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Hello friends :-)

Ive been watching Abraham Hicks dvd's for a couple months now, and in those couple months i have started to feel so good! Just by feeling good i attract more reasons to feel good, from good grades in college to many compliments in my work, i just feel good even when im payin gthe bills!! i put on some music and sing and pay my bills! its so fun!!!

But thats it, nothing else happends yet, i mean according to the teachings of Abraham we must feel good right in order to be in the Vortex? I feel im every day in the Vortex, not 24/7 but most of the time im in the Vortex and it feels so good, i can feel all my desires summoned and already here, but meanwhile in ''reality'' these things haven't come yet but that doesnt make me sad anymore!!! i feel good because i already know that i have my new camera and my new lover :-) they are all here with me!

But now im just wondering.. If i feel good at all times, how come i havnt met my lover yet? is the universe giving me an imaginary friend instead??

yes i have patience and all :) but just wondering cause Abraham told a story one time of how someone was thinking of a feather for 17 secconds and then in a few hours that person attracted a feather into his/her life... but i feel good all day and when im cooking dinner i make more because my lover is comming over to eat, and when i watch TV or go to sleep i always hug my pillow and talk to it like its my lover so instead of 17 secconds im like 17 hours doing this hehe

but is there more then just feeling good? i feel like i have to do something, i feel like taking action, going somewhere, doing something to meet my lover and my camera and my other desires in my vortex, i am there vibrationally and already enjoying it mentally and physically because i can feel my desires with every cell in my body :-D

just wondering if there's something im missing here, ive asked, and now my arms are wide open to allow and i just feel good - even if it hasnt come yet i stil feel very good and happy about all the other things i already have manifested :)

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like i said ive tried this before and it didnt work maybe i didnt really let go of it.....
to be honest i think youre right about this one is just that it seems very difficult to just let go, because the imagine of me kissing a lover or hugging or walking togheter whatever pops into my mind all day, and when it does it feels good but yes sometimes i notice the abscence of it..

how do you let go???? letting go of the idea of attracting my lover is like letting go of eating or sleeping LOL i can do it but eventually i will get hungry hehe you know what i mean??
Hey, I thought about it a lot today, and I came to this conclusion:
When we are attached to something we want to manifest, it cannot come or happen.

Being attached means giving too much importance to it.
Being attached means that when it will be there, you won't be ok if it goes.

For example, you want a specific car badly. It's the car of your dreams, the perfect one. You dream of it, you feel good when you think of it, etc. But yet, once you will have it, you cannot imagine that it can't be taken away. If ever you have an accident and you break it, how will you feel? Worse than if it would be an average car? That is being attached, and it is what is pushing your car away from you and keeping it from manifesting into your life.

Same thing with your lover. You dream of him, you feel wonderful when you think of him, you can almost feel his presence. But when he will come into your life, how will you consider him? I'm going to tell you. You will have so much dreamed about him, that when he will eventually arrive, he will be like a PRECIOUS thing, because you had a hard time to have him, and you cannot imagine the possibility of him leaving. And that is not an healthy love and relationship.

We (even me) give too much importance to some things or persons, and IT is what keeps them from manifesting.
Hey i think i understand where this is going..!!
when he will arrive then the first days i will be so excited ! but then later , it will just feel like normal, like being with him is just like having a house and having dinner or taking a shower.
is that what you mean?\
(ah yes MArcy from MAUi yeah now i know :)
What I mean is that, when he will finally arrive, will you be ok if the man you waited for and dreamed about, for sooooooo much time, leaves you?

Will you be ok if the car you've dreamt about and waited for, since you were a kid, is broken 1 month after you get it? Will it annoy you more than if it was an average car?

Well, I think this is the key...

We give IMPORTANCE to things or persons even BEFORE we have them.

I think you did everything right, excepted that it is important for you. When it will stop being that important for you, you will truly let go.
Yes, this is it.

