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Hello all,


I own a small business thats been around for 11 years. In order to stay in business I have to make sales by talking one on one with clients about what I have to offer them.


Anyway, my business is in a rut right now. I guess I can blame it on the economy etc... but I know many other businesses are thriving despite how bad it is out there. So really I have no excuse. My ratio a few months ag was about 50/50. Now its more like 80(no) and 20(yes).


So my question is how do I go abouts attracting more business. More accurately, how do I attract positive results in getting customers to say "yes" and want to do business with me?


Like I said, Ive been in business for 11 years and have been very successful. But lately its in a rut. Im a little scared and want to learn to utilize LOA to reap positive results and increase my business to where it used to be or even greater.


Any info will be very very appreciated. Thank you for your time ;)

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Hi Godsnumberone,


I use visualisation, to help me with my business!  I visualise customers coming to me by the coach load, not just any old customers though, 'nice' customers!  People I prefer doing business with! Fun, sparky people who have buckets of money and a serious need for high value services and product.  I visualise utilising NLP invoking all the modalities: visual , auditory, kinesthetic  ... hear the phone ringing off the hook in your intensely large visualisations, see the order books full, feel how good it feels to be having to recruit more people to service all those extra customers / clients you've got. ... hear them saying " Yes Godsnumberone, that's just what I need, I'll have 100,000 units or  the platinum service please!"  Don't succumb to the  "... it's a bad economic climate..."  that's just rubbish!


If you don't already use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in your sales pitches I recommend you do! 

All the best!


Lu :)





Just ACT like business is thriving and let go, dont be attached.

I have my own business, I just write down and also visualise what I want and i know it impossible to fail.

I just want to say I am very gradually starting my own business and I was wanting a post on this sort of thing, it's great to see it and read what's being said. :-)  Here's one thought, continue to remind yourself (cos, positive focus) what you DO have do offer, what you CAN do through your business and really you know appreciate all that. 

1) Create new products to sell to existing customers

2) Raise your price per item

3) Find a community of other sellers of the same stuff you sell, and learn what they are doing

4) Sell more of the same items to the people who have already bought from you.

5) Find joint venture partners who can promote your stuff to their clients, and vice verse

6) Create an email list and offer your clients MORE of yourself.

7) Surprise your best customers with something free that doesn't cost you any money to create, more pertinent information from you that they already expect to be valuable.

8) Survey your clients to find out what else they are looking for, that you could provide

9) Have a party or get together at your business for your most valued customers

10) Create a plan where existing customers are encouraged to recommend you to their friends and even provide you with their email addresses.


11) The most important of all...


Learn how to sell what you are selling, to more than one person at a time, and then cast a wider net. Selling to one person at a time, will always be the most time consuming way to sell anything for a living.

Steve, great advise, Len
Thank you all for your replies. I guess Im looking more for affirmations and different ways to attract through LOA more business. I know how to run my business, and I get a lot of clients, but not very many people are buying right now. Ive been very successful in the past 11 years so its kind of wierd that this is going on. I need to get out of this funk. Any other recommendations or suggestions etc...? Thank you ;)
dude, connect with them  face to face.  Show them MORE of your enthusiasm!

The more you THINK it in a rut - that is what you will continue to experience!  You're right - you are using the economy as an excuse or reason not to feel good but truth of the matter is - YOU HAVE YOUR PROOF and there are trillions of dollars being circulated in the United States alone EVERYDAY!!!!!


If you say you are closing 50/50 only a few month ago then its unlikely its the economy as you would have felt the drop that long time ago. Without knowing the specific product and target market its hard to say. But you are right in looking at Law Of Attraction for some answers. We attract what we energetically vibrate right. 


So what changed in your attitude , thinking  and feelings  that is pushing customers away ? 




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