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Hi. I am just introducing myself. I was a member of this forum about a thousand years ago, LOL or what seems a life time ago. I had forgotten about it's existence. Now that I'm on lockdown and I'm bored out of my mind and restless, I started going through my old e-mails and found some from this site. In the past forums like this were everywhere. And I was a member of various forums and sites that were active and fun, but over time it seems like this format doesn't even exist anymore so I was super pleasantly surprised to see that this forum is actually still pretty active!!! 

I have gone back and forth with my beliefs regarding the law of attraction. I haven't ever had much success in consciously manifesting. I guess I'd like to learn more about it again.

I have a tendency to get all gung ho about a subject or activity for a bit and then just kinda fade away from it. I hardly ever stick to anything that long. So I know a little about a lot of things but I don't know a lot about any one thing. I've gone down many a rabbit hole and my world view has changed so much and there's not many people these days that I can relate to anymore. I always go down a path that is very little traveled.

But my mind still begs the question of how much do we really contribute to or create of our reality? Because we are all in this together but how the heck did we manage to manifest such a screwed up word if we really do have influence on it? I mean, I won't go into detail but it just seems so much like those that are the most in control are very screwed up people. And so what? Have we just sat back and let it all happen? Have we let them influence us and manipulate us into putting our energy into what they wanted this world to be? And what if it's not what I want it to be, how much control do I have over the general nature of society and how things are in this world? What exactly can I and can I not manifest, and influence in this world? So these are the kinds of things I'm trying to figure out.

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Hello great to see you here on PI. You've posed some great questions and I'm kinda in the same boat as I too want to learn more. PI is an amazing place and miracles do happen here. 

Rather than starting with the rabbit hole and wondering why the rabbit hole appears so full of holes.... start with what actually is .... I mean IS ... pure ISness .  That which IS ... "ALL-EVERYTHING" .  You know ... the IS, the Existential-ness of each and every idea.

How infallible, Absolute, Perfect, Whole and Complete IS's ISness ! 

IS's Total,Absolute ISness leaves no room for voids, gaps, holes, opposites or contradictions, no "other" at all. IS is non-negotiable, non-negatable, non-non-able as what "else" is, besides IS's SELF ? 

But ... but ... but what about "me" ? 

Yes .. what about "me" ?  Who am " I " anyways ?   Since IS is ALL, EVERYTHING .... " I " could be no other.  " I " and " IS " am the very same ONE-IS-SELF. 


PURRFECTION !   What JOY ... HARMONY ..... SERENITY  !  !   !  

Oh What ALIVENESS   !!!! 

yeah Roses ! :D

YaY !!

Oh I know ... "what about the world and "all that stuff that's going on".... the apparent flaws, the wars, the haves and have nots, the so called power-full and power-less .... what about that huh huh huh ? " 

That which IS .... IS IS IS .....Totally and Indivisibly IS ...  I S ness ....  IS "The World" !  The Only World .... the Real, True and Authentic World , The One Self ... the only one that ever Exists.  Self-Existent-Self-Existence. One-Whole-Living-Self-Being .... the One/only " I AM " .... Individually ALL .... Universally One.

Each and every Idea... Identity ... Indivisibly and Unconditionally ... I AM . I Am "ALL" and "ALL" ME. As there is no "other" at all..... No runs, drips or errors.

Right !

those people you are talking about are not really in control......they are damaged sheep. don't focus on them or on the outer world. decide what you want for yourself and for your life and manifest it!

i loooove these recent abraham hicks' words:

"Compassion~ to be able to see it, and not feel resistance. We're asking you to be aware of the problem, but be so involved with the solution, and so ready for the energy and exhilaration of the solution, that the problem has become a non-issue to you.
When we talk about a Planetary Rebooting, what we really mean is, the Step 1 experience that billions of you are having, has caused you to launch Rockets of Desire in the direction of that solution, which is causing the Non-Physical Energy to move at a faster pace."____Abraham/ April 7, 2020 / LIVE Broadcast

I had never really thought of it like this.  Whilst so many people are living in lockdown, it gives birth to desires within all of us, and we focus on them.  The trick, I guess, is to focus on them properly.  Not out of anger or desperation, but in a light-hearted way.  Play the 'wouldn't-it-be-nice?' game with your solutions.

The answer is yes, we create our own reality using our every thought, but a lot of our thoughts are automatic ones, usually reacting to or complaining about things which are happening. When we become more consciously aware of our thoughts, then we start getting the life we desire so much more. Things which WE want to experience fade in. Things which we have created REACTIVELY or fearfully, start to fade out.

