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This is an important whisper and reading these words will result in lifting you to a higher consciousness level. This may be the first time in your life you are exposed to this knowledge and it can change your life quickly if you apply it.

What you DOING, BEING, and FEELING right this very moment is creating what happens in your future!

Think back to yesterday. What did you do, be, and feel most of the day? What do you think your thoughts, feelings and actions yesterday created for your future?

What you focused on is what you told your powerful subconscious mind to bring into your life in your future. That's how it works...it's job is to bring into your reality what you focus your thoughts, feelings, and actions on and it works perfectly every time.

And it works whether good or bad.

Think about your life up to this moment. What you have focused on has created the exact life you are living NOW.

Many of you have heard this before. And you understand it as you're reading it, but your Ego didn't allow you to make it a PART of you.

You know it, but you don't really know it because you didn't apply it. You didn't LIVE IT.

Do you feel you have not lived your life to the fullest? Something is missing? You feel that you know what you need to do but life just gobbles you up and you seem to be treading water week after week, month after month, year after year?

If you feel like this and you want to finally do what is necessary to begin changing your life you need to learn how to use the super powerful creation machine called your subconscious mind.

You can design and begin living the life you want by becoming aware of the power you have and deciding you no longer want to live in the unconscious state of mind most of us are taught to live in.

I lived in it for over 60 years and my goal is help others live whatever life they want to design at a much younger age.

You are reading this at what may be the right time for you. This will hit home for some, for many they will not be ready yet. But these words will plant the seed in your subconscious.

The ONLY time you can use your powerful subconscious mind to design and create your future is in your present moment. You can only create in your NOW.

Because that is ALL YOU EVER HAVE!

If you are unhappy NOW you are designing and creating more unhappiness for yourself in your future. But if you decide what type of life you want to live in your future you can design it right now.

And your subconscious mind will move heaven and earth to bring the life you desire into your reality in your future. It is that powerful once you learn to use it.

It is extremely important for you to not miss anymore of the power your possess in your NOW. You probably have misused it up to this point but once you become of aware of how important it is to begin NOW you open yourself up to the simple awareness of how much sense it makes.

If you continue to think the same, be the same, do the same guess what you get in your future....THE SAME. The definition of insanity is being and doing the same things and expecting different results.

But what if you decide to begin thinking differently, be a different person, and do things differently?

Again, what you are doing, being, and feeling daily is creating what happens in your future. How do you feel about this? Observe your self.

Nothing happens outside of your NOW. NOW is the ONLY time that will ever exist for you. Are you wasting it?

You have a choice of living in a conscious state of mind (your present) or hating the past or worrying about your future. Observe your feelings about this. Go within.

Will you let your Ego distract you like it always does and lead you right back to doing and feeling the same as you always do?

Understand that feeling bad in ANY WAY has no place in your life anymore. Life doesn't have to be like this from this day forward.

By taking control of what you think, feeling like you want to feel, and doing what you need to do to design a new life, the knowledge to make this happen is right here in front of you.

When you realize that feeling bad in any way is creating you a future where you will always feel bad, it becomes much easier to stop this insanity and begin to catch yourself and then CHOOSE to make changes.

This is simple, but not easy. But well worth the effort to begin. Your Ego will distract you many times and keep you in the unconscious state of mind you are used to.

But with awareness, and practice, you get better and stronger and manage to stay in your present moment in your higher consciousness level more often.

It only takes short periods of being in your NOW and being aware that you are creating your future in those moments to begin to notice solid changes happening in your life.

It can come quickly. And when it does you will taste the power you possess to design the life you want to live in your future. And you will want to stay in this state of mind ALWAYS.

Helpful hint.....the darkness your Ego has kept you in up to this point CANNOT survive when you are in the light of your present moment...your NOW. When you ask yourself “Am I Present Now?” you immediately move into your conscious present moment and you will feel a subtle difference.

Helpful hint.....your past, your present, and your future are all the same moments...they are all your NOW. Nothing exists outside of your NOW.

Helpful hint.....you have the CHOICE of living consciously in your NOW, or living unconsciously in the darkness of your Ego.

Helpful hint.....don't beat yourself up when you go back into living in an unconscious state of mind. This is how we are taught to live and have done it all our lives. Simply be happy you have discovered the power of your present and understand you are on your way to designing the life you desire.

Helpful hint.....you cannot just read this and put it on the back shelf in your mind. You MUST BEGIN LIVING THIS! You must make this mindset a way of life! It can change everything for you. If you CHOOSE not to your Ego will keep you right where you are in life.

Helpful hint.....do you seek to escape the life you are living now? Here is a beginning blueprint for you to follow.

Helpful hint.....the ONLY place you can be happy and clear and in control and creating your future is when you are in your PRESENT MOMENT.

Helpful hint.....Print this and carry it with you and read it 1,000 times a day (just kidding). I have a notebook full of these nuggets of wisdom and I continue to read them daily and stuff my mind full of them as much as possible.

Enjoy the Whisper....CoachDoug

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I hear you Doug! Right NOW ... And NOW ... And NOW!!! What a brilliant whisper! Thank you :)

Thank you special man!

This rocks! Thanks Doug.

Good post too Coach Doug :D

i needed to reread this 

I loved reading this again in this NOW! Coach Doug Rocks! Thank you :)


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