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Hello lovely people!

I simply wanted to pass this information as soon as I could. 

Those who have been here long enough know how I was struggling in life. I spent a lot of my time learning about the LOA and spirituality in general. But my life was not making the kind of progress that I wished for. I suffered from fatigue, mental fog , anxiety and depression as well. Until my mid teens, I used to be a popular and fun loving person that everyone wanted to be friends with. I was enthusiastic about whatever I did and achieved so much without struggling. I was happy!

This last decade was miserable! 

I had decided to believe in the LOA and assumed it was my low vibrational thoughts that caused these symptoms. This was the worst mistake of my life. 

Long story short - I found out I was severely deficient in Vitamin D, B 12 and moderately deficient in iron as well .  It’s been almost a month or two and with the help of shots, infusions and pills, I have most likely gotten my levels back to normal. ( still haven’t retested for my vitamin D levels, but the other two are normalized now) I have not felt this good in over a decade ( apart from the few highs here and there) 

I also supplement with omega 3 oil capsule, B complex, zinc, magnesium glycinate. 

If you think you are doing your best and still struggling then please look for nutritional deficits. I used to eat a very healthy diet but my gut probably doesn’t absorb that well.

I have now reduced my dairy, gluten, processed food, refined sugar intake. 

Our happiness and feeling of wellbeing and peace mostly comes from a few types of brain chemicals . All these nutrients help to support brain health. If your brain is messed up it is going to be really hard to focus or think any positive thoughts. When your brain is healthy you are likely to be focused, confident, peaceful, enthusiastic, social and optimistic . I read book after book, tried so many LOA techniques in the hope that they would fix my issues. I cannot believe that I lost a decade ( and more ) worth of joy and peace because of some nutritional deficiencies. 

I was waiting to post this because I thought I needed to have some kind of manifestation success story but my wellbeing is the biggest manifestation by itself. 

I really hope this benefits someone. 

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Super helpful post. Thank you

You’re welcome :)

Hey there, have you read Joe Dispenza 'Becoming Supernatural', looks really helpful if you're recovering from a condition. Weirdly I had IBS for years, then caught stomach parasites. In getting them treated I was permanently cured of IBS. It's funny how people find themselves a way to a healthier life/body. I was helped by forgiving my awesome tummy and letting go of all my anger towards it. Its amazing how much you can end up resenting your body for letting you down. It can be really emotional letting go... Hugs.

Thanks Mona :)

I don’t really think I resent my body for creating this situation . 

But I will check that book out and use it for improving my skin . 

This is VERY helpful! I don't know what it means yet for me, but I have seen this vitamin D  information keep popping up in my world. My Aunt. Your post. I am taking that as a sign to have mine checked. Who know's...maybe more energy is coming my way this spring! Thanks for sharing. The world is a better place because you share.

I am happy that you find it useful .

Interestingly, I too received such signs. 

Love this post! I had also been anxious and feeling depressed. Went to get a physical check up but mine was physiological symptoms from the stress. Thankfully it went away when I decided to read Dr. Joe dispenzas book "you are the placebo" and have felt very healthy since! But people should still get a check up because your mind should be healthy enough to try and help you through everything 

Thanks! It’s nice to connect with people who have experienced the same. 

Much love to you Surrender!

I know ! That’s what made me post this. 

I am glad you found it useful :) 

Thanks for sharing! There are many factors which affect our overall well-being - health is one such factor.  I used to be a corporate high-flyer till I got extremely exhausted and irritable such that I had to quit my career. I buried myself in spirituality and self-help but things didn't improve substantially. It's only about couple of years ago that I found out that I had an auto-immune disease which caused those symptoms.

Beginning of this year, my levels are finally back to normal and I feel like a brand new me. Relationships take off and I am making meaningful connections with people.

I could feel bad for all those years wasted not knowing why I was in the dumps. But I choose to feel a sense of gratitude and look forward to a new phase of my life. It's as if I have woken up and I am living each day catching up to do the things I want to do. 

Thanks for sharing. I feel inspired reading about your experience and your perspective about it. Happy for you! 

Fantastic story.  Mindset is one thing, but don't underestimate the importance of a good diet and taking care of yourself in general. 


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