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I don't know where to begin. Sorry if this is all over the place.

I've been trying my hardest to cope with things in my life by believing one day, I'm going to time travel back in time and live the life I've always wanted to live. I seriously just want to write out the life I want on paper, go to sleep and wake up in that reality. I really wish for that to happen. My life is terrible right now and I feel like the only thing left to do is... "take the easy way out", if you will. You catch what I'm trying to say? But I don't want to end my life because I truly believe that one day I'm just going to wake up and be in that reality that I've always dreamt of. 

I haven't written anything down, nor have I meditated, nor have I tried to make myself healthy (I heard that to be right within your mind and soul, you have to eat healthy but I don't have the money, I barely have money for food). I'm afraid that once I start to meditate and write down things that I want to do (go back in time, be a different age, look a different way, choose a different career path, etc) that its not going to work, I truly believe that these things are able to happen but I'm scared to try. I fear failure. 

I have been trying to change my nose shape but only changed it slightly. I've also tried to change everything else about my body and only slight achievements. I want drastic change though, like in minutes I start seeing the change. I only have about a week or so to do these things and if I can't achieve them, well... you know. I fear growing up and going out in the world. I want everything to be easy as far as creating my own reality (time travel, changing looks, etc).

My first plan was to go back in time (to the 1980's) and become something I've always wanted to be and meet people I've always wanted to meet, which makes me so happy to think about!! But then I always think "what if it doesn't work?"... so then, I started to think of doing these things in todays time (2015) and I think I'm interfering with my allignment of thoughts and how I want my reality to be. Maybe I'm confusing the universe? If I had to chose one, I would chose to go back to the 80's.

I believe that once you start to think about a reality, it manifests in a different universe and it awaits you. I just need help getting to that universe and QUICK!!! 

This started out as a sad writing but it quickly turned my emotions happy thinking about all the greatness that awaits me in the reality that I created in my mind. I just want to get to that reality... TONIGHT!!

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See, you are the one who is creating your own emotional suffering by choosing depressing thoughts. Of course, you could choose the easy and abrupt way OUT, but why not to choose a fun, easy and more relaxed way IN? You chose to come to play in this playground and to write vibrational script for your life. If you do not like the movie, choose to soften the words in your script. I am sure there is plenty in your life to enjoy and appreciate. And don't say, that those things are not important for your wellbeing, because they are. Sun in the sky, water to drink (take a glass of water and sip it slowly, and truly feel the deliciousness of it going down your throat and the smoothness of glass you can feel with your fingers), feel the breeze on your cheeks, even your own muscles moving as you walk, the softness of your clothing against your skin. I am not talking poetry here, those things feel so good. Try! Once you feel great for a while, those things you want will come. But don't expect them to make you happy, you are the one who can make you happy. By focusing on wonderful things and experiences.

It is impossible for a being capable of partaking of the infinite life of the Originating Spirit to be a mere piece of mechanism, mechanically incapable of moving in more than one direction. For if they are to reproduce in their individuality that power of origination and initiative which must be the very essence of the Universal Mind's recognition of itself they must possess a corresponding liberty of choice as to the way in which they will use their powers. If they choose wrongly the inevitable law of cause and effect must produce the natural consequences of their choice. Universal Law can never be broken, and it can never be deceived.

The fundamental nature of this wrong choice is in mistaking the sequence of Laws that naturally proceed from any creative act for the creative power itself. It is the error of looking upon "effects" or "secondary causes" as the "originating cause" and not seeing that they are themselves effects. These effects are predicated by something that works through them to the manifestation of the ultimate effect. This is the fundamental nature of "error" or "inversion". The Truth consists in connecting the ultimate effect intended "directly" with the intention of the originating intelligence, and from this point of view, excluding all consideration of the chain of intermediary causes that links these two extremes together.

The exact weighing, balancing and calculating of the action of secondary causes, or particular laws of "relation", have their proper place -- they are called into play as the necessary basis of our work when we are "constructing" anything from "without". An architect could not build a safe building without carefully calculating the strains and pressures to which his materials would be subjected. However, when we are considering an act of "Creation" we are dealing with an exactly opposite process, one that works from "within" by "vital growth" which naturally assimilates to its self all that is necessary for its completion in accordance with Natural Law. In the case of creation from within we do not have to consider the mechanism through which the vital energy will bring forth its object. By the very fact of its being inherent energy working for any manifestation in a certain direction it must necessarily produce all of the required relations (circumstances, events and substances), visible or invisible, which will go into making the completed whole.