Well, for your question, just think about the things you manifested the most easily in your past. How were you feeling about then before you had them? Most of the time, we didn't think about them so much, and it was not that important for us.
yeah i agree with you when you say that the things we attracted came because they felt not so important to us, or they did feel important but somehow we attracted it.
is just that im scared that if i start feeling that my lover is not important..
that im just foooling myself or that the universe will say: oh you dont want the lover anymore? its not important? well fine then you will get other things that are important to you

and i will say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he is important ! i lie!!! i love him !!! hahahahah :-D
But you can love with detachment. It's called unconditionnal love.
And it's not because it's less important that you don't want it anymore. Again, remember what you already attracted.

PS: Hey, I'm not perfect either. We all have those issues of detachment at a time or another.
Well, about the car I want to manifest, it will make me feel very bad if I broke it, because it is quite expensive LOL!!! So that means I still have some work to do. ;)
you know there is another video of Abe where they say that the universe provides you every minute with another soulmate? ''look theres your soulmate OOOPS he's gone... oh look theres another one! ohhh its gone.. hey another one!''
and the universe will keep finding your soulmate(s) at all time untill you finally take away the resistance and let it flow in. Abe says: 'the universe never gets tired of searching the right person for you the universe is always giving you options untill the rare ocassion that you say YES to it and it manifests''

i dont think theres just one soulmate, i mean my cat is my soulmate :) my mom is a soulmate and even my worst enemy s my soulmate, and offcourse a lover soulmate who is my best friend too hehe

Yeah i am totally ready now for a soulmate. i said 2 years ago that i was ready - but i wasnt. i have been in some relationships and now i know what i really want and the picture is so clear that it cant get any more clear, one time ive had a dream of being united with my soulmate in a very weird magical place (and a weird feeling tells me that he had the same dream that night!) i know this person exsists that ive asked for and we will be united soon :)

is just im a little bored sometimes and i get on the forum to ask for help or for tips or just talk to like minded people because in reality i dont have friends who believe in LOA. im just not patient enough sometimes and i try to rush things :)

yes maybe things do happend when we least expect it, but according to Abe we have to expect good things to happend and expect our soulmates to come into our lives :)

hey then i think im your soulmate!! you say you want someone who would travel acros the world for you! LOL ive only had long distance relationships where i flew for 14 hours to see my loved one in puerto rico! and another ex from dom. republic!
(heheheh joking im not your soulmate hehe i hope you can laugh about it,! sorry)

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been through this what you are saying now just recently, my friends started ignoring me, in my school i got teased, in my job the people were laughing at me, and at home my mom was drinking and even my cats didnt care about me, and i wanted to have someone who will be there for me and really is there, i felt very desperate but then i understood the only person who can be there for me is ME !
later all things had changed...
now i ignored my friends and they were feeling bad and tried everything to win me back, in my school im more popular and nobody teases me again because now they are affraid of doing it, in my job people respect me and i got 2 times a promotion! and my mom went to rehab and is now alcohol free! and my cats love me and sleep everynight with me :)

all you need is yourself and love yourself, because thats all you have! you carry yourself 24/7 with you!!! :-D

Be there for You !!!!!

offcourse you can have a relationship like Jerry and Esther! hellooooo :-D we all can have that!!!!
see them as your example and imagine yourself with your own dream girl and she will appear!!!!
dont think about the past or where you came from, just think of what you want now and make that clear and then youve done the asking - now its allowing :-)

and keep your eye focused on this forum because one of these days i will put a posted called I FOUND MY SOULMATE !!!! :-)

I would say that you’re feeling good, and that is going quite far, but there is a block to love or romance which is still within you, and that needs to be released. The Universe is giving you this dead-end, so that you may find out what that block is, and how to release it. You can do that by asking the Universe/your higher self, what the block is, and it will tell you in some way. Maybe a dream, or the experience of another, or through a character in a film or something. Be on the lookout. Once you have found out what it is (and it’s probably a belief or memory from childhood) then you can ask the Universe HOW to release it, and you will get the answer in the same way.


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