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Hello lovely people!

I simply wanted to pass this information as soon as I could. 

Those who have been here long enough know how I was struggling in life. I spent a lot of my time learning about the LOA and spirituality in general. But my life was not making the kind of progress that I wished for. I suffered from fatigue, mental fog , anxiety and depression as well. Until my mid teens, I used to be a popular and fun loving person that everyone wanted to be friends with. I was enthusiastic about whatever I did and achieved so much without struggling. I was happy!

This last decade was miserable! 

I had decided to believe in the LOA and assumed it was my low vibrational thoughts that caused these symptoms. This was the worst mistake of my life. 

Long story short - I found out I was severely deficient in Vitamin D, B 12 and moderately deficient in iron as well .  It’s been almost a month or two and with the help of shots, infusions and pills, I have most likely gotten my levels back to normal. ( still haven’t retested for my vitamin D levels, but the other two are normalized now) I have not felt this good in over a decade ( apart from the few highs here and there) 

I also supplement with omega 3 oil capsule, B complex, zinc, magnesium glycinate. 

If you think you are doing your best and still struggling then please look for nutritional deficits. I used to eat a very healthy diet but my gut probably doesn’t absorb that well.

I have now reduced my dairy, gluten, processed food, refined sugar intake. 

Our happiness and feeling of wellbeing and peace mostly comes from a few types of brain chemicals . All these nutrients help to support brain health. If your brain is messed up it is going to be really hard to focus or think any positive thoughts. When your brain is healthy you are likely to be focused, confident, peaceful, enthusiastic, social and optimistic . I read book after book, tried so many LOA techniques in the hope that they would fix my issues. I cannot believe that I lost a decade ( and more ) worth of joy and peace because of some nutritional deficiencies. 

I was waiting to post this because I thought I needed to have some kind of manifestation success story but my wellbeing is the biggest manifestation by itself. 

I really hope this benefits someone. 

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Thanks :) I am glad you like it :)

We don't need as much nutrients as most people believe.  In many cases it's not that people are deficient in these nutrients, it's that their bodies aren't absorbing and utilizing the nutrients that they already have.  And that's because of decades of eating a poor diet.  The intestines are coated with a layer of old stuff that the nutrients have a hard time passing through.  Even meat eaters who have lots of B12 in their blood stream often show signs of B12 deficiency.  It's not that they're not getting enough B12, it's that they're body is having a hard time absorbing and utilizing it.  A supervised prolonged water fast will help the body to eliminate the old stuff in the intestines.  Then it will become much easier for the body to absorb and assimilate nutrients.  Look up "Loren Lockman" on Youtube.  He has lots of good videos on water fasting and the optimum diet for humans.  You'll learn that you can reset your body with a water fast and that it's easy to get all the nutrients you need when you're eating the right foods for man.  Every animal species in the world has a species specific diet - we are not exception. 

Fasting has been a part of some ancient religions . I never did it because I didn’t think there was any science backing it up. But I have found some very deep scientific insights behind many of our religious customs and I guess that includes fasting as well .

I will surely check this video. Thanks a lot for sharing. 

i appreciate all your inputs here guys but my perspective is different, i totally agree with Abraham Hicks when they say that mindset is EVERYTHING, so it doesn't matter what you eat or don't eat, as long as you are in alignment you thrive! Your thoughts about the food you are eating are everything, that's why all people have a unique body/metabolism/response to food.

Thanks for sharing your perspective .

I do agree that mindset has a strong impact on our health.

I have been developing, testing , perfecting my LOA theories since I started learning it. And although I completely agree with you.. I personally prefer to choose the easily available path. One time I was reading a book about a highly evolved person and he mentioned he actually watched a person grow out an arm. I think it’s very much possible for all of us but I am just not always patient enough to do it. I have come to notice food items or eating habits that rev up my metabolism and I take advantage of it. May be it is because I believe in it. I think it’s ok to do whatever feels easy at that moment . Instead of visualizing or affirming that I am slim I could just follow whatever seems to be working for me. But if you feel the need to dive in deeper you must do that. 

Now there are babies born with defects. How are they supposed to heal themselves ? I am ok with surgeons helping them out.

Also, most of us are capable of losing our alignment from time to time. What if a depressed anxious person suffers from a heart attack? Why not treat that with medications? 

This particular LOA aspect has been very important for me for some reason and what I have written above is how I  choose to think about it . 

Yes Infinity....i have read about your current beliefs, your perspective! And if you feel it's your path of least resistence then follow it!! It's usually the best path for most people..because we have been brainwashed so much about what is healthy and what is not that it is much easier to believe all that stuff..and there's nothing wrong with that as long as we feel good. i always try to follow a super healthy diet but after some time i don't feel free so i watch a video by Abraham about dieting etc and i feel again i am a super powerful creator who can eat whatever she wants.

Cool! :)

Just a comment on the vitamin deficiency

found out this year that drinking tea and coffee both reduce the amount of nutrients that are absorbed.

i.e iron in my partners case.

how many of you knew this.

i naturally raise my vibration when i accept all my negative emotions and i give them the space they need, then they genly go away after they have served their purpose. i think authenticity is real key. i love these 3 quotes (the third one is divided into 3 parts):




I so identify!!

There are several factors that affect iron absorption. Few doctors discuss it with their patients. 

Thanks for sharing.


It is great that you can get to where you want to be with awareness.

although I would like to point out that there is nothing ‘unnatural’ about a healthy diet or supplementation.

I did get significant relief by becoming aware and conscious. But it’s very difficult to feel joy or peace when you have clinical depression and anxiety resulting from deficiencies . It may be easy for some, but for me, it wasn’t!

We must do whatever we feel inspired to. The universe shows us the easiest path. It’s different for everyone. No path is better or worse. There is nothing wrong with inspired action. 

Abraham is right, I agree with that. But I am not a person who teleports or levitates or shape shifts or fasts indefinitely like yogis. I need my quality sleep and my nutritious food and a ground to step on and transport system to travel. 

Mind does play a big role. But medicine isn’t completely useless and baseless.

If you poison someone without their knowledge they would still die. Even when they have no clue that they consumed poison. 


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