The fundamental error consists in ignoring this distinction between "direct creation" and "external construction". In entirely losing sight of the former and consequently attempting to accomplish by knowledge of particular laws, which are applicable only to construction from without, what can only be accomplished by a direct creation from within. Direct Creation is a process which produces laws instead of being restricted by them. The temptation, then, is to substitute our intellectual knowledge of the relations between various existing laws with which we are acquainted, for the Creative Power which is not subject to any antecedent conditions and can produce what it will. Doing this while all of the time conforming to its own recognition of itself as a harmonious "Beingness", thus never acting to the disruption or destruction of any other, which is acting of the Life-In-Itself.

... It is by Reflection. Our mind is, as it were, a mirror reflecting that towards which it is turned. This is the nature of Mind.

We become like that which we consistently contemplate. We cannot avoid it, for we are made that way, and therefore everything depends on what we are in the habit of contemplating. Then if we realize the growth, or the manifestation of the spiritual principle, always proceeds from the "innermost" to the "outermost", by a purely creative process from within and thus is distinguished from a constructive process from without which operates by laws of relations between "things" already in existence. We shall see that the working of the mind upon the body and the effect it will produce upon it depends entirely on what form the mind itself is taking, and what form it will take depends on what it is reflecting. This is the key to the great mystery of Life. In proportion as we reflect the Pure Spirit of Life we live, and in proportion as we reflect the Material, contemplating it as a "power in itself" instead of as the vehicle of the Spirit, we bring ourselves under a law of limitation, which culminates in death. It is the same law of Mind in both cases, only in the one case it is employed positively and in the other it is employed negatively.

This then, is the real nature of "sin" or "transgression". Whatever shape it may take, its essence is always the same; it is turning our mental mirror the wrong way and so reflecting the limited and negative, that which is NOT Life-in-itself. In doing so we are consequently forming ourselves into a corresponding image and likeness of the limited or material. By sin or transgression, in the sense we have now seen, death and all lesser evils enter into the world -- error is the cause and they are the effects. Then if the cause is removed the effect must cease. If the root of the plant is cut away, then the fruit as well must perish. It is a simple working of cause and effect; a simple working of the Laws.

And the point is this: Laws are statements of the "relations" between certain things under certain conditions. Given the same things and the same conditions, the same Laws will come into play because the same relation has been established between the things, but this is exactly the sphere, which excludes the idea of "Original Creation". It is the sphere of engineering, of analysis, of measurement; it is the proper domain of all merely constructive work. That is just what Original Creation is not. Original Creation is not troubled about antecedent conditions; it creates new conditions. By doing so establishes "new" relations and therefore "new" Laws. Therefore our knowledge of any particular laws, whether mental or material, is of no avail for the purpose of Original Creation, and we have to come back to the standpoint of simple Faith. That is to say, we move forward in the knowledge that what we create already exists, and we act and feel in accordance with the reality of our manifestation. Of this we allow no doubt for the Laws of the Universe are infallible.

Be the Light that you are, rather than the darkness that the ego wants you to believe you are.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind

-- Victor

Why don't you start with asking yourself why you think your nose isn't good enough.....? is this a body image thing, and you simply believe it's not good enough!

Hello Bella

Yes every single thing you can think of is going on in a parallel reality at a different frequency than you're currently on when you decide to desire something.   You can either focus on the thing you desire but you have to do that without any expectations . Just focus on it for the feeling of it or just let it go and focus on being happy. Those two ways have worked for me in manifesting what I desire. 

As long as you're feeling better that is all that matters. Now as for time travel?  Anything is possible, I've seen people do some weird stuff in my life. Just keep desiring and feeling good about it. The Universe will send your more information on that subject. 

The irony of this is you are beautiful.

Lovely skin, gorgeous hair, pretty eyes and 

full lips. No, I'm straight.  But I'm just sayin! 


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