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How do I stop worrying about Summer & specifically about money? Lonnnnggg

I am having some FANTASTIC manifestations FANTASTIC.  But it followed some scary events and I think I'm finding it hard to shake that.

Let me elaborate.  

I'm on a debt plan and in April they re-evaluated it and basically at LEAST 10x ed how much I have to pay back, it JUMPED up.  

In August, if it wasn't for mum & dad happening to have given me some money about 2 months previous, I could have been on the streets, unable to afford to pay rent or eat.  But because of that I asked if I could pay my rent in cash, my landlord (who I also know) agreed and that helped.  

I have had some AMAZING manifestations happen, I'll get into that in a moment :-) but I think those things SHOOK me.  The other thing was I have gotten tax returns for a few years and I did not this year, so I inquired and they said oh you owe US money but you can pay it in tiny bits. BUT THEN because my agency changed payroll companies I had to pay it back suddenly.

Now, my agency agreed to a loan and I've paid back the loan now. 

But I think the shock of all THAT AND I lost a job recently, got a new one very quickly but it's like I still feel all the fear, the emotional and financial instability of that.  Plus I have attracted some more well off friends who want to travel with me but I need money for August when I face 7 weeks no pay.

Now all these awesome things have happened let's discuss all THAT:

WOW just WOW.

For starters, well I attracted two friends in about April 2017 after having NO friends for 4 years!

Then one of them has gone don't know why but the other one stayed.  I focused on attracting more friends & as well as meeting another person who I have only met once though & that went well but hasn't gone anywhere YET I have had this person from maybe August 2017? Contact me I THINK April this (2018) year? to join her and another friend she'd made.  I've met her several times since, but mostly with at least one other person.  But it's a bit like a squad is forming, people! 

I'm starting to get on better with the main other person too and get closer to her also.  

So socially it's been GREAT.  I also went to a friend of a friend's birthday party.  I kept seeing my original friend too.  I'd still like more friends, more culture vultures like me but still! 

Abundance wise it has been AMAZING.  But it's mostly in the form of gifts.  Sometimes cash though.  I got some Christmas money just yesterday.  I have had about well if I count the one I'll pay soon about 4 cell phone bills paid for.  I'm seeing a concert FREE.  By a well known band I want to see.  For New Years.  I'm seeing a show at the theatre I really wanted to see FREE.  What looks like a great seat.  I lost a job but I got another one 2 days later, though I start in January.  STILL!

I got a big gift card for Amazon from people at work so goodies there.  Watch I wanted, seeing three movies FREE I wanted to see.  Free sports shoes I wanted.  Tons of free make up.  Hairbands, skin care products, bath products.  All this and more since June.  Mostly but not only from the same source.  Free mascara, socks and another phone bill paid.  About three free roast dinners.  Free ramen and bread for the week one week.  Free clutch purse.  Discounted high heels.  Free perfume.  

But mostly gifts, sometimes cash.  

But STILL I worry about the summer time, that 7 weeks no pay.  I worry about the payments I have to make at the beginning of every month.  I'm getting January's one stopped cos I asked for that when I lost the job, before I get the new one but I have to let the bank know - ew!

But see my friends want to go to Ibiza, I want to go but it costs money.  And in the back of my mind there's this whole "How am I gonna get through summer?" How do I shake all this?  I just want to really cultivate this feeling that it's going to be OK.  Even though it's months away, plus I DO have a holiday pay system in place, but there's these holidays, a week in Feb, 2 in April, 1 in May.  I'm scrimping as much as I can, dinner is usually ramen and bread with toppings ha ha.  

I just want to feel that I can enjoy all these amazing gifts, the cash and not worry about the future so I'm open to any tips, please.  I tend to have this whole thing about "It's not going to last, it's too good to be true" etc I want to I NEED to ditch that belief FOREVER.


I want to build my trust my knowing, my feeling of financial security.

For the last 6 or 7 years I haven't been paid those 7 weeks.  I've always managed, things have always happened.  All kinds of things.  Refunds for e.g.  Sometimes oops credit cards.  But I've always managed to get by.  Though I'd like to do more than just get by!  But still this FEAR. How do I kill that fear?  I want to stop feeling like I'm fighting to survive! 

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Intend it in advance. 

Intend to be financially secure.  Intend to go to Ibiza in the summer (or wherever).  Intend for money to flow into your life.  And most importantly, intend to have a sum of money come to you, or a part-time job for those 7 weeks in the summer.  MORE than enough to tide you over until you go back to work. 

