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Happy New Year!

I know everyone does the usual list of resolutions,  goals or whatever, for New Years.

While it may be an annual tradition, to me there is something more to it.

To me it is an Opportunity To Focus..

I am taking the time to really focus on what I want for my life, what to align with so I can live the best life possible.


My Intended Result for 2014 remains 

To have FUN and be Happy, Connected, and Abundant
with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease

And this year I will do it Beyond My Wildest Dreams!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Got any Powerful Intentions to focus?

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Im totally copying you Marcy!! To choose a happy joyful state of mind each day!

Happy new year Marcy,

This year I am going to shine brighter than ALL the stars!

Oh yes happy new year to all!! :)

It is already starting off with a Bang!!! :-}

I send love to many people, even my plants and animals, thanking them for growing food for me to eat and for laying nutritious eggs for me to eat and for keeping me company. 

I also intend to not-buy things. I'm not a spender in the first place, but I want to be patient and resourceful and wait for the Universe to supply me with what I need and/or find a creative way to repurpose what I already have to meet my needs. 

I love your intention to not-buy! I have evidence that it is possible to get what you want without buying it:

Less that a year ago, my then-fiance wanted to buy a crockpot. I told him I'd get one for him, but I had no intention of buying one. A couple of days later, I noticed a thick layer of dust on a crockpot at my mom's house. I asked her if she was using it, and she said "No, I've just been holding on to it because it was your grandpa's and I don't want to throw it away." Needless to say, I now have a crockpot.

Ironically, a few months later, I got married (technically we eloped, I guess). The ladies in my book club sprung for--you guessed it--a crockpot! Now I have two. I plan to creatively repurpose one to make soap...but first I'm seeing myself receiving a stickblender... :)

Is there anything specific you need? Maybe I (or someone else here) can help!


I had a wonderful epiphany watching an episode of Monk.  I hereby resolve to choose happiness.  Happiness is my new default.

I love monk! Thanks doggymom!!!

My intention is to sort myself out once and for all and resolve energetic blocks.

(But I don't know how I can go about doing it)

Hiya Neil,

Love and accept yourself for who you are now :-) Stop worrying that you aren't where you want to be right now and instead simply allow yourself to be who you are and where you are right now. Relax, be gentle with yourself and learn to trust your instincts :-) Know that you can and will create the life that you want and that it all starts with how you treat and view yourself. 

As we reach one goal there is always something else that we want, something more to reach for. Life is about expansion and enjoyment. Learn to be loving and gentle with yourself, know that you will never fix you because you don't need fixing, you just need to allow yourself to truly Be :-)

Many Blessings of Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance to you :-)

My Powerful Intentions for 2014 are to add more things to my Achieved Board :-)

I love seeing all the things that I have already manifested and an achievement board is a fantastic way to remind yourself of all the goals you have already reached :-) Plus it feels absolutely amazing to move things from my vision board to my achieved board! :-)

To enjoy life, enjoy the journey and to have more time for my friends :-)

Happy New Year everyone - may it be a great year for us all :-)


This is so eloquently written and the resonance of the advice Sir Neil needs!  Please friend me!



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