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Hi everyone,

 I do quite a lot of creative visualization and also some general meditation. But I have this continual problem with my mind wandering to other things: general distractions about my day to day life. I'm trying to imagine the scene but then I suddenly realise I've lost several minutes where my mind wandered off to something else. And if I want to just meditate in order to rest my mind and think about nothing, it proves even more difficult.

Any tips on how I can train myself to concentrate better?

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I had the same problem! Eventually I stopped meditating so I never got around to tackling it.

In the guided meditation I followed (it's called Headspace) the speaker says to just feel cool about whatever your mind is doing and when you catch your mind wondering off gently refocus to your breathing. 

I think it's also important to remind yourself that those 10 or 20 minutes of meditation are more important that anything else in the world. When you do this you immediately give much more importance to the process and "convinces" your mind to focus more easily. 

It can definitely feel frustrating at first! Our mind is like a monkey that's been taking a lot of energy drinks. When we meditate we are practicing training that monkey. At first it will feel almost impossible but the more and more we train that monkey the better we get at keeping it calm and relaxed. So try not to get annoyed when your mind wanders, just gently refocus as Marianna said. It will slowly get easier. :) it's sort of funny the mote we stress about trying to clear our mind the crazier that monkey will get.

Yes, Momo, the more annoyed I get at that monkey the worse it seems to be. lol. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks marianna. :-)

I checked out Headspace on YouTube, and there seems to be an app available to download which sounds interesting, so I'm going to check that out. 

I think one of the best kinds of meditations when you are first starting are guided meditations. Zen type meditations (thinking about nothing)can prove difficult, especially for beginners. Also, it's OK if your mind wanders when you are meditating. Another strategy would be to chant a Buddhist or Hindu mantra of your choice.  This helps focus the mind.

Thanks, Joseph. Yes, a guided meditation sounds like a good idea. After reading your reply I actually did go out onto the balcony of my home and meditated there for ten minutes. There is a little fountain/waterfall  that sounds very peaceful, and I noticed that helped me a lot. :-)

I focus on an empty clear sided box! And I keep saying internally to myself, "there's nothing inside it, it's empty, nothing to focus on but it's emptyness."

thats a cool technique laura!  def worth a try.  and happy b'day (saw a post title, unless i mixed it up... cant trust myself, am falling asleep).  if i am mistaken or not, doesnt matter,  best wishes r always handy :D

Sounds like a good technique, Laura.

  Ask yourself, who am I , this sense of Self, without "the story" of how I supposedly came to be, what you and the world is made of and for how long, etc., and last conceivable detail of every possibly story of "me and the world". 

    Ask yourself if this sense of Self is in any way dependent on or conditioned or changeable at all by any of "the stories and all the theories" of who and what you are.

    Remember, For anything to be truth it must be being absolute Truth, unquestionable, undeniable, unconditional, and self-evident without thought.

That's beautiful Roses. :D

YES, truly beautiful! :D 


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