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About 10 years back I did a course on loa and money as I was always in debt and had overdraft. The leader said what do you want and I said a full bank account to him but thinking at the time I really do not see how this is possible when I have never had one and can't see where money can come from. I told him my doubts but he said just focus on your bank account being full when ever you think about it. And come back next week and tell me what has changed.I thought ok let's go all out to believe it but was sort of detached about it and committed to repeatedly thinking about a full bank account without thinking how. 5 days later I got a letter saying I had won a competition. It was from Barclays bank my bank and as I had not entered a competition and assumed it was a scamI phoned them up. To my amazement the lady said there was a competition did you not see it on the TV? As I did not watch TV at the time I had not seen any competition. She said everyone with a credit card or debit card was automatically entered and you have won the top prize which is £5000 which we can give you as vouchers or pay straight into your bank account. Needless to say I chose for it to be paid into my bank account! This is one of my favourite manifestation stories :) I went on some very nice holidays and stayed in five star hotels which was lovely and ever since then my account has always been in credit.

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Awesome!!! (for the 3rd response running)

I am going to do this over the next week or so and see what happens. My finances are pretty good at the moment, but some extra money is always welcome, and we do live in an abundant Universe after all.

Awesome! Congrats on your new prize money!

wow!!! good manifestation story, thanks xx

*Wonderful story, thanks, so simple, so easy!

Oh My Universe (my version of OMG)
I did this yesterday and I got money put into my bank account that I didn't not expect to receive
I am soooooo happy
And sooooooooooooo grateful
YES smiling from ear to ear :D

Very cool.What did you imagine specifically - the statement with specific sum written on it?

I just got very general
And I believed my account is full of money
I have always been able to manifest money in my life
I find it so easy because I am so confident in knowing that I am a money magnet
And I am always very grateful for everything I have in my life
I know I am very fortunate
It's just so special the fact that I didn't not expect to receive that large amount of money from that source
So I would say I just know money comes to me very easily
I hope that helps
Like someone here always advices.... It's all about feeling good!
Peace and love

I do that sometimes with my vallet - I magine it bursting with money bills. My vallet is quite cute, so it is easy and fun to imagine that. :)

That's the feeling good factor
Just be confident and remember it's the feeling that's important
️LOA is we receive everything we feel... So just feel good knowing that the universe will deliver a abundance to you because you know that when you feel good about it it will deliver
Hope that makes sence and helps
Peace and love to you

Exactly. Feeling is how we feel happy anyway. :)

This is a way of 'living in the end.'  Quite often when we do visualisations and affirmation for abundance, we do them from the point of money coming to us.  We may affirm that we are receiving a certain amount for instance.  But with this way, we are already affirming the end result of a rather full bank account (rather than the means for it to become so) and then the Universe decides how to 'make it so.'


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