I find that when you intend something in advance, and expect it to come, the Universe comes up with the goods.  You need to remind yourself, and keep on reminding yourself, that THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS PROVIDES.

Here is an example which is slightly similar.  Years ago, when I was a student, I needed a summertime job but feared that it would be hard to find, and it was.  I ended up getting a job which didn't really suit me, and which was inconvenient to get to. After that, I decided not again, for the following summer, and that I woukd create a job in advance. 

One afternoon, I wrote down the qualities I wanted in a summer job, and made a point of stating that it was in a convenient location for me.  I read it through a few times, and then sent it to the universe by tearing it into three and burning the list. Getting towards the summer, I started cultivating a feeling that life was moving in my favour, and that I would find the job easily. Once I got home for the summer holidays, a job manifested within a couple of days, was about 10 minutes walk away, had arraigned good hours, better money, I made friends with my workmates, and there were some perks too. It was way better than the job I had had the year before.

So start intending what you want now: money, part-time job, feeling of financial security.  Then cultivate the belief that THE UNIVERSE IS PROVIDING FOR YOU. 

Stating to the Universe what you want to create and attract to you: what you intend to manifest. 

You could say a verbal prayer and end it with thanks in advance.  Put it away somewhere, where you'll forget about it.  Send it to another email account.  Whichever way you choose, the universe will receive. 

Getting a second job, as in a second physical job is not really an option, teaching is exhausting although it has its good points.

But I like what you said about the intentions and those parts are really helpful thank you!   There is something that's been happening online and if THAT continues to increase MAYBE it could help.  But a physical 2nd job?  No.  

Maybe it could happen another way though. 

Anyway some helpful tips THANK YOU.

Okay, if a second job isn't practical, then intend a flow of abundance in your life, and a tidy sum of money to get you through the summer holidays.  The universe will provide if you believe that it will. 

Thank you, Sir Festive! It's really not!  I've been sleeping in a lot even THIS Christmas holidays!  But feeling like I needed to and actually falling back asleep like my body and brain NEEDS these times to refresh and recharge, not be doing a second job.

And thank you!

See, this Christmas from several different sources some money HAS come.

But summer is months away.  

I AM being careful but still YES I want that tidy sum of money!  Especially as I now have the debt repayments.  and no tax return!  Like I said something has ALWAYS worked out but it's just I think because I had a couple of times like I said when it came very close to the wire! 

Thank you I will intend the tidy sum of money.  A couple of things HAVE happened some of it gifts, a bit of it cash.  So it's a start, you know? 

Thanks again! 

2nd bump :)

Happy New Year QueenieAthenie!!

L'immagine può contenere: il seguente testo "There's not a reason in the world for me to worry. When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have nothing to do with my current reality or my current vibrational stance. -Abraham Pure Positive Energy @fb"

That makes a lot of sense, Dorothy.  In fact, in some ways my current reality is GOOD.  I manifested a great New Years' Eve celebration happening tonight and the main part is FREE.  Only if I want soft drinks or snacks I only have to pay for THAT.  A generous gift card from parents where I was working so I got myself some presents with it.  A smaller one so I got an ebook and a new top.  A bit of Christmas cash that I haven't spent yet and will hang onto.  I lost a job BUT got accepted for a new one only about two days later.  Losing the job stressed me out quite a bit though and it was SO SUDDEN I think that's part of this fear, it's like YES because of the job loss, the tax thing and the debt repayment big increase it's like the FEAR from that my body and mind is remembering that? I'm trying instead to focus on all the amazing stuff that has happened, not so much with cash although I HAVE had some wins there, even paying my cell phone bill should be easy! But mostly with freebies.  

Old patterns of thought.  Not THAT old it's like reactions to recent financial traumas?  But on the OTHER hand, I've had recent WINS, I'm even going to a show in early January that I am excited about , to the theatre FREE and the 3 movies I wanted to see this year I saw each one free but from different sources.

Soooo I'm trying to focus on the abundance side, not on the losses.

The abundance side has mostly been things not cash though, but some cash too.

I've also even though I've been terrible at keeping up diaries, I'm also planning to gratitude journal more in 2019 but online one and paper one cos I just well I want to increase my faith my belief I'll be fine and also revel in all the good stuff.

But yeah sometimes I feel so hopeless.  Career that doesn't pay well but I have to stop focusing on THAT, let go of my regret feelings of you stupid fool for picking that path!  

I want to go to Ibiza with my friends AND have enjoy money to enjoy the summer.

Thank you that Abe meme says so much! 


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