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Hello friends :-)

Ive been watching Abraham Hicks dvd's for a couple months now, and in those couple months i have started to feel so good! Just by feeling good i attract more reasons to feel good, from good grades in college to many compliments in my work, i just feel good even when im payin gthe bills!! i put on some music and sing and pay my bills! its so fun!!!

But thats it, nothing else happends yet, i mean according to the teachings of Abraham we must feel good right in order to be in the Vortex? I feel im every day in the Vortex, not 24/7 but most of the time im in the Vortex and it feels so good, i can feel all my desires summoned and already here, but meanwhile in ''reality'' these things haven't come yet but that doesnt make me sad anymore!!! i feel good because i already know that i have my new camera and my new lover :-) they are all here with me!

But now im just wondering.. If i feel good at all times, how come i havnt met my lover yet? is the universe giving me an imaginary friend instead??

yes i have patience and all :) but just wondering cause Abraham told a story one time of how someone was thinking of a feather for 17 secconds and then in a few hours that person attracted a feather into his/her life... but i feel good all day and when im cooking dinner i make more because my lover is comming over to eat, and when i watch TV or go to sleep i always hug my pillow and talk to it like its my lover so instead of 17 secconds im like 17 hours doing this hehe

but is there more then just feeling good? i feel like i have to do something, i feel like taking action, going somewhere, doing something to meet my lover and my camera and my other desires in my vortex, i am there vibrationally and already enjoying it mentally and physically because i can feel my desires with every cell in my body :-D

just wondering if there's something im missing here, ive asked, and now my arms are wide open to allow and i just feel good - even if it hasnt come yet i stil feel very good and happy about all the other things i already have manifested :)

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hey yes!!! i do that too walking and leaving space and pretend someone besides me.. thats what i mean with an imaginary friend hahahah :-)

yeah i know my lover is here somewhere, walking breathing enjoying life and looking for me, i know that this persno exsists :-) ther eis absolute no doubt of it.

about that abe video you saw, i saw it too hehe offcourse. is like i already loos the feeling of I NEED SOMEONE and now just i love where i am and it only gets better :-) there are only good feelings im living it vibrationally (people who dont know abe or LOA will thikn im crazy hehe :-)

and i am going to places where i can meet my lover :) just like in a supermarket or in the middle of the street - where we will bump into eachother and then start talking :) hehe
thanks for your advice
yeah ive seen that :D i have that DVD heheh its funny because the perosn that ask that question, i felt like that too but now i feel more good hehe well anyways :P:D
What is this video? Can you explain this "99% resistance" thing?
Thanks :)
Hey, the woman looks like Marcy :)
Maybe it was Marcy! :)
Who is MArcy??? :o
Marcy from Maui is the creator of Powerful Intentions
Hey David, this video that you send is from the Alaska cruise DVD ;)
thats a 5 DVD thnig
Thats what I thought! :o
ahhh thanks now that ive seen it again i get really reminded about this...!!!!
i think im on 92% now , seriously! aaaaa :D
Hi Jas,

ive tried that what you say before to stop thinking about it, first it was hard but later i really forgot because i got so busy into my work and i worked even like 80 hours a week so i didnt have time to think about love, but nothing happend, instead i felt like i was pushing love away from me, so i started to think about a lover and then i felt very good again.

but like Abe says... we have to give our undivided attention to what we want and talk about that and focus on that.. so i dont want to let it go hehe it feels very good thinking about it (and anyway letting go of thinking about love is almost impossible heheh i love to think about love and feel love :-)
That's exactly the same for me, Jas. I call it my 'Set & Forget Way to Manifestation!!!!' I love it! I've ended up manifesting some really freakily specific and unique things/experiences in this way and it still astounds me whenever it happens!!! Gotta love that Secret Law of Attraction!!!

: )


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