~ OSHO

Marcy found this one....

Abraham On 9/11 and Retaliation

Guest: Hi Abraham. If you, Abraham, were in the White House, what would be your decision of how to respond to the current world situation? Abraham: Well, they would never allow Abraham in the White House, because it is a different vibration. But if we were assigned the awesome responsibility of making a decision for a whole lot of people, we would do our best to empower individuals. And the most significant thing that we would be offering would be:


Let's let this be as insignificant as possible -- and let's get back to the details and the brilliance of our own physical life experiences. Our encouragement to the individuals would be to get on with experience and continue to anticipate wonderful things unfolding.

If you are asking about military retaliation, we would offer none whatsoever because we are understanding that that's how you got there to begin with.

A Muslim teenager was found in Israel. He had a bomb strapped to him and it didn't detonate properly and he was wounded, but he did not get the triumphant results that he was seeking. He did not blow up himself and the people that were around him, and so he was captured. And when the newsman was asking him, "Why did you do this?" he said, "They killed my friend." It was that simple. He said, "They killed my friend and I wanted to die." And so, we think that those pure and simple words speak to this more clearly than all other words that have been spoken. It is that feeling that, you've done this to me, so I'll do this to you, then you'll do this to me, and then I'll do this to you... and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger -- and no one ever wins. There is no triumph that ever comes from any of that.

We would gather a world forum and this is what we would say: "It seems that this act has come in response to other actions. It seems that someone is seeing this as a way of sort of leveling the playing field. And it seems to us that if we respond in kind that we will stir up more of the same, and we will ensure more of these pockets of disaster happening, globally, as time goes on. And so, we have decided that we will do the unthinkable, or the unexpected, and not respond. Not because we think that they are right -- but because we do not think that in doing that, we would be right either."

Now, we don't want you to be sad because such a report will not be coming. Because we do not think that it is necessary that your government body understand the powerful Law of Attraction in order for the powerful Law of Attraction to continue doing the good work of Well-being that is so predominant on your planet. And we would like you to understand that it is a non-issue. It does not matter what they do and it does not matter what they do not do. Your Well-being is assured.

Excerpted from the workshop in Albany, NY on Monday, October 1st, 2001


It's interesting that the path to peace often is war. We, like you, don't agree that it's making things better, but we don't think they're wrong; and we understand the thinking behind it. And if you get involved in every disagreement of every point of Consciousness, your life's just going to be in a scramble. Finally you have to say,"This isn't about me. I didn't wage this war. I didn't pick this war. I don't understand this war. I'm not going to think about this war, and I'm not going to use it as my excuse to not feel good any more."

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 3rd, 2004 # 575

The greatest destruction that takes place upon your planet, and the greatest sadness that is brought about as a result of it, are your man-made, man-induced wars. And yet, when we feel into the vibration of the masses that are involved (not just the leaders, but the masses that are involved) within the conflict, it is a satisfying adventure. Wars are created because they are satisfying something within large numbers of people—or it would not be.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 23rd, 2002 # 643


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