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Has Anyone Ever Felt a Response to a Prayer/Meditation in the Moment?

I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience.

I've often had the experience of praying/meditating and then afterwards, feeling a sense of knowing, deep down, that what I prayed for/meditated on will come to pass. This is a feeling inside me--one that originates deep down. It's a certainty.

But about about a week ago, I was praying/meditating on something I desire. And I had a very different experience. This was a sense that I could tell entered me. It didn't originate inside me. I had been praying for/meditating on seeking strength, relief from pain, help letting go. That always results in an immediate (if not permanent) relief. At the end of that, I asked for the thing I want--something I've been doing for weeks. Normally, I often would feel that certainty that originates deep within at this point.

But this time, it was a feeling of YES, it was an answer--a granting--and it was totally unexpected. It reminded me of when I made an offer on a house last year--and the exact moment when I learned that my offer had been accepted. It was that dynamic exactly. I wanted something. I waited. And something/someone external to myself communicated agreement. Instead of sitting deep inside me, this response entered my mind from the outside. And I was so surprised.

And inside, I reacted emotionally just as I had when my house offer had been accepted: I was joyful and excited and so relieved.

I keep trying to remember that experience when I am in pain. I just am wondering if anyone else has experienced that.

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It sounds similar to what I call intuition revelations, when I suddenly see, what will happen very soon -but for me it is usually just moments or minutes until it happens. When I am present (which is basically meditation in real life situations), it always feels amazing, because life is amazing experience in the physical reality whatever is the outcome. I even used presence during the height of migraine attack, and that didn't feel as bad as it would otherwise. Same happened during the birth of my son -I was kind of in a trance, and pain wasn't an issue at all.

In some ways, yes. Years ago I when I was a student, I was stressing about finding suitable housing and it was becoming a big thing for me. I remember one afternoon, sitting in a churchyard thinking about this, and asking the Universe for help. At that moment, a blackbird swooped down and landed on the ground beside me, and started singing. I took birdsong to be a way the Universe was using to talk to me, and on a few further occasions, a negative fear or thought was followed up by birdsong. I took this to mean that everything was going to be alright, and it was. I found housing for my second year, and we had a right laugh; they were the ideal people for me to live with at the time, and I couldn't have foreseen this answer coming.

Years before that I had had a bad throat for what seemed like the whole of the winter, and I was getting fed up with it because nothing was shifting it. One night, I just hit upon a 'knowing' that it would go, and things would heal. I can only describe it as a strong feeling of inner peace, and it was really pleasant. (And as soon as the spring came round, I started to feel better as my throat healed).

I have sometimes, yes.  It is generally a physical calmness accompanying a new thought form which enters your mind.  Thoughts will seem to gently take over your mind and will tell you that everything is being taken care of, and that you will be absolutely fine.  

Absolutely.  I think the times when I have been in crisis is often the thimes when I am open to the guidance or sensations actually showing up.  My mind is not doing negative mind hatter etc and so that creates a spacef or spirit or God to speak to me.  Sometimes its in words, sometimes thoughts, feelings, or just a feeling of comfort and peace too!  It is unlimited in the way the universe can and will respond to us if we are open to it.


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