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Hey guys i think this video about this new virus is just perfect!! And this LOA teacher is one of the best ever i think, she's one of my favourite:



Wish you all the best health*****

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Right!! :)) Love your deep reply, as always.

As with any negative news story, follow the maxim of TAKE THE SEVERITY AND DIVODE BY THREE. Media outlets ramp up the hysteria, so that people feel anxious, tune in or buy the paper to calm their anxieties, and boost sales or viewing figures. It’s mkre to do with sales than reality. They especially do this with predictions and extrapolations. Read papers today and they tell us that ‘experts’ predicts millions of infections and deaths, when the truth is that this outbreak is no worse than the swine flu of 2009, and we are still here to tell the tale.

Media is ridiculous, as always. Just yesterday i watched this very powerful video, HUGE Media Distraction  Energetic Manipulation (Kobe Bryant Death, Coronavirus, Prince Harry....):


So true. During the last recession, the UK finance minister said in his autobiography that when the economy wasn’t on the front pages, people actually went out and spent money. It was as if lack of gloomy reminders, gave them the confidence to do so instead of scrimping and saving. What we need now is something else to happen to take the virus off the front pages and cease all of the gloom and doom. Come on Harry and Megan!

Yes! "Gloomy reminders" perfect expression! Well Harry and Meghan are not living their best period, at all. Only spiritual people who know the real truth about viruses and stuff can raise the vibration of the collective but spiritual people are always ignored by the media lol So maybe something magical and positive should happen to distract people from the coronavirus, something like Luke Perry is still alive or stuff like that cause the death of a beloved celebrity like this one has often a huge impact on the collective mood.

i think a real solution may be that spiritual people are able to achieve joy and wellbeing so that they can spread the truth about illness and wellness, about vibrations, alignment etc etc. This may be a great opportunity for the collective to start opening their eyes and start living without any fear!

I who write this, the very I that reads this ... am not on trial, not under law.... any law.... yes .... including a "loa".

There is no other I than the One Only I


I BEING One ALL .... All One BEING I

One Onely One


Deepest perspective 

Whatever happens, the important thing to remember is that we are all under the law of OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. It doesn't matter what is happening all around the world, what YOU think, believe and expect is what will happen. As you go to sleep tonight, affirm things like: I am absolutely fine, I am safe and happy, I am protected by the Universe, I am very healthy, my immune system is like steel, my immune system is like iron, my life is carrying on as usual, or even better, my life is really moving. It will sink into your deeper mind and Universe will make this true for you.  

Totally! Thank you for these perfect words We don't have to change the world, we just have to change ourselves. i think these quotes are excellent:

L'immagine può contenere: testo

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, testo

L'immagine può contenere: possibile testo seguente "Abraham on discussing your medical-health issues with others: There is never any advantage to you ever in focusing upon something unwanted and having a discussion about it, because it can not go away until you withdraw your attention from it. Every time you talk about it, you re-activate it and keep it alive. @fb Abraham-Hicks Inspirational Quotes"

"You're always, always, always going to be on your way to something more - always.
And when you relax and accept that and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you're not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you're going - now life becomes really, really, really fun." - Abraham

L'immagine può contenere: cielo, nuvola, uccello, spazio all'aperto e natura

Just watched this video again and it is really good, particularly the comment beneath about the Nocebo effect, as that is true. Unfortunately, people are like mental sheep, and will buy into any fear going, usually out of habit.

You see it now on the news.  It's not necessarily what's happening right now, it's the predictions from 'experts' and the extrapolations which cause the fear. News networks know that if you can encapsulate a fear into just a sentence or a soundbite, then people will speak about it to others, and these others will then either buy a newspaper, or turn on the TV news, or search online to find out more. 

Media outlets are very careful with the language they use, and often hint at possibilities rather than stating them outright.  They will say things like 'experts say that ??? could last as long as ten weeks' for instance; so they aren't expressly declaring something, but they are hinting at it enough to plant doubts and fears in minds, and get click bait or circulation for themselves.  And we tend to follow this by retweeing a news items or posting it to our Facebook timelines for the world to see.  I have tried to be quite careful about doing this, and have only shared positive virus stories, if at all. 

This fearmongering tends to be quite formulaic as well. I know it's not quite the same thing, but in Britain, a spell of snow and cold weather will be ramped up in the following way: saturation coverage on news channels, references to the bad winters of 1947 and 1963, and then reference to the 'blocking high' area of air pressure which 'could' keep the snow coming for weeks. The truth is that Britain is an island, with oceans to the north and west and about six major jet streams.  We can't really sustain any weather for that long, including heavy snow. 

The reality of this outbreak will probably be similar.  At the moment we are being told that we might not peak for weeks, or that multiple companies will go bust, or that the world will go into depression, accompanied by selective picture footage. (British cities have been described as 'ghost towns' in this week's papers, but I went out last night and my home town's high street was anything but a ghost town).  

The truth is that as soon as lockdowns are lifted, people in affected areas will go back to living as they have done, and will be seeking to catch up on lost time.  They will spend money which they couldn't before, they will go to football matches again, boosting attendances, they will leave the goods on the shelves stopping any shortages, and they will start booking holidays and going on excursions again.  All of this will feed a narrative.  

There's nothing like a taste of freedom again to kick start positive activity; just look at the Movida period of post-Franco Spain. 

China will start up its industrial productivity, people will book up to go to Italy again because it's a lovely place to go to (a virus won't change that) the USA will be a prime mover in business again because that's how it works.  And all of this will come when we take our attention off '-what is' and place it upon what we would like to happen. 

Ok there may be experts in coronavirus but we're experts in LOA, who is more powerful? ;D Here's a video i really love The Coronavirus - The Narcissism In The Media by Narc Survivor - and i love some of the comments (i posted them below):



People should be more CAUTIOUS about NARC VIRUS /NARC PANDEMI than that Coronaavirus, Corona panic is created of NARCISSISTS for to create mass PANIC and get CONTROL over people.

All narcissists is a BIO HAZARD and DANGERZONE area, NOT that Coronavirus which been created of those very TOXIC narcissist, to spread PANIC and DESTROY peoples life and economy.


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