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Has anyone just stopped smoking without any help ? its just that i  have  begun to notice the beautiful things in life and has i were sat at my door having a cigarete  i thought popped in my head and said this is not beautiful u need to stop now its like someone were guiding me .

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I stopped in 1988 cold. But I had lots of help -- I had me. I didn't do any of the nicotine gums, taper down, none of it. I went from my all time high of nearly 4 packs of cigarettes a day to none. I did it by deciding to stop quitting. Over the 18 months prior, I had quit maybe 10 times. Had taken a look at a cigarette, declared it my last and threw it away. I once threw away an entire new pack.

I finally stopped in 1988 by deciding that I couldn't stop. So on the day of my last cigarette (I think Oct 18 1988) I decided that I couldn't stop smoking. It had far too strong a hold on me. What I decided to do was to simply not have another cigarette RIGHT NOW. I kept it in the present. I didn't think about going for an hour without a cigarette. I thought, "o.k. I still smoke but I'm not going to have one RIGHT NOW."

I also developed a few little tricks about not smoking. First my hands needed something to do, so I bought a quart of orange juice (they say the craving is caused by nicotine using up or blocking the vitamin C in your body), I bought this quart of orange juice and a shot glass. If you sip it, a shot of orange juice will take just about the same amount of time to drink as a cigarette takes to smoke. One shot after another, I let drinking the shot of orange juice substitute for the cigarette while writing, reading, thinking, all the things that sucked up packs and packs of cigarettes. Also I did not say to myself that I was substituting the orange juice. I had not quit smoking, so the orange juice was just a cute little quirk I thought up to look eccentric.

When I realized it had been a week, I decided that I could do anything but have a cigarette. I could go for a walk at midnight without cigarettes. I could eat a full course meal and not have a cigarette at the end. One day I ate 6 full-course meals. Another day over the course of the day I ate a dozen doughnuts. One day I took at 6-hour nap.

A month into it, I began weaning off the other bad habits like eating too much or having too many sweets and began to consider that I had gone too far to have a cigarette. I would say, I can't quit now, I'll have do all that other stuff all over again.

So I'm a recovering smoker. It's been 22 years (almost) and I still have not quite smoking. In that time I have not had a cigarette. I don't go where smokers smoke. I like bars, but now a days most bars are forbidden to allow smoking by law.

For several years after I quit, the smell of cigarette smoke made me ill. I was actually allergic. For many, many years, I had constant sinus infection. My sinuses had been so harmed by the smoke that it took many years before they could get right again. About 5 years ago, my sense of smell returned. About 12 or 15 years into it, the cravings stopped. I had gotten accustomed to ignoring them.

Quitting is a difficult thing. There is no glory in quitting without help. For me the help didn't help so I had to find another way. The only thing that it really takes is for you to make the decision to not smoke. Everything else lines up for you after that.

Hope this helps,

thankyou u so much for your help i shall take it on board .
I gave up smoking 2 1/2 years ago. I went from smoking approx 25 a day to nothing. I had tried to quit 3 times previous to this and hadnt managed more than a week without a smoke. But this time has been different. Once I made the decision to quit, everything lined up for me. My team at work (I was a department manager) were all really supportive, and infact a couple of my team whom I had been having minor problems with, actually shifted their attitudes and became really helpful and supportive.

I used herbal cigarettes from Holland and Barratt for about the first month, as I did need the help changing my habits. And I also used a squeezy ball, which I kept on me for when I really needed to keep my hands busy. I combined all of that with using the patches to help with my actual adiction to nicotine. But the biggest change was in me. My thinking changed because I decided to take control of my addiction, rather than let my addiction control me. Once I had made the decision that I no-longer wanted to smoke, the rest really was quite easy. I just took it one day at a time, one coffee break at a time. I made the choice in each moment to not smoke, and the more committed I was to being smoke free, the easier it got.

I treated myself at the end of each week for the first month that I remained smoke free. Whether it was a dvd I wanted, a new pair of shoes, whatever. I rewarded myself for being committed and achieving a week of being smoke free.

I think what was different for me, was that this time I was doing it for me. When you decide that *you* want to stop smoking, it does make it easier than trying to do it *for* someone else. I smoked for nearly 16 years, and have been smoke free for 2 1/2 years now. It can be done, when you want to :)

I wish you all the best. Just remember, if you do slip and have a smoke, dont beat yourself up about it. Just try again. As the advert says "Dont give up, giving up."

Namaste, Charlie
thankyou for spending time in replying i really aprecciate it thanx .
Thank you for all the tips...
I used one EFT video. 2 weeks later, at a job, I ran out of cigarettes.

Then the process started like cvr below. I made it thru the rest of the night without a smoke, didn't buy any on the way home, and then kept pushing myself to go longer and longer. It's been 3 years. I have had 3 over those 3 years, and REALLY felt like having one yesterday, but I didn't. But I also know if I had chosen to have one yesterday, it wouldn't have been a problem.

It would become a problem for me again, if I bought them and I was out drinking... but I never go out drinking anymore either. I have a beer or maybe 2 on Monday nites after my weekly hockey game, that's about it now.

Woohoo, it's Monday. I'm gonna score tonite! AGAIN!
thankyou so much for spending your time in replying i really appreciate it thanx.
This works every time if you really want to stop smoking say every day I am enjoying a smokefree life. Donot underestamate the power of your mind. Peace, len
I also quit without any help.

I had tried several times and gone back to it for any little excuse.

Then one evening as I went to get my cigarettes I just thought ' what on earth am I doing this for?' I took everything smoking related and tossed in the dumpster behind my house. Never ever looked back .. didn't miss it .. still don't and can be around those who do and doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.

Thing is .. I really REALLY liked smoking .. sitting on my patio at night staring at the stars .. it was a lovely way to relax .. I just had developed a cough and I was all of 26.

A friend of mine at the time said that somehow or other I had flipped the switch in my brain that took me from a smoker mindset to a non-smoker mindset .. and lucky me. lol

Wish I could do that with food. haha :D
ME! i stopped without help! well i had devine help i guess u could say lol i was so much in the stream of wellbeing i just didnt do it anylonger. i smoked a pack a day at one point i was a smoker for 10years and now ....NADA! outta nowhere lol i got addicted to feeling good instead! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! lol jump on in on it! u dont need it anyhow! in my best yet worse singing voice "all u neeeeeeeeed is loooooooove" lol thats my best beatles lol throwem away! woooooooooo! u know u want to!
i quit 10 years ago in october. i was hypotised. i too had developed a cough at the age of 30. it was time to not smoke anymore. i was ready. that is the key ,you must be ready or it simply wont work.
Loving this thread.

I got some herbal drops made up from my friend who is also a herbalist and start using them tomorrow. I think if I use the process CVR used and state that i'm not going to smoke right now, that I will be sucessful. I'm going to also use EFT as I have my levels 1 & 2 throw some visualisation in the mix and maybe a few switch words for good measure.

That should start me off nicely.


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