As for what's happening in the world at the moment, I'm resisting the temptation to call it a mess or chaos, and have been calling this a planetary reset. It's probably part of the process which we started back in 2012, and is a burn-off of human negative energies so that we can go forwards. There is a thought form starting to circulate now, that we aren't going to go back to normal, but that we are going FORWARDS TO BETTER, but in order for that to happen, we have to clear out the old energies first. A bit like clearing the sludge out of a water pipe, so that water can flow effectively through it.

Many billions of people around the world live quite reactively and don't pay attention to their negative thoughts, and the energy of these still goes out into the Universe. As a mass consciousness, the energy of every thought we think goes out into the holographic whole to be 'available' for all of us to 'use.' This can be both bad and good. Our complaint and misery goes out into the holographic whole, to affect everyone who is in alignment with it. But our success, prosperity and happiness also go out into the holographic whole, to affect everyone who is in alignment with it too.

We are all under the law of our OWN consciousness, so if we believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, that is what our experience of it shall be. But believe that life is a positive and flowing experience, and that human nature is kind and loving, and that too is what we shall experience. We all need to be more in control of our thoughts, and this is how sites like this can be a very good way of getting that message across.

All sorts of conspiracy theories abound as to why this CV-19 is happening, and I'm not going to delve into them. We as humans contribute at one level, but there are other cosmic levels, spiritual planes and entities at play here. Higher powers and human light workers are working now to transmute human negative energy into positive, so that it will be available for us when things start to settle down (and it looks like the virus is starting to die out now). It's a process which we need to go through, and one which was even predicted in books over a decade ago. Our task now is to focus on the healing of the planet, and to TRUST THE HIGHER POWER.

Trust it to take care of us, keep us safe, provide for us, and get us through this positively. When we do that, we find that our experience of lockdown will actually be quite positive, and life will be allowed to flow fairly well. In the context of our lives, this period won't be for very long, mainly because the virus is starting to die out now. China is starting to rebound in terms of economic and human activity, the death rates are starting to fall in Spain and New York State, and the new infections rate in the UK has levelled off.

Governments won't want us to stay in lockdown for too long anyway, because of the damage it can do to the economy. Here in the UK, clamour is starting for the schools to reopen so that parents can go back to work and be economically active again. In a few months time, we'll probably wonder what all the fuss was about.

In the meantime, let's trust the Universe to get us through this, and trust in the flow of life so that we see it as a flowing experience - one of the best forms of consciousness we can develop.

Thank you for all these replies. They are interesting. I will consider all this.  During this time, I have been having a lot of interesting aha type moments and these comments have also been very helpful. My goal here was to see what some of your thoughts were about the idea of how we manifest our reality and also to introduce my self a little because it feels awkward to come into a group and just start making comments and butting in. It's like going to a party where you never met anyone and just start jumping into conversations. It feels weird LOL. Thanks everyone.

Abraham says it is far from a screwed up world. Do you listen in YouTube or read the quotes page on this site?

No one has that kind if control. Mass consciousness in each area for instance manifests what goes on I. Areas such as rain, etc. If you wanted to live where the is little rain like my desire to leave OR and move to a warm state, you just wait for rendezvous opportunities to move you-physically there.

Okay so its important to look at the statement you are making (or placing with the universe).  Your whole life is a creation of the law of attraction.  So you have had success with it, albeit unconsciously. 

I too have a tendancy to go all gung ho (and recognise first off that’s great that you recognise it). 

Now if you’re a thinker (someone who needs to see the world through their mind) again you need to acknowledge this.  I always think of our minds as a gift that we just don’t know how to use properly.  So I’d actually advise starting out with Abe’s book Ask and It is Given, as it’s a great intro no matter what your level of knowledge and it has fun games in it to practice consciously but it has sufficient info for our minds without overwhelming it. 

Now also at first glance we all think the world is screwed up, but when you start to look deeper you realise that it isn’t actually so.  It’s a label (and order) we put on the world around us and often times we do it to de power ourselves. 

How much control do you have, well look at what you believe.  Do you believe you are all powerful and all knowing (most of us don’t  at the start).  Which Is why I think starting out with Ask and it is Given is a great starting point as you can apply any of the processes (I like to think of them more as games).  Its not really about trying to “figure” things out but rather use the law consciously.


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