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Many of us know the story of how Dr Hew Len cured so many people at the Mental Asylum by using the Ho'oponopono prayer ...but in these unique interviews show a greater insight into how Ho'oponopono works and how Dr Len sees himself not as a healer of others but a healer of self.  But yet because we are all One at a soul level, when he heals and "cleanses" himself we all benefit .....

Hope you find it as insightful and enjoyable as I do ...

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Hi Jo,

what I think is going on is that if we take responsibility for everything in our arena, the good and the bad then when sick or 'bad' people come our way, and we decide  to accept responsibiity for that too and go inwards and ask what is happening in me that makes this person come into my arena.  Somewhere inside us we DO recognise what the other person represents, ie a tendency to criticise, to want to hurt to take revenge, or to wear ourselves down with self doubt to the point of illness.  So when we recognise that we can heal it in ourselves.  The spin off from healing ourselves is that we can facilitate their healing too. 

If we encounter an unpleasant person someone who hurts us with their words for example, and we take responsibility for them being in our presence.  We then heal what they respresent, we heal our desire to hurt others, or to annoy others, or to feel jealous or bitter.  Once we have healed ourselves, we expect them to either disappear from our arena because we are no longer attracting negativity (ie they have not healed) or they stay in our presence and we find they have changed (been healed).   Does that make sense ?

But what I seem to get from Dr Hew Len is that if we can get to a stage where we truely love ourselves and forgive and forget others (the reflection of them in us), then we reach a place of Peace which is the God-Self.  And the God self is a shared place with all souls, so a healing at this level heals everyone, or at least gives everyone a moment of complete Peace where healing can be spontaneous.

Dr Hew Len, seems to have dedicated himself to this process of healing everyone and everything in his presence, thus offering Humanity these tiny moments of pure Peace where we all have the possibility of spontaneous healing.

We can all heal ourselves and change our worlds, but this is like an extra gift that a Soul like Dr Hew Len can give to us.  If we spend a bit more time ourselves doing this 'work', we too can help others to heal or to achieve their dreams.  Nice food for thought !

Love and light Gen

Great explanations Gen and Jo and how wonderful to see these videos. 

When we see that life outside of us is a reflection of what is going on inside of us (no matter how crazy the picture may look) and realize that we are responsible for everything that happens in our life, only then as you say Gen can we dilute and disperse all negative energy associated with it and move forward in a state of flow. 

Very nice post Gen ;-)

I love in Video 8, when the Interviewer asks "So you have some of the most  skilled people doing the cleaning.  and he says Not that they are skilled , we have the worst people in the cosmos doing the cleaning".   We have the biggest trouble makers in the Cosmos helping to do the cleaning.  And that Jesus said "why would I come and fall in love with someone who loves me, I am going to look for someone who hates me".  We got a lot of people who are of that category who can clean.

Some people have SO much to clean that if they do clean it they affect the whole planet.  They are like giant Vacuum cleaners !  Without their cleaning it would take a lot more time for us to transform.

Thanks Genevieve for starting this thread and providing us beautiful information.... :)

So let's see if I am not happy with my career progression, do I say:

I take 100% responsibility of the job condition. I am sorry, please forgive me, thanks for clearing it, I love you divine... ?

thank you very much Gen!! I knew this technique before but I get e deeper understanding of it now! and it reminds me that I have to do it more often:-)

I knew Ho'oponopono couple of years ago and felt a click with its concept immediately. Too bad there is limited resources of Ho'oponopono to learn for free.Eventhough I met people online who know it and had attended Dr. H courses, but they're so 'stingy' and won't give a clearer understanding of how to do Ho'oponopono. But I still had this big intention to understand and adept the concept of it. Until some 'bad' life experiences happened to me, I finally got it! And it is just like you wrote, Jo. Doing Ho'oponopono means accept and love everything and everyone as they are, no expectation & love your self. Forgive your self for anything that happened and love your self for everything that you're.

Thanks Eva.... I also felt the same that there are not many free resources... It seems they teach something in the workshop, which is not covered anywhere.


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